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  1. Cicely I have already answered this Users issue, so a reply from you was not necessary. There are lot's of other post's where your time could be used.
  2. There was no response, because there are already lots of posts in the SD section dealing with this issue.
  3. I do not know who or where you wrote to, but there are lots of posts in the forum dealing with licence issues and what to do.
  4. If you want support...then follow the rules of the forum and post in English. Also, personal contact info is not allowed in post's Se você quer suporte ... siga as regras do fórum e poste em inglês. Além disso, informações de contato pessoal não são permitidas em postagens
  5. In future, post in the correct section of the Forum. Please give some more information. What exactly happens when you try to remove Adobe, and which Adobe software are you talking about.
  6. Scannan


    Right click on the image and save it. Then use the Skin tool to create your skin.
  7. So, obviously you like running diagnostics. But posting lots of lists showing different readings for the same components, does not answer the question. How do you know the Performance Monitor is wrong.
  8. And........you know this..because??
  9. Why?...what is wrong with it?
  10. This is a windows issue. A service grabbing ram/cpu and drive. Have a look at these......https://www.google.com/search?q=svchost.exe+(netsvcs)+delays+programs+from+opening&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b
  11. You have posted in a very old Topic, so you may wait a long time for Iobit to respond. In the meantime have a look at this.......https://www.wintips.org/fix-very-small-fonts-in-high-dpi-4%CE%BA-monitors-in-windows-10/
  12. Read the posts in the Forum which deal with Licence issues.
  13. I cannot answer that because I never use it. This is what Iobit's description of Turbo |Boost says... "The optimized Turbo Boost can intelligently stop the unnecessary startup items, apps, and services to further accelerate your PC" So decide for yourself if you see any benefit. Personally, I do not like functions that perform vague tasks in the background. Have a look at this...it may help your understanding better...https://searchenterprisedesktop.techtarget.com/tip/Make-Windows-10-performance-sing-by-tweaking-RAM-service-settings https://windowsreport.com/windows-10-isnt-using-all-ram/ https://www.zdnet.com/article/how-much-ram-does-your-pc-need/
  14. I have also 4GB ram. My ram always runs at +- 80%. I have a lot of stuff running. My system is very fast and I have no lag issues. If I load another program, then windows looks at my ram, checks if there is stuff there that I have not accessed for a long time, and clears that out to make room for the new program. So, the more your ram is used, the better your systems performance. Clean Ram function is handy if you want to load some big program that you want to use and it is very slow because your ram is already full. Then cleaning the ram before you load it would help. But that would be a rare instance. Also, remember, that just because you have a function available (Ram Clean) does not mean that it is wise to use it.
  15. When you load programmes/browsers etc... your system looks to see if there is ram available. If there is then it loads them to ram. while you are using these programs they will be accessed from ram, which is very fast, rather than having to continuously read the data from your drive which is slower and wears the drive. If you have a very small amount of ram, then it may get filled quickly, and when you want to load another program it will be slower running because it has to do it all from the drive. So in that instance you may decide to clear your ram to make room for the new program. This will dump some of the programs you already have loaded in ram, in order to make room for the new one. So, if you want to do something from one of the programs that got dumped, it will now have to read from the drive, which will be slower. In fact windows is very good at managing ram, and it is probably unnecessary to ever clean ram, except in exceptional circumstances.
  16. Why do you want to clean your ram so often. The whole point of ram is that your system should use it as much as possible. This speeds up your system and reduces stress on your Drive. If you have to continuously clean your ram just to do basic functions on your pc, then you do not have enough ram. If you are cleaning ram because you think it improves things, then you are making a very common mistake.
  17. Read the posts in the forum.
  18. Firstly....DB8 did not update your drivers..........you did....you just used DB8 to perform the task. Do you have a restore point in System Restore for a time before the driver updates. If so use it to restore your system to that time. Why could you not roll back the drivers. Driver rollback is available in both DB8 and in Windows.
  19. Read the many posts in the Forum regarding Licence issues.
  20. Make sure you contact your bank, to block this.
  21. Have a look at this.........https://www.troubleshootingcentral.com/how-to-fix-the-this-site-cant-be-reached-error-in-google-chrome/
  22. Try downloading them directly from Majorgeeks.
  23. Read the many posts in the Forum dealing with purchase/licence issues.
  24. In order to help you, we would have to actually understand what your problem is. Which is impossible from your one sentence post. So if you want help, then explain your problem in detail. Also, explain how your issue involves Iobit software.
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