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IObit Malware Fighter 1.0 Beta

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  • IObit Malware Fighter 1.0 Beta

    IObit Malware Fighter 1.0 Beta

    The IObit Malware Fighter application was developed to be an advanced malware removal tool that will allow you to detect, remove and block unwanted applications.
    Here are some key features of "IObit Malware Fighter":

    · Startup Guard
    · Process Guard
    · Network Guard
    · File Guard
    · Cookie Guard
    · Browser Guard
    · USB Disk Guard
    · Malicious Action Guard
    What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

    · Driver-level scan/remove/protection technology to fight the most stubborn malware while to make sure we do not lag your PC
    · More protection from various malware
    · New interface
    · A simple cloud function


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    Finally! :grin:


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      IObit Cloud! Looks Good ;)


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        Where Can I Buy a License? :O :grin:


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          I really like the visual layout. I have not downloaded it yet as I want to hear of any possible conflicts with other AV programs like my ESET Smart Security.
          ESETSmartSecurityV7-IObit Advanced SystemCare7Pro


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            My goodness.
            When I saw that it had launched, I jumped and cried for joy
            Slogan suggestion for IObit: IObit, Caring and Protecting your PC!


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              Here are my first scan results:

              Windows 7 x64 (updated)
              Avast 5.0.677 (program and definitions current)

              Full Scan
              Objects Scanned: 66682
              Threats Found: 0
              Elapsed Time: 8mins 25seconds

              Looking good IObit.



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                Hi friends :wink:

                I have been using Security 360 since the first beta, I was subjected in 2009 to acrid rumour and the tempest which followed... I continued, by fidelity, updates and scans with my PRO version..

                I tested new Beta and I am agreeably surprised by design, but where is novelty? there is so much similarity with IS360...

                I hope that the entrails of Malware Fighter have what to make forget , completly, what took place in 2009!

                Thank you IOBIT team, good work at the end of this year!

                best regards
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                  Very Good

                  Very nice looking interface, excellent software, easy to use, everything seems amazing! Love IObit softwares, so far none of them ever failed or impacted bad on my system, just made it run faster and more secure! from me!!


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                    Now detects, donīt just on real-time but also on scaning dll infected files. In the "360" it has fail on detecting this dll.


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                      I look forward to testing this :)

                      I have some samples and a license for TheMida protector I use just for testing AVs ^^


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                        I hope this turns out to be good. Interface and the new features promise a excellent product.:smile:


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                          I have 2 main things I'd like to talk about in public.

                          First off, before I get to those, I'd like to express my thanks and gratitude to the devs of all Iobit products. I've been following and using most of your products since their inception, and have had little or no problems at all.

                          Nowthen, the 2 things that are my main concerns:

                          1) With almost ALL of the devs I do beta testing for, I get a 1 year license for the product that I'm testing. This license is bound to 1 computer/user and can't be uploaded or used by anyone else.
                          Getting something for my help seems deserved - it's ME that's putting my systems at risk with undeveloped software so that the end product can be everything it's supposed to be.
                          So with that, is there going to be any compensation to us Beta Testers and loyal customers for testing this product? It would benefit everyone involved if you could give away a few licenses for our troubles.

                          2) This product MUST be ported to a PORTABLE APP. Even if this is 360's replacement, it's not going to do any Computer Techs any good if they try to use this on a machine that won't boot into Windows.
                          I can make any program portable, but it's not my place, especially considering I don't even have a license for it. But consider this: IF this program is meant to go up against MBAM, SAS and others like it, it absolutely MUST have a portable version that can be used from within a PE environment or via command-line even from the XP/Vista/7 Recovery Disk(s).

                          As for the program itself, I like the new GUI, it's very easy to follow, easy to set up, I like the idea of a cloud to double-check, and the DOG is very functional. I just put it through it's paces in a VM in which I transferred several known infections - and IMF did it's job wonderfully.
                          Updates and Scans need a way to schedule independently of program startup/manual scans, but if the overall theme here is "NON-Active Scanner", then at least let us have scheduled updates that we can configure ourselves.

                          So far, nothing negative to report - no false positives as of yet, nothing else is broken, and everything is working as it's supposed to be.

                          Again, thank you for the opportunity to try out yet another new product. But, I still say that a few of us Beta Testers should get a 1 year license for free for our troubles...

                          Light in the absence of eyes illuminates nothing..


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                            Looks like another winner.

                            Great interface, no problems at all so far. Runs very smooth. Great job!


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                              Can users who bought IObit Security 360 use the same license with IMF?