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My Laptop Only Has An SSD - Is Your Product Suitable For Me?

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  • My Laptop Only Has An SSD - Is Your Product Suitable For Me?

    Is your Smart Defrag Pro software intended for users with systems that do not have an HDD? The flash cells have a limited life span and I want to minimize any unnecessary writes. I'm told TRIM is important for SSDs and I should forego defragmentation. Did I receive outdated information? I don't see a TRIM only box or button. Can I use your product for TRIM only and not use defragging? I received Smart Defrag 5.7.1 bundled with other IObit software and I'm just deciding what to keep/not use.

    ***update*** I see how to change the local disk from HDD to SSD and now have TRIM enabled.
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    The Smart Defrag Pro does extend itself for the SSD. I have Seagate 250GB as my main Windows OS. I use smart defrag once every 2 months but most SSD do come with TRIM intergraded.


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      Hi there,

      Smart Defrag supports to trim SSD. If you don't want to install IObit recommended products, you can just untick them to install.

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