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  1. I was looking at the JPEG images I had uploaded, and I noticed that they point to strayhepatitisbruise.com/...refer=https://forms.iobit.com/... and when I go to that site, I get MULTIPLE warnings. Where are these six JPEG images stored? I clicked on one, and I got a message to update "flash" (not Adobe flash, which is at its end-of-life).
  2. I rebooted this afternoon at 14:47, and I took screenshots of library_ca: library_ca1.jpg - Task Manager Details tab. library_ca using 32% CPU library_ca2.jpg - Task Manager Processes tab. CareScan using 40.9% CPU library_ca3.jpg - Process Explorer Perf Graph tab: library_ca4.jpg - Process Explorer Image tab: "Access is denied." Parent: UninstallMonitor.exe library_ca5.jpg - Process Explorer Threads tab: library_ca6.jpg - Process Explorer Strings tab: <Error opening file>> When I checked at 21:02, the process was no longer running. I find it strange that Process Explorer cannot open the executable to find strings, and the Image tab will not tell me where it is using the CPU.
  3. Here is an update. After a reboot, carescan.exe (library_ca.exe) was using lots of CPU, and it was slowing a disk backup. So I cancelled it. Before I cancelled, I used Sysinternals ProcessExplorer to try to find out where the executable was using the CPU. ProcessExplorer would not tell me, and I am not sure why. In the postings above, I attributed carescan.exe to Driver Booster. I see carescan,exe in Driver Booster and Smart Defrag. I see library_ca.exe as part of Uninstaller. The Task Manager "Processes" tab showed the process as "carescan", while the "Details" tab showed library_ca.exe. I am not sure which executable was running. I really want to know of which IObit product this is a part, and I want to know why it is using lots of CPU after a reboot. How can I tell where this executable is using CPU, if ProcessExplorer will not tell me? Thanks.
  4. I started this thread April 29, 2019. That was with my Windows 7 Professional 32-bit system. I am now running Windows 10 Professional 2004 64-bit, and I have Driver Booster Free installed. I had to reboot this morning at 10:37. I ran a backup of my C-disk at 11:51. When I got back to my computer at 13:05, the backup was still running. I checked CPU usage, and carescan.exe was using lots of CPU. My original question from last year still applies - What is carescan.exe doing when it is using lots of CPU 2.5 hours after the reboot? I did not see if carescan.exe was running immediately after the reboot. I cancelled carescan.exe so that the backup would complete sooner. I did not run Process Explorer to see where carescan.,exe was using its CPU. I could understand carescan.exe using lots of CPU for a short period of time after a reboot.
  5. I installed Uninstaller 10,0.2.20 yesterday. I notice that the library_ca.exe executable was using up to 25% of the CPU for a long time. It i8s not running now, I have no idea what that executable does, but I was not using Uninstaller after I installed it. This is Windows 10 Professional 2004 64-bit.
  6. I have a suggestion that would aid me in researching driver updates. Would it be possible to list the driver file name(s) on the Driver Booster report? As I reported above, I see outdated drivers, but without the filename(s) of each driver, I cannot do independent research on the drivers that Booster claims are outdated. Thanks.
  7. I have Driver Booster installed. After a reboot I see that CareScan,exe uses 50% CPU for a long time. What is this executable doing after a reboot? Thanks.
  8. I installed Driver Booster because it might alert me to an installed driver that is old. I always check with the vendor (via its web site) to determine if an installed driver has a newer version available. Driver Booster does give me a list of drivers that it thinks have newer versions, and that is simpler than my looking at all of my installed drivers checking each one.
  9. I am running SD 6.1.5 in Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. I have a FAT32 drive, and when SD has finished, there are still fragmented files. These are at the end of the disk, as seen in the attached screenshot. This is a minor problem.
  10. I have installed Driver Booster 4.5, and it reports 22 outdated drivers. I have not updated any oi these drivers because I do not know the source of each driver update. For example, it reports an update for my Samsung ML-331x printer, and I see no new driver updates on the Samsung web site. I have been taught that drivers should be downloaded from the manufacturer's web site and not from a third party. Another example is Intel® 82801 PCI Bridge - 244E. I see no driver updates on the Intel® web site. Thanks.
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