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Here to say bye bye to IObit products

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  • Here to say bye bye to IObit products

    When I used IObit products they seemed to work OK till one day this message popped up on the lower right corner of my screen say... christmas deal... buy IObit for bla bla.... I did not even read. I closed it and forgot.... few days later it came back again. This time I wanted to give some attention and I uninstalled all the IObit products I have been using on my laptop.

    A program against malware should not spam its users for whatever reason. When I updated the software I was hoping to get an updated version of the software... I dont update to download stuff so that do your sales pitch.

    I registered to this forum to share my experience and say bye bye IObit..... you will not be missed!

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    Merhaba Gümüs Kasik, IObit Foruma hos geldin!, Gülegüle demek istemezdim.

    Bana biraz IObit'e haksizlik ediyorsun gibi geldi!
    Önerilerini her zaman burada veya dogrudan IObit personeliyle tartisma imkani var.

    Söyledigin popup'in IMF tarafindan yapildigina emin misin?

    IObit'in Bedelsiz olarak sundugu imkanlari düsünerek o popup'i yapan Christmas.exe dosyasini silmekle is hallolabilirdi.?!?!?!

    Her neyse, umarim baska benzer programlardan umdugunu bulursun !

    Bu arada, kesinlikle o popup'in olmamasi gerektigi (özellikle Pro sürümlerde) hususunda sana katiliyorum.

    Sen yinede özleyip özlemiyecegini bir daha düsün. Diyorum.


    I apologise to the users of forum for the language of my post! You can Google translate it here : ........ enoskype

    - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -


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      heretosaybye I feel you bro. Today that happened to me. The other day it was from IObit Uninstaller which annoyed me and made me get rid of it. I bought one year subscription of Advanced SystemCare 9 PRO, I'm this close to get rid of IObit products if this keeps happening.
      enoskype Before you ask me if I'm sure that the IObit program did the pop up. Yes I'm sure as the program it's in Iobit folder and tracked it down with taskbar
      C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Driver Booster\4.5.0\DbXmas.exe Click image for larger version

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      There is nothing more annoying than these pop up from your products. I really like Advance System Care but I cannot stand the pop ups. I only signed up to this site to complain and seems I'm not the only one and probably there are more people that feel the same way. Not sure If i will be renewing my sub or maybe look for an alternative to ASC. Please fix this or have setting to turn this off.


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        Hi silvervega, welcome to IObit forum!

        I do think as you do, but don't misunderstand me, in my reply I asked the OP of this topic if the popup was from IMF (IObit Malware Fighter) as he said that a program against malware should not spam........

        I know that the popup is from an IObit product, that's why I said you can delete xmas.exe

        I think the marketing guys in IObit think completely different than we Users.

        All the best and cheers.

        - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -


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          I deleted xmas.exe but after I rebooted, it came back. Seems like SPAM to me. Any was to permanently get rid of it?


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            lol, that's really funny you actually joined this forum to bye bye their products. Well, that's such a retard move.


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              It's been 4 months and life is good without IObit.

              No one can spam my cell phone, laptop or whatever.... The things that I pay for are the things that only I own! And only I have the right to decide what to install and how to use.

              enoskype - ozleme durumu yok :))


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                I was wandering at the forums and this ports caught my attention.

                I’m also of the idea that IObit should NOT spam
                Users of paid versions, I suppose is ok to show some minor pop ups and advertisement for users of free versions.

                Several years ago I started to use IObit products and really loved them. Then I switched to Iolo’s System Mechanic 12 and returned to IOBit a few months back, and purchased pro versions of:
                ASC pro, SD pro, Driver booster pro, IObit I uninstaller and IObit malware fighter pro.

                I Did that purchase due to an amazing deal of 85% off

                Well. The time I was with the competitor Iolo and System Mechanic just versions 12 and 14 improved my laptop. Version 15 was a big trash and versions 16, 17 and 17.5 are not doing anything to improve my laptop performance.

                Now that I’ve been using IObit products again I can tell that I really notice a difference vs. using Iolo’s System Mechanic.

                Having said that, I hope that IObit continues to innovate and improve their products and most important: to continue to hear their customers for upcoming features and suggestions.

                But IObit really need to re-do their advertising campaigns and processes so that AT LEAST paid users are not annoyed by pop ups. Is great to have at the action center some key information about discounts and promotions. So why not implement to each and every paid version of the product a new tab called “offers & promotions” and inside that tab the paid users can check whenever the want if there is any deal??

                Now for free users I understand that advertisement should be ok because IObit is not making any money with the free versions.

                That is just my opinion.

                DJ ektorbarajas:


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                  I'm about to quit IoBit products as well because of the increasing spamming behavior of their programs.
                  Suddenly had this suspicious process "christmas.exe" with an empty entry on the taskbar, with an empty window, and marked as "not accessible" by Process Explorer.
                  Shame on you guys.