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  1. Yes, I am a Mod. I volunteer my time. I do not work for you. If you are not bothered to read the relevant posts, which will show you how to get immediate results, then I cannot help you any further.
  2. Did you try clicking the update button in Uninstaller to see what happens?
  3. Most likely your anti-virus/antimalware/...is blocking the required file(s). Also, check in quarantine in case any relevant have been quarantined. Try temporarily disabling them (including windows Defender/Security)and see if it works. Also, Controlled Folder Access. It often causes this issue by blocking the program from accessing necessary files.
  4. Seems to me it would be way easier to have a camera recording your screen as you boot up.
  5. Most likely because you scanned every function in ASC and just told it to fix everything. You did not read the Product Manual before using the program. You did not check all the settings to see if it suited your needs. If you have a restore point in system restore, for a time before the issue happened, then restore your system to that time. That will put everything back the way it was prior to the scan. If you don't have a restore point then look here.....https://www.google.com/search?q=explorer.exe+crash+every+time+i+right+click+on+any+thing&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b
  6. This is a very old Topic........It is now strongly recommended that you only download programs from....Majorgeeks site
  7. Have a look at this...https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/april-2019-windows-10-update-damaged-controlled/91dbff88-a93e-4e0c-92af-7e0790cea2a1
  8. Are you signed in on Windows as an Administrator?
  9. As with all windows functions.....simply click on the search icon in the taskbar (the magnifying Glass) and type Controlled Folder Access. You will see it in the list. Click on it.
  10. I forgot to mention Controlled Folder Access. It often causes this issue by blocking the program from accessing necessary files. You should check there to see if DB/ASC is blocked.
  11. Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing DB. If that does not work, most likely your anti-virus/antimalware/firewall...is blocking the connection. Try temporarily disabling them (including windows Defender/Security)and see if it works.
  12. As per Forum Rules, all post's must be in English ( Zgodnie z regulaminem forum wszystkie posty muszą być w języku angielskim )
  13. I would really like to help you, but to do so, you need to answer my question(s). I asked you..."what you mean by.."drivers that I apparently cannot replace"....you did not answer. As for the Lenovo techs..... If your new car broke down, and you decided that it was because you updated the nav display, but the car dealer decided to replace the engine and electronics, but the car still did not work. I doubt you would accept them walking away and saying " it is a software fault". Lenovo are the makers of the machine and should have been able to fix it, regardless of what caused the issue. It sounds to me, like you are really annoyed with Driver Booster, and you want satisfaction from the maker, to make you feel better. As for the "support Team"......this is a Forum of volunteers. Ordinary Users who give their time to help others. There is an Iobit Team Member, who is supposed to be there to support us, but sadly, that happens very rarely, and only if they happen to be in the mood and check the post's. Also, Iobit ( the maker of DB) do not make the drivers. They get the drivers from the manufacturer and give them to you. Sometime, Iobit get the wrong driver, or the manufacture releases a bad driver. So, we cannot put you in touch of the Driver maker. When you use the “Reset this PC” feature in Windows, Windows resets itself to its factory default state. ... All the manufacturer installed software and drivers that came with the PC will be reinstalled. So, obviously, if this happened, then the latest version of windows has an issue with the original driver(s). This is quite common, as windows often has issues with out of date drivers, or specific drivers. So, when you updated your driver(s), did you take note of which drivers were updated. if so then you need to reinstall these drivers from the manufacturer one at a time until the issue is fixed. If you did a batch install of lot,s of drivers at once ( not recommended) then this is going to be a difficult excercise. You may be lucky, and the log file from DB, may still be on your machine, it would be worth looking for it, as it would tell you which drivers were updated. Just because it is the trackpad that has an issue, does not necessarily mean it is the Trackpad Driver which is the cause. It could be the Firmware driver(s). If
  14. It always amazes me how the lazy/incompetent people are always the quickest to criticise and disrespect. I typed in "Licence" and got pages of useful posts.... https://forums.iobit.com/search/?q=licence&quick=1
  15. Read the many post's in the Forum relating to this issue.
  16. I do not understand what you mean by.."drivers that I apparently cannot replace". I have a Lenovo Ideapad and I have never had a problem getting drivers. Why did'nt the Lenovo techs, reload the required drivers. I find it incredible that they replaced such comprehensive hardware, and then walked away when it did not work, saying that it is a software issue. Surely, if they replaced hardware it is their responsibility to get it working, regardless of whether a third party program caused a driver issue. Did they even tell you what the "Software issue" is?? I presume you tried rolling back the drivers, or doing a system restore to a time before the issue occurred.
  17. While I fully understand your frustration, I cannot understand what answer you are looking for. If Lenovo came out and replaced the stated parts, and they could not get the trackpad working, I honestly cannot see how anybody else could have a solution.
  18. https://www.iobit.com/en/product-manuals.php
  19. Read the many posts in the forum regarding Licence issues, which provide details of what to do.
  20. Just because the answers were.."Yes"...does not make it a Basic Query. If you had asked...Can the spin plane of quantum linked particles be controlled with magnetic fields? The answer would be yes....but it certainly would not have been a basic query...
  21. You have a strange idea of "basic"....I would hate to think what a "complex" query would entail. As for your questions.... 1. It depends on how VLC updates. Whether it simply rewrites some files and directories, or if it does an uninstall of the old version and then an install of the update. If the former, then it will not be logged. If the latter then it will. 2. Yes, if you ask it to. 3. Yes
  22. Cicely Once again you have unnecessarily responded to a post, for which I had already given a reply. I have pointed this out to you many times. If this continues, then I will have no option but to stop replying to posts and assisting Users.
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