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IObit Uninstaller not works

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  • IObit Uninstaller not works

    Dear IObit Team.
    Despite I have bought a pro license of this software, I am not able to us it as when I launch the program a warming message is showed indicating that I have an unofficial version of IObit Uninstaller.
    I have downloaded my copy following the link provided after purchasing the software.
    I have attached a copy of the screen shot showing the issue.
    I hope to hear from you soon.


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    Where did you download the software from.
    Did you purchase the licence from Iobit directly.
    Remove the program completely from your pc. Then download it from here.....
    Run the installer and see if it runs without issue.
    Please let us know how it goes.
    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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      Hi Scannan,
      Thanks for your quick replay.
      After removing the current version of IObit Uninstaller I have download and installed the program from the link provided.
      Unfortunately this did not solved the problem.
      If I clic on get free button I receive another warming message that I have attached.
      I tried also to download IObit Uninstaller using a different uninstaller but this did not solve the problem as well.
      I do not know wat do do anymore
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        This is a different problem. Your first problem was that Uninstaller would not work.
        This problem is that it will not download.
        I do not understand where you see the..."get free button"
        When you use the link I gave you, it should take you to the Majorgeeks site. There you simply click the official mirror, and it will download the correct installer.
        If it again fails to download, then your anti-virus/anti-malware program(s) may be stopping the download. Temporarily disable your anti-virus/anti-malware program(s) and download the installer.
        Then install the program. Once it is installed, re-enable your anti-virus/anti-malware program(s)
        To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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          Hi Scannan,
          Probably in my previous posts I was not clear.
          I did not have any problem in downloading and installing the program using the link that you provided me. Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem as when I launch the program I still receiving the same warning message.
          Regarding the “get Free” button, if you have a look at the photo present in my first post, you can find it next to the orange “Get PRO” button. I have problem to download the program only when I try to download it clicking on the “Get Free” button. When I do this after few seconds the warning windows visible in my second appears. If I click on the Download Now button present on this windows it send me to the IObit website:

          P.S. I am not longer able to attach at this forum any photos and I do not understand why.


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            Ok. That clears it up.
            You do not need to click that "Get Free" button. Just hit the "X" in the top right hand corner of that box to exit it.
            The program is already installed as the Free version.
            Now you just click on "Manage Licence" and enter your Licence Code. Then you will have the Pro version.
            To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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              Unfortunately when I hit the "X" in the top right corner the program closes without giving me the possibility to use even the free version therefore there is no way to enter my license.
              I used the free version for a while and as I liked it I wanted to use the PRO version.


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                I have just gone through the same steps and installed Uninstaller.
                I do not get that pop up that you get. The program simply installs.

                Please follow these steps exactly....
                Uninstall Iobit Uninstaller if it is installed on your pc.
                When it is uninstalled....go to...C:\User\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming......(xxxxx=your user name)
                Go to the folder....Iobit \ Iobit Uninstaller......Delete the Iobit Uninstaller folder
                Reboot your PC.
                Use the link I gave will be taken to the Forum download the Download button.....this will take you to the Majorgeeks site.
                On the Majorgeeks site...Do NOT click Official Mirror....Do NOT click Download Now......Click the first Download@MajorGeeks Link.
                When you have downloaded the Uninstaller.exe it.
                When the install box appears....skip any offers to install any other install.....if you get an option that says "Skip This"....then click click it.
                The program should now install without issue.

                To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.