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  1. danburrito ... I know that I have to highlight it, I tried also highlighting it, for me it isn't working either, but the "Restore" button is working i'm also wondering .... I tried it now several times, restarted IObit, restarted PC, tried it again and again it doesn't work ... I'm running XP Sp3, seems to be a bug ... strange ... am I the only one where it isn't working?
  2. Yep, same here with auto scanning... Then ... even the "Delete", Button in the Quarantine list doesn't work. Picture attached ...
  3. IObit Security 360 Betriebssystem:Windows XP Version: Definitionsversion:1109 Zeit:08.08.2009 23:48:50 |Name|Typ|Beschreibung|ID| Trojan.Delphi, File, C:\Programme\Outlook Express\oeimport.dll, 12-1600 This seems for me clean? I don't think this is a trojan due it's needed for Outlook Express E-mail Import and Export and it can't be deleted anyway, caus' Windows File Recover is recovering it everytime again. OE has some vulnerabilities but nevertheless it isn't malware. http://www.virustotal.com/de/analisis/b60ffe2e363a00a68b0ad995365b408cb4e6ccf19e7a3700435fe308cdb45bf8-1249768681
  4. I'm finished with the German translation, here it is ;) Cheers --------------------------- Finished Complete German Translation German.lng
  5. Thanks danburrito ... my first malware since 2 years, Security 360 is doing a good job nor Avira or any other scanner actually can detect this one.
  6. IObit Security 360 OS:Windows XP Version: Define Version:1098 Time:02.08.2009 17:25:35 |Name|Type|Description|ID| Trojan.Crypt.XPACK, File, D:\Schutzprogramme\aspnet_regiis.exe, 12-562 aspnet_regiis.exe seems to be a false positive, it's part of Microsoft .NET Framework ... Virustotal: http://www.virustotal.com/de/analisis/a050f47312ae7f6da78b564c1d8c0527166a0294cda24e6bbb783962a5b94036-1249227130
  7. True, I'd like so much Iobit products, iobit seems to work very hard and they want to offer even the easiest way, not like other vendors. I have searched now for a long time for any bugs in security 360, at my OS I found right now nothing ... only something ... it's nothing to worry about, just a spelling mistake: after an update it always says 'You have successfully updated your program.' Maybe there are some other spelling failures, but I'll think before finishing the program you'll check the language again. For me everything is working right now fine ... oh I'd forgot! http://www.saveyourpc.kilu.de/file.bmp Iobit Security 360 never wants to apply all Firefox Cookies blocked, in Passive Defense. The blocking procedure is always working fine, but when I again open Passive Defense it always tells me that the Mozilla Firefox Cookie Protection is enabled (the green shield will be shown), but when I click to Firefox > "Cookie Protection" there is everything 'Unblocked'. Applying it again and again won't help. But this problem appears here also with Spyware Blaster, I'll think maybe Passive Defense and Spyware Blaster have an interaction problem with their immunization or the problem is set in Firefox itself.
  8. Another False Positive, HijackThis is certainly not malware!! HijackThis.exe 1/41 (2.44%) http://www.virustotal.com/de/analisis/3c253bfd385c7f245f3c6131e58cbe22c0d03073a828b9938f923f00562d7c2d-1248023160
  9. I have found a false positive! That's the report: It says my Website Backups, which I have made with WinRAR (I packed all my html documents to an "SFX archive") is a Spyware Banker. I uploaded you these backups if necessary, for analyzing further (you can download it here). Virustotal is telling me the backup archives are O.K.! DWebsiteBackup.exe http://www.virustotal.com/de/analisis/3e4e514dbd359c1d4b2f1149fb71ff88b20285cc6da4dd4fa21b199595ac9de6-1247855808 EWebsiteBackup.exe http://www.virustotal.com/de/analisis/605fb3fb4796f420da27ce5c73fa0e245f103d5cb34e43f8ea717dc85772c099-1247856069 GWebsiteBackup.exe http://www.virustotal.com/de/analisis/a5f70acf7ed3075757039ca72d52f4b8205afeff538634c93b9b1f6ddf1322c7-1247856311
  10. Norton 360 ver3 as my main security suite use spywareblaster and spybot S&D in addition to ASC3 to block crap. use MBAM, SAS, A2 Squared as scanning/repairing for spyware windows defender for live background monitoring Thats too many stuff! It isn't true that, the more security programs you use, the better your security is! Some programs can block them selves. First Windows Defender is crap, you can deactivate it, Spyware: SpywareBlaster + Spybot Tuneup: ASC Anti Virus: Norton is ok, MBAM + SAS + asquared isn't a must, you don't need them. They are just for scanning and they are not offering a realtime protection, moreover they are all malware scanners, you can deinstall two of them and still use one program and this will be enough.
  11. Okay, I have Windows XP Professional and I have now tested it, what I recognized was: - it doesn't identify Avira as my Anti Virus - the icon in tray isn't really transparent, this doesn't look good (Picture click here) - if you run a scan and close the program to tray and then double click the icon, it doesn't show the scan progress, it does only if you have activated the setting "Minimize to system tray when program is closed", but altough that's okay I'd think if this setting isn't activated and you close the program while scanning, it shouldn't show in tray the scan animation. ~ I was looking at the files it were scanning and searched some by myself in my Explorer (f.E. C:\ekdiag.exe or so semiliar), but I couldn't find some of them, I think this is always okay, caus I read the program is using a special method to scan files deeper than other scanners. So maybe this file exists, but I'm curious ... + it has already found some infections and cleaned them - great job! + it is updating very fast and in such 4 or 5 h there was new definitions to download! I'm looking forward to the release of this program, it seems to get a really great must-have app.
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