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  1. If i analyze my SSD, Smart Defrag informed me that the SSD has been trimmed ... Is it an analyze or a trimming?
  2. sorry no: In AMC Cleaner dont get code. U press a button for make a pro Version and lost $9,99. $10 is not a problem: But i have paid 2 times for my daughter and now need second time for me. Hope somebody can help me without paying again
  3. I use AMC Cleaner since 3 years and like it. Without thinking i had deinstalled it yesterday. How can i get the pro Version again without paying again?
  4. deinstall the ASC and install again Version 12 fresh. Then try to activitate
  5. you need enter your Code in the free version at the right corner down: Manage License
  6. Daskalos

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    Ur question is for which programm of IOBIT ??? Advanced System Care? Maleware fighter? Smart defrag? ...
  7. Por favor, ¿puede escribir su pregunta en inglés? (Hi all, I'm looking for a good computer but my budget is low, Ican advise a little I have much idea about computers, is thatmine is somewhat obsolete.... ) Este foro es sobre el software de IOBIT. ¡ Aquí no hay ferretería!
  8. Press DETAILS on ther right site (under the last red fragment) und u can see what file is not defragmented. make a screen and post it too.
  9. I got the Programm DuMo (Driver update Monitor) and compared with driver booster See the result: DB say: all up to date; DuMo say: 7 drivers available to update: see my grafik card: DB say: up-to-date; DuMO say: update available !!
  10. A software release life cycle is the sum of the stages of development and maturity for a piece of computer software: ranging from its initial development to its eventual release, and including updated versions of the released version to help improve software or fix software bugs still present in the software.
  11. I love it and i have bought it for 9.99. I like IOBIT products and im willing support IOBIT for 9.99. AMC cleaner is a simple and funny programm, and after payed 9.99 u never will be get spam
  12. look here: https://www.iobit.com/de/advancedsystemcarepro.php (scroll down)
  13. what u have pressed for starting a "default" program? I dont know a default program in ASC 10.1.
  14. Very often, my ASC 10 says: HD-Mistake. but if i rum another program, all is ok. Couse my HD dont make trouble.
  15. i found SD 2.9 http://smart-defrag.en.uptodown.com/download/49633
  16. yes thats bad, but im understanding too couse so many old versions.... i found SD 1.50 SD 3.3 SD 4 SD 5 but not 2 buts ok. I use SD 4 again.
  17. Well i checked Smartdefrag 5: after anaysing there was 1,16% defragmented. Means: Nothing http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/screprisa25ighyflb5p6.jpg SM% says: large file defrag OK i done it. After 5 Sekounds maybe its done. Done from 1,16% to 1,15% http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/screprisa274skn0opgdc.jpg after its finished, i analysed again. And again it says: lrge file defragmented http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/screprisa28nephl7z8tv.jpg In this two days i had analyed it many times all the days. But always it says: large file defragmented. I think this program is a joke
  18. Before 1 year i had the same problem. one Partition was lost with many Pics of 20 years! Easus has fixed all after 3 hrs working and paying 100$ about. But im happy again!! well i never had use the dublicate function! I tested only a preview and it found abou 10 files with together 100 bits about. But no Pics!!! OK: all my pic are on partition E. And im fixing only the Partition C !
  19. Try to restore with http://www.easeus.com/download/data-recovery-software.html
  20. Question: I have compared ASC 8 and ASC 9 Under Junk files, u see 2 different results: ASC 9: 2 items 275 byte ASC 8: 2 items 550 byte why 2 different size? but if i check it with explorer, i see only 1 item!!!
  21. "ASC v9 WILL COME soon" means: NOT NOW/today !! Maybe in some weeks !!!
  22. @Sean56 u dont have some freespace where SD can put the files for fix it.
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