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  1. ?Just a quick line to let you know that the hiberfil.sys file problem has been solved. The latest windows update must have solved the issue, now the IObit disk check runs through the hiberfil file quick than the monitor can flash it up on the screen, before it took 8.30 minuets.
  2. Yes I agree with Netro that you really need to support google chrome, as Windows Edge is turning out to be as bad as Internet explorer has been and still is, I think most of us here have had to turn to chrome at one time or another. I have also read the PCWorld article's in the past, and I think that the editor is really rooting for you, you can almost see in his words, that he really likes your programs, where as other computer magazines' do not rate you or even give you a mention, but your programs at the time did not cut the mustard, and that Malware Fighter 3, completely tanked on the Virus Test, you can see in his wording that he really wishes it would have done better, and gave it prays for fighting of malware, instead. And I am of the same mind, we love you're products, but just wish you could keep up with the big boy's, a bit more.
  3. Sorry to take so long with the reply to your question it seams that Windows 10 see's you as being junk mail, I've tried retrieving your mail as "not junk mail" but the very next letter I get goes strait in to the junk mail again, which is very annoying for me. ? Now the program you asked about, is part of the care package It is ether "Disk Scan" or "Disk Optimization" out of the two I would put my money on "Disk Scan" But it does not start until you reboot the computer, it must add the run program IObit boot up defragment organizer to the start up sequence in Windows 10, somehow. the file it gets stuck on is C:/hiberfil.sys Hope this helps in some way.
  4. Can you make sure that the boot-up defragmentation program works with Windows 10 as the old ASCU8.1 version takes forever on the second phase of the program. It also hangs the windows starting screen, just before the screen go's orange with the ball race running round, I normally have to move the mouse around to pickup the cursor and click the buttons wildly, otherwise it will leave me with a black screen, and will time out.
  5. Jigger2222 has made some valid points, I know from experience that sometimes the latest video drivers are not always the best option, and a manual option to browse the driver web site was a good idea for those of us that need older drives. But all in all it is a good piece of software with a much improved database..
  6. The feedback button seams to be at odd's with your new Forum engine... I agree that the old one was a better forum engine.
  7. stopped half way through (P) drive Hi Cicely, I'm putting my findings up here because I have two screenshots to send. But first; Is there an auto time out device in Antivirus_ScanTest.exe, as it stopped short halfway through My (P) drive with this message.... http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/j_maybury/Image2gif.gif after that was OK'ed, this message came up... http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/j_maybury/Image3-1.gif I do have a lot of disk drives to get through it takes me two days to do a full disk scan. Anyway here are the log files.
  8. just crashed bug report attached. http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/j_maybury/Image1-2.gif
  9. Win 8.1 shut down problem. I have noticed that if you leave an internet reader on like IE or Firefox, win 8.1 will not auto shutdown, and this could be used as a work around, but I have still to find out if the ASCU7 auto shutdown will shutdown the internet reader. I'll try it tonight! You could look into the internet reader to find out how that stops win 8.1 from auto shutting the computer, and enable ASCU7 to do the same.
  10. thanks Scannan Bug file attached, that is if I have done it right:?
  11. win 8.1 OS auto shutdown problem Here is a screenshot you asked for and I have the bug report as well. It's for the problem of the win 8.1 OS auto shutdown while ASCU7 full scan is still running. http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/j_maybury/ImageASCbug.gif PS; I don't know how the attachments box works all I get is a blank space under the box, that dose nothing it won't drag and drop, it won't store an address, what do I do. mean while I have sent you an auto bug report, the in program one.
  12. I did send off a bug report the same day as I wrote this with the auto bug report tool that is imbedded in to ASCU7, but I will do as you ask as soon as possible.
  13. I find that the auto shutdown will not work with windows 8.1 in ASC7. The OS will always go in to sleep mode first when doing any maintenance work with ASC7 over night, when I get up next morning the OS has gone into sleep mode and the ASC7 gives you an error, claiming that something has gone wrong with in ASC7, What has happened is that windows 8.1 has stopped ASC7 from finishing it job in midstream. :roll:
  14. I think that Driver Booster is a god send. For months now I have been suffering with a computer that constantly kept crashing on me when running software that demanded a massive amount of data crunching. At first I put it down to Windows 8's short comings, I have tried other driver finding programs in the past but none would sort out the problems I was having, then one day when I was using my ASCU6 I saw the add in the bottom left hand corner for a free test of Driver Booster, and I thought why not give it a try, so I did. Wow and I mean, Wow, the speed it took to find the out of date drivers was instant, I have never seen a program work so fast and so reliable before. I instantly found the drivers that the others simply couldn't find, and downloading them was easy and strait forward, just one click of a button and none of the faffing about that you get with other driver finder programs. I just wanted to say, thank you to all the people at IObit...... your doing a terrific job. :-D8-):-D Edit... I forgot to say, I now have a reliable computer once again thanks to you all...
  15. There are two things I would like to see in the tool box menu. 1. A zip file program to open all zip files, would be handy, and useful. 2. A file type converter for music files and document files, this too would come in very handy. I think these two would make ASC6 more useful to many users, and not make the program any larger than what it is already, as they could be load as separate items like smart defrag and uninstaller.:idea:
  16. Ghost busters :lol::lol::lol: All bar, hiring some mercenaries I guess it's pretty much imposable.:sad:
  17. Could it be possible to have some sort of ambush system that sends a Trojan to there computer as soon as you let them enter your computer, the virus in the Trojan could be like some sort of homing beacon that gives the authorities the address of there operation and consequently have them arested.... or have I been watching too many N.C.I.S. films. :oops::roll:
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