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  1. I think the wi-fi issue is a result of the Driver Booster update. If spazzychalk updated drivers or if it was done automatically following the DB update, then it is quite likely that an incompatible driver was installed, which has caused the wi-fi issue. This has been reported many times in the Driver Booster forum. A rollback of the driver or a system restore would most likely sort the issue.
  2. I agree with Enoskype. That server redirect is part of Google Analytics.
  3. Why did you post the exact same message twice. Please do not do so again.
  4. Snuffy Sorry, but it is very difficult to understand the point you are trying to make or the question you are asking. Please give a more detailed explanation. We can only help if we can understand.
  5. I suggest that you investigate the internet related functions on ASC. In Settings..... 1) Disable Realtime Protection function 2) Disable Surfing Protection function 3) Check that the System Optimisation selections are suitable to your requirements. Did you use the Internet Boost function in ASC Toolbox?
  6. Jersey I have removed your attached Picture as it includes your email address which should not be for public viewing. Please post your feedback in normal post text.
  7. As per the rules of the Forum, all posts must be in English. Enoskype has already translated one post for you. Any future posts not in English will be deleted. You may include the Italian in your post if you wish.
  8. SKIBA There is no new version of Advanced System Care Ultimate.
  9. Hi Luigi524td Welcome to the Forum. First you should remove the corrupt version of ASC and download the latest version from the News and Updates section of the Forum. This is the best place to download Iobit products.You can also download Iobit Uninstaller from there and use it to Uninstall ASC. Be sure to use the Powerful Scan function to remove all leftovers. Once you have the latest version of ASC loaded, try running the malware removal and registry fix. If you still have serious malware issues afterwards, you can post in the Spyware-Malware Removal Help section of the Forum.
  10. Hi Pegasus2006 Welcome to the Forum, Have you tried putting it in the Ignore List
  11. Hi IsoQuantic Please see This topic as it is the same issue and has been resolved.
  12. I sincerely hope that there will still be an IMF version which will be anti-malware only, as adding an anti-virus will undoubtedly make the program much heavier on system resources. A lot of users prefer to have a standalone dedicated Anti-malware program.
  13. Hi Cicely Are you saying that IMF v4 will become a combined Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus program????
  14. Hi Cicely This issue is becoming more serious every time it is posted, and telling users not to worry is unacceptable. There is something seriously wrong here. Either Iobit's helpline is being hi-jacked, or Iobit are unable to control their so called Support Partner. I am extremely concerned about this whole business, and it's impact on the reputation of Iobit and the Forum. The second number which User Lori mentions ( i1- 844-219-1732) is highlighted as a Scam, see this Link The most worrying part about this is that Iobit do not appear to be dis-associating themselves from this practice/harassment but instead are issuing explanations. This issue needs to be dealt with definitively and finally and all necessary steps taken to prevent other users from being subjected to this harrowing experience.
  15. rob72 You have posted your query in the wrong sub-forum. This section is for malware removal assistance. Other users will not be able to view your post and offer suggestions. This is clearly explained in the Header at the top of this Forum page. While I am sure that Superdave ( he manages this section of the forum) will be more than willing to offer suggestions, he may decide it would be more appropriate to move your Topic to IObit Security Softwares General Discussions . Where other users can offer suggestions/assistance. I cannot move Topics from this section of the Forum.
  16. Why are you using "Kill Process Tree"........what exactly are you trying to achieve, by using a command line so you do not have to use the GUI and then having to use "Kill Process Tree" to exit the program??
  17. See This printscreen.... [ATTACH=CONFIG]n208983[/ATTACH]
  18. Then do not use it. We do not need to hear about it.
  19. There is one other cookie that can cause issues. It is Avangate. Have a look for that one. Otherwise, it would seem to be an ISP issue.
  20. Yes it is, but why would you want to do that. You do not have to use the Pro features if you do not want to. Just untick them.
  21. Now that you have explained it more clearly, it is easier to assist. The most likely reason this is happening is because the Iobit cookies, are blocking the connection. This has been happening since the new forum version was introduce. I have informed Iobit of this but nothing has been done.. If you delete these cookies the problem should be resolved. There are two cookies involved. 1) Iobit.com 2) Store at Iobit. Do not remove the cookie...forums.iobit.com as this is required to interact with the forum
  22. I cannot understand why you and they are so scared....if they make a mistake and click upgrade they will be asked to purchase a licence. They can simply exit the system and nothing will happen regarding the upgrade. The difference between free and paid is the buying of the licence, for which you would have to give payment details.
  23. Please try copy and paste the following link to see if it will access the Iobit site... http://www.iobit.com/en/product-manuals.php
  24. Hi paulgo Welcome to the Forum. If everything you have explained is correct, then it is most likely that your service provider is blocking you. Whether you go through a proxy or not does not matter, as the first point of contact is the service provider. Also, your profile does not state which version of ASC you are using, so it is difficult to assist. However, did you also try disabling surfing protection in ASC.
  25. Hi Falling Rock I agree completely. I have made my dissatisfaction with the handling of this issue very clear. See This Topic. Iobit's failure to deal with this issue and to provide a definitive response is extremely disappointing.
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