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  1. I assume that you are using the Programs and Features function in Windows to do the uninstall. If so then this is a generic windows message, to make you think twice before removing items. Which is maybe not a bad thing, but typical windows.... they give little detail. From the additional info above, the items listed are safe to remove. Additionally,after you remove them, you should go to Programs x86 (in windows file explorer) and AppData, and delete any Iobit Advanced Systemcare Folders. This will ensure that all remnants are removed.. I wish more people were as cautious as you when removing/modifying items on their pc. It would make for a lot less problems.
  2. If you never installed it and you do not want it then remove everything.
  3. Did you try a restore point to restore your pc to a time before the issue started. Did you try the Fix no Sound function in Driver Booster Tools.
  4. The key for what?? Licence issues have been dealt with many times in many posts, including the solutions. In fact in the last 24 hours there have been a few posts on the issue. Please see same.
  5. Sorry to hear that. I say this, because the products are excellent, and this recent form of marketing is very unfortunate. I do not have any connection to Iobit whatsoever, as I am a volunteer here in the Forum, trying to help other users. I have not updated any Iobit products recently, as I have a rule that I do not update anything until a sufficient amount of time has elapsed, in which the update has been proved to be safe and without issues. So, I have not had to deal with this issue. I wish you well in your endeavours.
  6. They are an American company, so I cannot see there is much the UK Commissioner can do. As this issue is seemingly causing you great stress, I can give you a link to download the previous version which should solve your issue, as the issue has only surfaced in the latest version(s).
  7. There are lot's of posts with this and similar issues, and the solutions. Also, you have posted in the wrong section of the Forum, so this post will be deleted shortly.
  8. You cannot block the installation app because it is embedded in the Iobit Installer. But once it has installed itself you should be able to see it in your apps & Features. Also you may be able to see it in your windows File Explorer, in c:\ Programs...or Programs x86, which will give you the path to use in Controlled folder Access.
  9. I understand. It can be daunting. If you type Controlled folder Access into your search bar (in your system tray) you will be able to open the controlled folder access application. There you can block a file from accessing your system. So while iTop is installed, you could locate the .exe file and block it in Controlled Folder Access. I sincerely hope Iobit will do something soon to correct this awful situation.
  10. Thank you. Now we have established categorically that the issue is not a third party add-on or addware, but is built into the Iobit installer. Unfortunately, while I sincerely commiserate with you, there is nothing I can do to remove it. That is entirely an Iobit matter. As you can see from the many posts on this issue, you are not alone. Personally, rather than waiting for Iobit to do anything, I would be looking to see if there is a way of blocking the iTop installation, using windows Controlled Folder Access....or your Firewall....or some site blocker.
  11. I hope your customers are not reading your posts, because if they are, I am sure they will be starting to question your competence. You were simply asked to post in the correct section of the Forum. This appears to be a task beyond your ability. So, to make it as Simple as possible for you.....you should have posted in Driver Booster......which is obviously the product causing your issue. I have already explained the "LOST LICENSES AND OTHERS" ...situation for you, but even that seems to tax your ability. A bit of free advice.......when you seek assistance from others, the least you can do is follow their suggestions, and obey the rules. But, as you will be leaving the Iobit fold now......none of this matters anymore for you.
  12. Ok. I thought you wanted to try and solve the issue.
  13. Try downloading directly from Majorgeeks site and see if it still happens
  14. No, you posted in General Forum items,( which I have now deleted) and you are referencing a Topic which gives instructions for licence issues. Did you follow those instructions, and if so did it help, and if not then post your Topic in the relevant section dealing with the product with which you have the issue
  15. If you require assistance, then you must post in the relevant section of the Forum. You should do so now, as your post will be deleted from here shortly.
  16. If you require assistance, then you must post in the relevant section of the Forum. In this instance, the Driver Booster section. You should re-post there now, as this post will be deleted shortly.
  17. If your issue is with Driver Booster 8, why did you post in the Driver Booster 6 section?
  18. Who did you buy the licence from. Was it a third party re-seller? Are you using a VPN. Are you using a proxy setting. Try starting in Safe Mode with Networking....https://www.google.com/search?q=windows+10+safe+mode+with+networking&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b and see if you can then register ASC.
  19. If you require assistance, then you must post in the correct section of the Forum. In this case Advanced Systemcare section. You can open a new topic and copy and paste this post. This post will be deleted from here shortly.
  20. https://www.iobit.com/product-manuals/asc-help/#Download-&-Installation
  21. You are obviously a troubled person, with a necessity to be always right. Cicely, was simply saying that she would ask the development department to make it less intrusive/difficult for people who do not want it, but at the same time make it obvious for people who do. Obviously it was not simple enough for you. So have your pointless rant if it makes you feel better. I am sure it will be ignored by most sensible people.
  22. There is no "chastising" in that statement. You need to read the post again, and understand the context.
  23. Surely this is a question for the Firefox forum.
  24. Why did you post this in the... Advanced Systemcare 15......section of the Forum?
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