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Vote For the UI of Smart Defrag v5

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    nice work guys


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      I also go for B
      Have a nice day



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        As the thread is tagged... "None"
        Go back to the appearance of SD3
        Edward E Edwards Jr
        Edward, NC


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          My 2 cents:

          From this UI designer's point of view, the options are ok for the casual user who has a very simple setup. But it's very wasteful of display space, and for techs with systems hosting 4 or more partitions - and who are probably info-junkies, the L-R scrolling is a losing proposition. For us, it would be much better to show more information all at once, perhaps as in the Windows "Details" view with UI enhancement. So I would vote for a better balance toward function, with form to follow. As it is, it's "cutesy" more than it is useful.

          As a classic instance, the graphic representing HDD or SSD is needlessly prominent. Could I recommend that instead (or at a mouseover or button push) an optional background task fill in a matrix representing a thumbnail analysis of each storage unit, perhaps with additional info re %full, %fragmented, file system type, smart health, internal/external et al listed near it?

          And I notice that partitions that are connected but which have not been designated with a Letter, e.g. C, D, E, are not listed whatsoever.