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  1. For several years I’ve used iobit products in admin accounts, either on my laptop or my parents laptops. On such laptops only 1 user account is used (admin account). Recently I created standard user accounts to my laptop and also purchased a laptop to my Son, on my son’s laptop is his standard account and my admin account, IObit products are auto started on my account but if the laptop is started and my son logins then no IObit software is started, and if I manually launch them from my son’s account I’m promoted for my admin credentials. i don’t know how much iobit can do to fix this situation. Thanks
  2. What I’ve learned and found is that in the past, startup optimizer used to screw programs where startup items cannot be delayed; the result was that such delayed programs were not opening at all or opened with some errors. latests versions of ASC now handle such programs in a different manner, instead of delaying them, then startup optimizer just re-enable them and the programs open fine, they are NOT delayed but at least they open fine. I can tell that iobit has enhanced startup optimizer and is capable of delaying more and more software, even Startup optimizer is able to delay various antivirus like in my case Avira free antivirus, other competitor programs are not able to delay several programs that startup optimizer can, for example iolo System Mechanic is NOT able to delay avira antivirus free! my suggestion is for you to make a list of programs or items NOT delayed and share them with IObit, so that they can work and try to make them “delay” in future versions.
  3. I have also noticed since iobit launched their new screen recorders "iFun Screen Recorder" and "iFun Screnshot", ALL iobit installer by default try to “push” you to install them, I guess this is not the correct approach! I know when that option is displayed at the installer, the user can just select “no”, but if you do a search in internet for Iolo products reviews, you can see that a general complain and a big “cons” at such reviews is that iobit products are plagued with adware, adds, or “tricky” installation prompts to download and install additional software. Iobit as of today has a huge number of users who are paying for the “pro” versions of its products, and iobit should really consider changing its marketing, advertising and techniques for convincing users of downloading and installing additional software, this will help iobit to gain more good points at the reviews and remove the BIG “cons” of adware.
  4. I found that AI mode is not smart enough, because I removed from the ignore list a system optimization item and then executed a scan using the AI mode, and the modules to be scanned excluded "system optimizations", so this make me cancel this AI mode scan and then started a manual mode scan, selecting ALL modules except disk optimization (since I use Smart Defrag); the results found 1 "System Optimizations" and 1 "Outdated software" item and those two modules were NOT scanned by AI Mode I guess this should not happen.
  5. Justr curious, why my IObit Software Updater 2.5 pro is still reporting that it is up to date? I don't know why it is not auto updating to this latest version
  6. Hi IObit, I've expressed this on a support ticket but I think is a good idea to also post it here. I've found that currently IObit has 3 stand alone programs that have "software updater" functionality: ASC, IObit Uninstaller and IObit Software Updater. And few days ago I noticed a big inconsistency between IObit Uninstaller and IObit Software updater; Uninstaller was reporting that there was an update to TeamViewer, while IObit Software updater was reporting that TeamViewer was up to date :?: See the attached screenshot. So, I would like to suggest IObit to ONLY have IObit Software Updater as the only and golden source for "software updates", please remove the updater module from ASC and Uninstaller, problems like the one I'm reporting will confuse users and at the end is the risk of creating bad reputation to IObit. Regards Hector
  7. I would like to also comment on this post: indeed this seem to be a junk post by someone who just wants to demerit IObit OR perhaps that "friend" @quinik maybe has IObit malware fighter free versions and never has care to manually update the database, even when the tray icon says so BUT is odd that @quinik has only 1 post and has not replied this thread I've been using iobit products for over 12 years and as of today I can say that IObit is the ONLY company out there that really has products to further optimize and care Windows PCs and Malware Fighter is very good and with really low footprint, I only wich that Malware Fighter is submitted and considered for specialized anti-malware sites like Virus total, VBulletin, etc. And just for the record, I have pro versions for the following products: Advanced System Care Smart Defrag Driver Booster IObit Uninstaller IObit software updater IObit Malware Fighter I'm really satisfied and just purchased a new laptop and I'me using my pro licenses (those licences are for 3 PCs, 1 is with my dad, 1 with mome and the other one with my new laptop)
  8. @Lewis-H why your comment that IObit is not a trustworthy company?. we all know about the Malwarebytes and IObit situation, but this is history and in fact this Incident was not truly a bad and intentionally action from IObit Currently I'm a very satisfied user and owner of the following products with PRO licenses: Smart Defrag Advanced System Care Driver Booster Uninstaller Malware Fighter Software Updater As of today no other company has such complete and robust products for PCs,
  9. Hi @Cicely IOBit Software updated is NOT detecting WinRAR, not sure if this is because my WinRAR is in spanish, but even so, IObit Software Updater should be able to support apps in other languages. I've done what you instructed and sent the file to support@iobit.com Thanks
  10. I suggest that ASC supports multiple CPU threads, so for example a computer with a i7 Core intel CPU, who has 8 threads, then ASC scans, repairs and other tasks can be done faster by several cores working simultaneously
  11. May I suggest to make IObit software smarter? for example, if IOBit Software Updated is installed, then automatically IOBit ASC software updater and IObit Uninstaller Software updater to be disabled. AND to make this efficient, to make IObit software updater to ALSO support 100% the software that ASC software Updater and IObit Uninstaller Software updater support. For example, Winrar update is being detected by ASC software updater but not by stand alone IObit Software Updater, even IObit Software Updater is not detecting winrar at all See the attached screenshots
  12. I believe this is something that IObit must consider, since I've seen several reviewers and technology web sites to give low rating to IObit Malware Fighter since it is NOT appearing in top independent Anti Malware tester sites
  13. I don't know if pre-windows scan is still a feature that perhaps IObit Malware Fighter is missing or if this is something that is no longer in use, but if doing such scan will also make IObit Malware Fighter better and more robust, then this should be implemented. And allow user to either set the interval (just like SmartDefrag Boot time), or let IObit Malware Fighter determine the best time and frequency to perform such scan
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