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Smart defray has corrupted Windows 10 file system

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  • Smart defray has corrupted Windows 10 file system

    Since doing a defrag and optimization of , Windows 10 has become unstable and icons and start menu items are missing. I am in the process of chkdsk C: /f/r/x to see if this fixes the issue. I noticed after defrag was complete that I was being prompted to scan the drive for errors . My system has been running flawless up until now and am not very happy having to fix this again and now will not be using iobits defrag tool anymore. This is the 2nd time smart defrag has caused issues with my system and have a feeling I will have to reinstall Windows to fix this as I did before.

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    Sorry to hear that, Are you currently using an SSD on your windows 10 drive? after that when you run a chkdsk, may I ask if you get a lot of bad sectors?

    Kind regards.