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  1. Yeah okay, just checking your reasoning for as it is now. Thanks! :)
  2. One-click activation and deactivation of game mode on tray icon. ;)
  3. 1. Microsoft Security Essentials is (still) not detected as an installed AV by Security 360, and I might as well mention Norton AV/IS 2010 Beta straight away, even if I've not checked it actually, since I'm pretty sure it's not detected either. :P In any case, I think it's good to provide you with this feedback in case it was new. ;) 2. First time I open up Passive Defense, it mentions FF not being installed. The second time - and I applied the protection for IE the first - that information is not there anymore. I'm simply wondering if this is intentional - if notifying about FF as a browser is intentional, cause I actually think that's kinda cool. xD 3. Real automatic updates and this software could be a no-brainer - that it doesn't feature this and prompts the user with a big window every time a new update is available just looks ridiculous.
  4. v2.1 also seems to still crash explorer.exe as the Spotify-icon in the tray had disappeared when I came back after being idle. Decided to uninstall the software for now, wait for a new version that seems more promising.
  5. Thanks - just used to hovering over features as you see them, e.g. in the main-window, for information. :) Didn't think about going to the settings.
  6. For v2.1 beta: Topic started by me: http://forums.iobit.com/showthread.php?t=3341 ----- 1. Security Holes-fixer throws up an error-window right when I click on the Fix-button. 2. Through PC Security Analysis, going to privacy problems - if any - it seems to do a scan as I click on "Fix it". That may not be an issue in itself, but the real issue is that clicking to open up that tool has a VERY long delay. 3. No possibility to ignore individual items in the PC Security Analysis. 4. Throws up error as securing things through the passive defense-tool "finishes" (it does indeed deliver "green shields" for the items). 5. Passive defense is not a part of the PC Security Analysis. If I would choose, I would rather have that included compared to "Privacy problems". 6. Why not make tracking cookies as one item in the list that comes after a scan, no matter if one or more of those are detected? 7. Hijacks, hijacks, hijacks... this kind of "detection" is a reason I hesitate to use the software. I say "detections", because I consider many of those to be hijacks at all - just FPs. Questions: 1. What is DOG Detection? 2. Is Advanced Protection being disabled intentional to make the software usable for any average Joe as well? 3. Does the Auto Protection actually work automatically by now? Last time I tested it didn't... (Tested against HotBar. Is it because it's considered a low-risk by you or something?)
  7. Here's what I've to report so far on Beta 2 after testing the different things found in it: 1. Security Holes-scan lists a patch that doesn't apply to my system (Windows Messenger is not even installed and is disabled since SP2 for Windows XP, and that's what the security hotfix is for); ID MS08-050, kb946648. Because the patch doesn't apply to my system, it can't be applied at all either. 2. Caused explorer.exe to restart completely random - I wasn't doing anything special, either with the software itself (360), or my computer - it would just "crash" and then restart automatically (explorer.exe that's). 3. I would suggest Advanced Detection is the same as "Advanced Protection" of the real-time protection? I'm not sure since (1), atleast in this beta, Advanced Protection is disabled by default, (2) Advanced Detection doesn't react to that status and (3) the names are obviously different. (4) If they're not the same thing, then what is Advanced Detection, and when would its status change if I've the software installed, since there's no option to enable/disable it? 4. Doesn't update silently by itself - prompts user when it checks for updates and there are updates available. ----- That it randomly restarts explorer.exe (I'm running a fully updated installation of Windows XP Professional SP3), and yes, it happens from time to time now too (apart from 360 I for example currently have Update Notifier and Microsoft Security Essentials), makes me uninstall the software for now. It's too frustrating to come back to my PC and notice that icons in my system tray are messed up to name one example.
  8. Think I might as well take a quote on myself from Wilders in this topic as I find it most problem or bug related, kinda. Please see below: "Tested with HotBar thoroughly, 360 would sooner or later react - but it wasn't the automatic operation somewhat noted on the download-page. It would ask me to make a decision. Not too bad, but being a signature-based detection, I expected one-way ticket straight to the quarantine. Speaking about that, "Quarantine" actually says "Qurantine" in the window when a known-malware detection occurs. EDIT: This is kinda worse... it does detect it, but it won't finish of all the traces doing so. The damage has already been done."
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