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    I need a procedure method to use Cloud. How to correct the threats? How do you know which file is a threat? What do you do after TimeOut, start over?

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    Cloud connected generally means that the Security program, on your computer, connects to a server on the Internet
    and compares the files on your computer to a list of known Trojans, Viruses, Phishing, Rootkit, and other Malware.
    When it finds a known malware problem it attempts to remove it from your computer.
    The list on server is updated as new malware is released.
    With Non-cloud Security software the malware update list is downloaded to your computer instead.

    Not all security software checks for all types of malware and not all are updated as often as some others.
    Some malware can be very difficult to remove, so it's best to verify it and sometimes manually deleting it may be necessary.

    A timeout usually means that you did not connect to server, on Internet, for some reason.
    If the computer is not connected to Internet all the time, you may need to get Security software that does Not use Cloud technology.
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      Thank you for answering my Post, but I'm still confused. In IObit Malware Fight Pro clicking on Cloud brings 1516 threats on tghe end of Community Statistics and after clicking on Upload File to Cloud my list of Documents appears. It ask for a file to open, but which one? I selected CookiesBk. It was found to be Safe, but i still couln't open it normaily.Must I test each file in that Document list? How does one get rid of the threats? Thank you again, Cataloochee


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        Hi Cataloochee,

        Cloud community statistics show all the files IObit Cloud received from all users. This is a statistics of the result of all files from all users in history. IObit Cloud will analyze the suspicious file users upload to it and will give the analyzing report, which will display the general statistics in IObit Cloud community statistics.

        So Cloud community statistics is not a result of your computer status but of a result of IObit Cloud community.:-P
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