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  1. v.2.0.1 the news message at the bottom of the window is no longer uniform with the theme.Before it was black if the theme was black.Now it's white even if the theme is black.Seems inconsistent to me.


    Regarding themes - why not open up the theme making so people can create custom themes?

    Assuming 3rd party themes are possible with the current implementation?

    From what i see they are since a skin seems to consist from series of .png files and the Layout.ini file in /Skins folder.

    Tho i have yet to see any 3rd party skins.If you know some then please link.

  2. Need a way to force very large data files to end of drive. I understand that these files will be slower to access, but thats okay because they are constantly causing issues with many of the smaller files that surround them and the big files don't seem to want to defrag very well. They are static in size, only changing time/date stamp for access.

    Have Smart Defrag 2 beta 3.0. Don't see the option to do anything but skip files larger than a certain size where it pertains to what can be done with large files. There are other programs that claim to be able to move the data to end of drive when what they really mean is to the end of the existing data on the drive, not the end of the drive, itself. Any chance that this can be incorporated into the program?

    Defraggler is apparently able to do this tho last i checked it's engine was awful.Each time i started it it would completely change it's mind about the state of the drive and start a lenghty relocation process.Defragged 750GB drive for half a day.After that had lot of work to do to get everything ok again.

    SD does not take so long even with a heavily fragmented drive with Deep Optimize.


    So Smart Defrag Foreva :razz:

  3. Just click on the Shut down after defragmentation link to see the options of Sleep and Hibernate other than Shut Down.


    Wow i did not know this.I was thinking that when i click this then shutdown option will be activated.Did not know about Sleep and Hibernate.


    Perhaps include a small down arrow or some other element to indicate that more options are available?.I bet im not the only one who did not know about sleep option being there.

  4. Honestly, im a busy person and I would like to know how long it will take my PC to finish defraging The concept is simple to me anyways, you would just have to take the average Read and Wright rate, then divide the amount(size) of files by the read and wright rate

    or somehthing simmler to that


    SD already shows time of completion.Granted this is separately for each drive.

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