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  1. why smart defrag? Adding to Toppacks' answer: after SD rearranges the data on the hard disk, in normal use the arrangement of the data will, again, get scrambled. Think of a library where people will take books off the shelves to browse through. The rules are to leave the books off the shelves on carts or elsewhere. And leave the replacement of the books into the shelves up to the librarians. This makes sure the books go back into the right shelves and right slots. SD is like the librarians, making sure the data is placed back into the right slot on the hard disk. And is is easier (faster) to find. JJ
  2. would use 2nd hdd for swap (if the option was avail) Hi solbjerg (and toppack) . I agree that partitions are not the way to go. These could lead to thrashing on the same device whether for regular use and for maintenance, e.g. chkdsk, fsck (unix), sd or whatever. In a perfect world I would not have let my HDD fill past the recommended threshold. But - for varoius reasons - I did. And am now in a recovery mode. OS: XP. Single HDD. Limited RAM. Win Defrag will not run. Sd will run - slowly. I am cleaning, moving, culling, deleting and running sd daily. Speed is not an issue. If SD would limp better with a 2nd HDD (if the option was available) I would use it. As it is I am getting "not enough space" errors on some files. Fewer with repeated runs of SD. Tx: JJ
  3. 2nd HDD or SDD as a swap volume Thanks Solbjerg. I only have only one HDD but even so, it does not look like the options you described allow one to specify that a 2nd HDD can be used as the swap space for the 1st HDD. (Or a SSD for that matter.) The VM/swap setting also seems to be shared for any number of HDDs on one system. Like I said before, decades ago Unix ...... While I would not recommend it, Unix also allowed one to partition a HDD reserving a portion for use as the swap volume ensuring that one would always have swap space available. Now for SD. Is it worth while to suggest that SD have an option that would allow a 2nd HDD or SSD to be used as a swap space while it does its thing? Tx: JJ
  4. Allow a 2nd HDD to be used as a temp/swap volume. As mentioned in another thread, Unix (fsck aka chkdsk) had this capability decades ago. Tx: JJ
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