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  1. I think you need to change your meds and get a decent Internet Service Provider. The link you provided makes it quite clear it is not an issue with IMF but with your ISP. Pity you did not read your own link at the beginning as it would have spared us all this unnecessary effort.
  2. Why would you run ASC without an internet connection.??. Are you trying to fix your problem or are you trying to find fault with products. ASC result was correct. It accessed your internal modem successfully...Test OK...it could not connect to the net (because it was not connected)....accessing server Failed.
  3. Firstly, you should ensure you expand your restore points to avoid this in future. You should have at least 2 weeks history. Download and install ASC and run the Internet Booster function to see if this restores your internet connection.
  4. Uninstall IMF and do a system restore back to a time before the issue occurred to see if your internet is then working.
  5. Hi bqvyrlhv Welcome to the Forum. a.puerta 16 was not banned for mentioning another driver program, but for her comments regarding another user and her confrontational attitude in general. If you look at the list of sub-forums you will see that we have a forum for Other Software where users can comment on other software programs. We also have a general discussion forum. a.puerta 16 was given every opportunity to alter her attitude but sadly declined to do so. Banning is used reluctantly and as a very last resort on this Forum.
  6. Hi ketxxx Welcome to the Forum. Thank you for your indepth feedback and suggestions. I am sure it will be of great interest to both users and Iobit. With regard to Boot time Defrag.....the user has the option to turn off boot time defrag in the UI. The users can then run Boot time Defrag at a time oh their choosing rather than the provided options. | would agree that it would be nice to have a dynamic user scheduling facility which would allow user to set their own user schedule. With regard to the suggestion to remove all but the last 3 restore points.....I would prefer that an option be given as to how many restore points a user would like to retain. With a lot of software automatically creating restore points, 3 restore points may only constitute one days data, which would not be much help if a system failure occurred. I personally keep at least 2 weeks restore points and this has save my bacon many times.
  7. I'll try this version out. I hope the GUI displays will be straight forward as usual. fosterdrew Please do not post feedback/suggestions/comments in the News & Offers section of the Forum. These should be posted in the relevant Feedback/Suggestions/Discussion sections.
  8. There can be many reasons for this. What type of file is it. Was it in use when the defrag was running.
  9. \there may not have been enough contiguous free space on your disc to enable it to be defragmented.
  10. Hi Vika Welcome to the Forum. There are some files such as system files and files which are in use at the time of fragment which cannot be moved as this would cause the system to malfunction. The MFT (Master File Table) is one of these files. These files can be Defragmented/moved/optimised/prioritised during Bootime Defrag because the defragment is performed before the system files are loaded and the startup programs initiated. That is the purpose of Boot Time Defrag. Boot Time Defrag is not required very often and I recommend that you google Boot Time defrag and do some research on it. You can also look through the Defrag Forum here and get a lot of information on Defragging and Boot Time Defrag.
  11. Hi MC Fat Tongue Welcome to the Forum. Thank you for the feedback and your effort to be impartial. It is greatly appreciated. Sadly user a.puerta16 ignored all requests to desist from confrontational and disrespectful content, and has now been Banned. This Forum will never censor any opinion whether positive or negative as long as it is done in a non-confrontational and or disrespectful manner. It is just as easy to get a point across and be respectful of other users, which you have done admirably well in your post. We look forward to hearing from you again in the Forum.
  12. Hi mousewrap Welcome to the Forum. You can switch off Boot Time Defrag in the main GUI. Just set it to off. The options only apply once it is turned on.
  13. As per Forum rules, please post in English.
  14. Hi Newby Welcome to the Forum. It sounds like you may have gotten a bad download. You should uninstall it and download and install it again. Hopefully this will solve the issue. You should go to the News & Offers section of the forum to get the latest download.
  15. As per Forum rules, please post in English.
  16. Hi Angel2A Welcome to the Forum. I would prefer to see the Scandisk as an option. rather than automatic. Not everybody likes to run Scandisc. Maybe 2 options could be made available. 1) Boot Time Defrag. 2) Boot Time Defrag with Scandisk.
  17. Hi Chuck Welcome to the Forum. Thank you for the excellent feedback. Points were concise and to the point. I am sure Iobit will take them on board and implement the suggested fixes.
  18. The MFT ( Master File Table) is a locked system file and cannot be defragged during normal defrag operation. It can only be defragged during a Boot Time Defrag.
  19. As per Forum rules..Please post in English
  20. Hi taneduard Welcome to the forum. Please could you tell us how long you think it should take to scan your 18000 files, and your reasoning for same. Also. please remember, that if this was your first scan, that it will take longer and subsequent scans should be faster. Also, filesize and filetype will influence the scan time.
  21. Eldrants If you include your affected games/software in the IMF ignore list, then it will not scan them, which should stop the crash problem. However you must be sure that these games/software are not capable of getting malware/viruses over the net, while they are active.
  22. Thank you for the feedback. This is the Majorgeeks site, which is a recommended 3rd party site for downloading Iobit products. However, as I stated previously, do not click on Scans which are offered or any other offers which are advertised. Click only on the download for the product you want.
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