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  1. BUT RISKY. A beta version is a way a company tests its "next utility", but you put your PC at risk by DOING SO, (using trying,any beta program) So nothing positive about that ,if one is using logic.or ones brain! DO NOT install ONE UNLESS ONE IS PREPARED TO LOSE A DRIVE AND DATA! and want to risk the possible loss. Mr Bean
  2. hi there nice post and thank you for the time given with the sound advice. I agree with you here on any type of program(Beta) its not recommended installing them,unless one is willing to Accept the risks! and any one thinking to try one out(Beta testing application) think carefully. most only last a sort time any how! and you risk your system . If you for some reason like the Idea of testing or BE a ????? (used As) .be aware you are! BE AWARE you can lose your system completely!!! and only blame your self. Mr Bean
  3. Hi all some like the Idea some dislike the idea..TRACKING,tracing your home . street and number! so using your browser and want to stop this? very simple,and easy done 1 type in the browser About:config 2 then as you answered yes type in Geo change the default to FALSE, next change the other headings to any thing you want. like HTTP//get lost or what ever. Now before you do this be sure that this is what you want... I set my one this way prevent being followed around.Spy'ed on tracked or traced.
  4. "Hey Mr Bean, why don't (punt with you MwAA) the original poster?" do not think he would understand the funny side. still, he may Always look at the pun side of life you think? and where did that come from? (hippy's?) thy had way of talking, of there own,Always had problems understanding, one, tho used to enjoy it when spoken. always sounded half whacked! I always suspected, that thy be stoned, that did that.using the Good stuff! Mr Bean
  5. The wife and I roared with laughter when reading the post. quick witty answer,You posted ,made us laugh. Punt(wager) MwAA (a expression of ( I ,or me) punt,punting, also used in fun. slang used for bet,on a horse,or the above.A old expression not used Munch now days,by the young ones. Mr Bean
  6. want to punt with I MWAA you don't see a cent? Mr Bean
  7. Web Browser Geolocation Test please try it here http://aruljohn.com/geolocation.html More information here http://www.w3.org/TR/geolocation-API/ Mr Bean
  8. thank you for the reminder just done it.
  9. Ted: Xp ,and fire fox ,or for that matter most browsers,that is so slow. you need to investigate this,some thing or program is slowing this down,Even on my very ancient Now PC Pentium 4 single core 1 gig memory,And get this windows 7, 2 to 3 seconds and its all up! some times faster.the odd time slower,but round 2 seconds.most times. even booting is not bad. tell you what,try Linux ?,Just from a CD ,Nothing Else,and see if this will improve! Speed wise bet it will. Down load " LINUX MINT" . 10 ~ burn it to a DVD .pop it in let it boot and surf a bit .nothing else. I have red a few of your posts on this problem, and seem to be happy as things are and not like to change .so you may still feel the same even now Tho Xp is supposed to be a fast OS? my self would not be happy with speeds like you have it.not these days ! 6 years ago well we put up with it .everything was slow.any how,just talking and not telling you what you should do. how old is that Box of yours? may be it needs replacing? even today a good secondhand one ,could be the thing to look at,I have 5 of them and cheep.! 2 here in front of me 5 in the Spare bed room,(hobby) 2 I picked up at the Sunday Market.a while back,3 from newspaper adds.and looking at a other one.tomorrow! $150 .Mostly its the PC box I care about if the rest is crappy ,trow that away.so long as the box is 100% working. then beef it up .with spare parts. I always have round the 3 to 400 dollars in my Pc jar that I save up $20 a fortnight..Tucked in the bedroom.then if I,spot something,hard drives, screens,memory whatever grab it. I am investigating a new Mouse and a key board ! Thy have no cables ,supposed to plug in the back of the Pc that would be good.the cables are the odd time a Pane Mr Bean
  10. clashrules hi welcome,Mmm I have no love for Ms any thing tho, that has nothing to do with browsers. look I have a peek at it. see if thy have improved there security and and by how much. I have noted over time many say its fast and safer. thanks for the link Mr Bean.
  11. how good is it say compared to previous versions? its been a long time since I have used it .not on my systems (striped of) the last time I used IE was7. Mr bean
  12. yes thy are almost the same and thy are both very good. use them both and set for different browsing. and today all browsers are fast compared to 3 years back, Mr Bean
  13. 1*how fast is your browser? from the time you click it to the time the page is up? 2 *log here..how long to get the site up ? and viewing. 1 ~less then 1 second. 2 ~1 second and the Site is fully up on my screen Not bad I don't think That I can get it faster. Fire Fox just Lags behind Comet Bird a tic faster. Mr bean
  14. YES, I am :Just checking This is what I believe to be one of the best security setups I have seen suggested and not that hard to do . Mr Bean
  15. MalwareDefender How long in learning mode? Mr Bean
  16. MalwareDefender I am impressed with this software, and trying this out, thank you. Mr Bean
  17. Hi, do you think this link should be removed? Before some one could get hurt. Mr Bean
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