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    Hello guys of the forum today I have decided to brighten up the day as most of us are busy and do not think about love as it is a very beautiful feeling and that is why I dared to create this thread and share with you these beautiful phrases of love to dedicateto anyone you know. Here's a list of them:
    • Perhaps you may think that I do not love you as you wish, but if I assure you of my life, that I love you with all my heart.
    • You will never know anything so infinite and perfect as the love I feel for you.
    • My greatest dream is to be the master of your heart.
    • Not all the stars in the sky can numerically express how much I love you.
    I hope you liked these nice phrases and that you can share them.
    Thank you. Thank you. Greetings boys and girls.

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    Yes, these are beautiful phrases, really. I hope I will use it now)))
    By the way, I'm trying to get acquainted with the girls on the (Spam link removed. If this occurs again the User will be Banned) website and I think such advice will be useful to me.
    What else can you advise to quickly make an impression? And make a date?
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      Hello, a girl here talking. I guess you already know that doesn't really work with girls. We, as the human beings we are, enjoy nice talks and having fun, and we don't really need to listen "love phrases", that's not the way you should do it. I know it sounds old and useless, but if you're just yourself you'll be fine. And, if the problem is that you can't meet new people or you just have no idea how to talk to girls, you can do some activities such as doing mixed team sports or going on a volunteer work becase that would force you to talk to people because you HAVE to, and that makes it more natural.