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  1. Firefox has just been updated to version 91.0 I noticed that it has disabled IObit Surfing Protection due to "Security and stability issues" See picture It was disabled on July 13th (see picture) and as of yet can not be re-enabled Why was it blocked? This add-on violates Mozilla's Add-on Policies. This add-on violates Mozilla's add-on policies by collecting ancillary user data.
  2. It's been a long time since I posted here. Anyway, I thought I would give the SysInfo program/app a try I like the it. I have some comments 1. Create a floating widget of the four temperature items with the option to minimize it. This would make it real time without having to take up so much display space. 2. Under Operating System replace IE with Edge. Many Windows users probably don't even know that IE still comes packaged with W10 and its updates. 3. Under Displays show multiple display info, like you do with Drives if applicable. I use two displays on my desktop devices and only the main one shows 4. Under Network show the users IP address and Router info, at least the name and model of the router 5. Add a category "Software" Show the user's default programs as indicated by Windows That is it for now. I like the program but it definitely needs some improvements­čśŐ
  3. There are two design flaws are in the "Startup Optimiztion" section. 1. Items recommended for removal from Startup are not given the option to ignore like in Driver Booster. Being able to ignore items recommended for Startup removal should then clear the tool from showing up in the "Startup Optimization" scan results As it is now the tool continues to show after a scan and the user has to click on it to see what is recommended for removal from Startup. This is an unnecessary waste of time each time a scan is run and can be eliminated by adding an "Ignore" button next to the item recommended for removal from Startup if the user so chooses.to ignore the item. This would then remove the tool each time a scan is run if there are no items recommended for removal from Startup that the user has not told ASC to ignore. If the user later decides to have the item removed from Startup they could then "Unignore" it as in Driver Booster. 2. When an item is recommended for removal from Startup and the user clicks the box to remove the item from Startup it "should not" disappear from the Startup Tab in the W10 Task Manager but be changed to "Disable" as if the user had directly disabled the item from running at Startup in the Task Manager. Making this change should then allow the user to open the W10 Task Manager and re-enable the item in Startup if they so choose. As it is now the user has to reinstall the program to get it to again show up in the notification area of the Taskbar. Like #1 above the way it works now is a waste of the users time in this case if they change their mind to allow the item to run at Startup after having chosen to not do so via ASC. Disclaimer. This analysis ws performed on W10 build 19008 and not W10 1903 the current RTM version of W10. Thanks for reading.:-)
  4. When you install Driver Booster or install an update Driver Booster will check for driver updates and update those that need an update. That is good. However, after all the updates have been installed Driver Booster will take you to a UI page that Microsoft refers to as one that exhibits "coercive behavior" That is, the UI offers options to clean your computer but to make the recommended fixes you need to download Advanced System Care which you then must purchase to perform all recommended cleanings. Microsoft Drops the Hammer on Coercive Registry Cleaners & System Optimizers https://is.gd/84nPW0 Microsoft Drops the Hammer on Coercive Registry Cleaners & System Optimizers
  5. @Cicely I decided to lighten the load on my desktop computers by removing a number of apps for which Microsoft has an app with the same functionality. One of the apps I removed from my desktops was Smart Defrag. I removed several apps on all of my desktops to 1. improve the performance including the startup times 2. reduce the time I spend updating apps which has become a bit of a load now that I have six computers running Windows 10. Amazingly enough I am using all six of them. I decided to use Tweak-SSD for my Lenovos. It works good. Has improved the performance of both Lenovos and the price was right. Again nothing really against Smart Defrag. I had actually gone back to v 4.x before deciding to remove Smart Defrag all-together. I even removed CCleaner along with several other apps and just use Bitdefender Total Security One Click Optimizer and W10 Clean Mgr to clean up things on the my desktops when I am done. Still using Driver Booster on all six of my computers (I have two licenses) and of course IMF 4.0 RC Pro on my Lenovos
  6. 1. Any plans to correct this so that Surfing Protection will support Firefox 43 and above? 2. Just thought I would pass along a couple of things 2a. IMF 4.0 RC appears to run fine on Windows 10 Redstone 14257 on a x32 computer. Build 14257 is the latest update of Redstone on the Insider Fast Track. I am using IMF4.0 RC on two Levono x32 computers, the IdeaPad 100s, which is a laptop and the Mix 300 which is a two in one. Both have the same Intel Atom CPU and 2 GB RAM. I have Redstone running on the IdeaPad 100s and Threshold 1511 running on the Mix 300. 2b. I keep both of the Lenovo computers shut down when I am not using them. If I have them shut down long enough so that there is an update to the Bitdefender database while the computers are shut down the database begins updating right after I start the computers and log in which of course is excellent. No crashes or noticeable problems with MIF 4.0 RC on either computer. I would feel a lot better about the protection if IObit could get Surfing Protection working with Firefox.
