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  1. It would be great if the System Boot Time Notification was displayed sooner... sometimes I troubleshoot startup and I need to wait a few minutes to see the notification after the desktop loads. Thank-you.
  2. Is it possible for the Boot Time notification to display sooner? Currently on my pc it seems to take 2 or 3 minutes to display once my desktop appears. Thank-you for your consideration.
  3. Windows Defender scanned my pc today - and found the Trojan:Win32/Vigorf.A in the asc-ultimate-setup.exe program. Fortunately this is quarantined. How to explain a Trojan virus in your executable file? I downloaded from your site. So I should uninstall ASCU 13?
  4. Merry Christmas Everyone! It would have been nice to have the winter/Christmas skin to choose from...
  5. will we see a final version by year end? It would be great if the Iobit Uninstaller nagware is removed...
  6. Iobit installed nagware without my permission. A few times a week I get a notification there are "leftover files" from an uninstall and it wants me to install the Iobit Uninstaller. I don't want it, and I want this nag-ware to stop, and I don't like that iobit installed a program on my pc that is looking for "leftover files" either. I presume iobit installed this annoying pop-up with my ASC Ultimate...
  7. Thank-you for your reply and information. Letting your customers know what was being downloaded at the time would be appropriate.
  8. We are on the same page here - I posted wanting to know just the the heck did Driver Booster actually do and install on my PC because IOBIT had the nerve to not tell us. It states the changes/update will not take effect until I reboot my pc - now I think I will do a system restore and 'not' reboot! Thanks for the head's up that it messed up your settings. Seems like your Windows Firewall security level needs to be brought down a level to allow you to run everything you once did.
  9. Driver Booster popped up on my screen and said to click "Fix" to prevent vulnerabilities for ransomeware - 1. Update Windows Firewall Rules 2. Fix Windows Vulnerabilities What did it do to my PC and what did it download? It took almost 10 minutes to download
  10. It is interesting that Malwarebytes chose ASCU as a potentially unwanted program, with 218 entries...
  11. Excellent! Its Jan 1st in the New York/Toronto Eastern Timezone - lets have it please!
  12. I would like to see less of Iobit's money go into its marketing department and shoving nag-ware in front of us - and yes - improve anti-malware/anti-virus to th extent where it is at least a contender and mediocre instead of its often current status (such as PCMAG) as being advised not to use it...
  13. Merry Christmas to you and your family too Cicely - thanks for all your hard work and assistance through the year!
  14. Iobit Pop-ups?! Seriously? Iobit has installed Pre-Christmas Sale POP-UPS with my ASC U 7 installation??! SERIOUSLY IOBIT??!!! Seriously? STOP IT! And its asking me to install ASC 7 - and I have ASC U 7 installed !!! You should be ashamed... Oh, and P.S. - the English is written poorly, by the way... you need to proof-read with English users first REMOVE FUTURE POP-UPS PLEASE!
  15. yes, this is typical language that people would be accustomed to
  16. I would like to see "better value" in ASC U 7... is the only difference between ASC 6 Pro and ASC U the virus scanner? Please consider adding by default the Iobit Malware Fighter Pro... and in the tools - please consider adding a Pro version of Driver Booster. Better Value please ;-)
  17. Thanks Enoskype - I'm not sure who that is who's profile the link goes to..., a chinese code contributor for Iobit perhaps... Is this the profile of Cicely you meant to point me to 'here' ?
  18. actually what I'm asking for is the use of one of my 3 licenses. 2 are in use, one is in limbo due to it being uninstalled from a pc that is in computer heaven. ;-)
  19. seeking a reply from Iobit Greetings, not sure where to post this issue so trying here I have ASC Ultimate and it was purchased with 3 licences I used one for my win 7 pc Gave one to my mom for her XP pc (different city) Gave one to a friend for his win 7 pc I recently purchased a win 8 pc I uninstalled ASC Ultimate from my mom's XP pc (thus only 2 liceses are now active) Gave my mom my previous Win 7pc 2 of 3 licenses are in use, and I need one on my win 8 pc Despite uninstalling ASC U on my mom's XP pc - when I try adding the license to my new win 8 pc it tells me my 3 licenses are in use and I must purchase a new license. I have emailed customer support 2 times now with no response. Usually I get responses within 4 to 24 hrs. I would be grateful if Iobit staff would please note that only two of my 3 license codes are active and to please allow me to activate my win 8 pc. Best regards & Happy New Year to Iobit staff
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