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  • Skype uninstall

    I purchased this program in the hope that I could stop Skype from running in the background and using up my CPU. I uninstalled the SKYP APP using IObit, but SKYPE still keeps running. I am hoping that someone can tell me how to use this program to uninstall stubborn program like SKYPE as advertised. Did I waste my $ ?

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    Open task manager. For every instance of skype right click and open file location. Make note of the location.
    Close every skype process in task manager. Go to the locations you noted and remove the skype folder/files.
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      Thanks. Apparently the uninstaller worked. I rebooted after the uninstall and no more Skype for over 24 hours. If it comes back I will try your instruction. Appreciate your response. Glad I found this program, all else failed and it was driving me nuts as I am remote working and while on Webex video the increased cpu activity of Skype in the background was interfering with my audio and video. So glad to be rid of it. I hope.