  7. Still no reply on my problem with Surfing Protection not working properly in Firefox 43.0.4? As my pictures showed Surfing Protection is showing as being installed but is not shown under Firefox extensions? I don't know if I am the only one with this problem or not. In any case I still think the problem might be the lack of a valid signature as now required for all extensions by Mozilla in Firefox beginning with version 43.0
  8. Tried V 5.0 Beta. Went back to 4.X. Too many bugs in 5.0 Beta 1. Major one being that the graph does not show correctly. Showed 3.0% fragmented while 4.X right afterwards showed only 0.1% defragmented. Maybe 4.X has not worked correctly? I would hope not. 2. Defrag and optimize takes forever even though I have used 4.X to optimize and ran it just a few days ago. Even when I immeidately reran optimize it took forever. Lot of work to be with 5.0 Beta Suggest pulling it from public beta download sites until it becomes usable. More internal testing by IObit personnel needed before it becomes a viable public beta. Sorry that is how I see it.
  9. Thanks Just thought I would pass this along I have IMF4 Beta installed and running as my AV product on my Lenovo IdeaPad100s. This is a low end W10 laptop. Smart Scan takes just under 20 minutes which even on that computer is a bit slow. Though, memory usage appears to be okay I did have IMF4 Beta installed on my desktops just to see. Again Windows10 recognized it as my AV product. Here the scanning times were very slow. In fact on all my desktops the System Scan was very slow. Over two to over three hours whereas a complete System Scan by Bitdefender Total Security 2016 takes anywhere from 15 to 35 minutes defending on which of my PCs I am scanning. Quite a difference. Maybe in version 5.x of IMF IObit can see if they can redo the scan engine to make the scan times more competitive with other AV products
  10. Surfing Protection appears not to be loading in Firefox 43.0.4. Something about a *.dll file missing. Also beginning with Firefox V43 all add-ons will need to be properly signed and approved by Firefox. Could it be that Surfing Protection is not installing in Firefox 43 because it is not properly signed? You can see from the attachments that Surfing Protection is showing up under Plugins in IObit Uninstaller 5.2 but is not showing up as a Firefox Extension. It is also not disabled which would show up at the bottom of the extensions list
  11. In Auto-Scan under Settings there are several methods available. Smart Scan is the default. System and Custom Scans are opitons under Method. Do the scan options; Smart Scan, Custom Scan and System Scan under Method apply only to using scheduled scans or are they also scan options when the computer is idle? In other words if I leave Auto Scan set to scan when the computer is idle and set Method to System Scan will IMF perform a System Scan when the computer is idle?
  12. @Cicely 1. Does the 'System Scan" work with the scan settings set to "Scan when idle"? 2. If so does an in-process "System Scan" stop when you begin using the computer? 3. If so does the "System Scan" resume where it left off the next time the computer is idle?
  13. I am on the Windows 10 Insider Fasttrack Ring on one of my computers. This AM DB 3 Beta 2 Pro said I needed five updates. Three updates worked. The two that did not were Microsoft Visual Basic gaming component drivers. Since they are Microsoft drivers aznd the computer is on W10 unreleased build 10525 and I don't do gaming (sorry about that LOL). I just put them on ignore for now. Hopefully I will remember to take them off ignore when the next version of Windows 10 is released which I understand on't be until Nov at the earliest for those using Windows 10 Pro which I am. Cheers and logging off for now.
  14. Cicely: Regarding the Dell Wireless issue I just sent off the info you requested above.
  15. I don't like the idea of disabling my anti-virus software to download and install a driver update. This is what DB says. I think disabling AV software to allow a driver to update is foolish at best. This issue needs to be resolved by IObit. If my AV software blocks a a driver update I will go with the AV software everytime and then go from there with regards to a possible FP.
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