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Monitored install with reboot

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    Maybe instead of bettering the Swedish, you would be better off improving your understanding of English.
    I did not try to defend anything, in fact I criticised Iobit for not answering correctly.
    I simply tried to explain that it is difficult to satisfy everybody, but it appears that it would be particularly difficult to satisfy you.
    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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      Originally posted by pchb1 View Post

      I think that that answer was a little bit vague.

      It does not create certainty that the monitoring continues during and after a reboot, since in the programs gui the info does not change. As i said before, everything, all info, indicates that the monitoring ended when the program says it did. That is to say - before reboot. A technician would answer my question with an explanation on HOW it actually works and why the conclusive info is missing.That is the type of answer i want. Everything else is not - reliable stable data. Do you get me? With the right explaining answer this would be over several posts back.

      I like the program, but since i can not be shure of its function i will not use it for now but instead stay with what i have got. Something i know works the way it should because i can see the difference between a non monitored reboot install and monitored d.o.

      We all want our products to get better and better. And Scannan helped us a lot to build a better forum.

      It will be much appreciated if you can offer us more details about reboot installation so that we can further forward it to our product team.


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