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  1. Unfortunately they can not be recovered from the recycle bin. You would have to try a third party program such as Reccuva or something similar. These are not very successful however, so the best strategy is to be sure about the files you delete.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Yes, only the checked files should be deleted. However I would recommend that you do a test first just to be safe. Untick all, then select maybe 10 duplicates take a note of the files and then bulk delete them. I would however caution against bulk deleting as it is necessary to ensure that the files you are deleting are safe to do so. Just assuming that all mp3 and text files are safe to delete is unwise, as some programs require mp3files or text files to operate correctly. Windows itself being one of them. Also remember that a file can be deliberately duplicated by the operating system and or a program, because it uses it in more than one place.So please check each file to ensure it is safe.
  3. Hi denise There are lots of ways to get rid of Adanak....however before getting into this, did you try the ASC uninstaller and run the powerful scan at the end of the uninstall. This is very good for detecting program associations and leftovers and removing them.
  4. Hi Cicely I do not think you should bother any further with the OP, ( I will not even use his/her name as it is an insult to the forum). Not only did he/she rant and rave in a derogatory manner, but did not even have the courtesy to reply. I doubt we will hear further from this user, and it will be no great loss. Our time will be better spent assisting the decent users of the forum.
  5. I do not even know why I am bothering to point out issues anymore, as we get no feedback and vBulletin seem to be either incapable or unwilling to fix even simple issues. However, the wrong editing tool is present on the Topics main page. See attached screenshot. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n193490[/ATTACH]
  6. Yes you must be mad....you come on the forum looking for help and yet you insult everyone with your ranting. The only reason I am answering is because I have pity for your Dad who is paying the price for your actions. Go to the rescue centre in ASC and restore your pc's to an earlier time before the issues started.
  7. Hi Solbjerg I was wondering if you are still using the program to extend XP Updates....and if so how is it working for you.....any problems...
  8. Please read the many discussions in the forum regarding the workings and methodologies of defragmenting. It is easy to make suggestions for what you would like to happen, it is another matter when you actually understand what defragmenting does and how it works.
  9. Hi Cicely This is not a new issue. I am trying to make it easier for users by explaining that they do not need to clear all their cache/cookies as per vBulletins advice, but that they only have to clear their cookies for the last hour or two. Also it is not necessary to restart your browser as simply refreshing the Iobit page will be enough. I have already supplied all this information to vBulletin/Iobit as I have also informed that I use Firefox and IE. I can now operate the functions by clearing the cookies. However this is a workaround and not a solution. As for vBulletin losing their patience.....this comes as no surprise as it is in keeping with their overall poor attitude in dealing with issues in their product. Iobit are entitled to expect a fully functional product which they have paid for, and not a product which was realeased with many unresolved issues. I manage projects for many of the largest international companies, and I can assure you I am very familiar with product performance and supplier obligations. We the users are supplying vBulletin with valuable feedback, and rather than appreciating it and using it to assist them in improving their products, they create the illusion that we are causing the problems. Shame on them.
  10. I agree with Enoskype. It has always been my understanding that the Iobit Forum is managed/controlled/overseen by the User Administrators such as Enoskype and that it is a voluntary site with support input from Iobit. Has this situation now changed to where Iobit Administer and Control the forum and the function/opinion of the User Administrators/Moderators/Mediators are no longer relevant ???. EDIT: I have copied this post to Private as a Topic.
  11. UPDATE: With regard to Topic/Post/Editing functions not working and the recommendation to clear cache/cookies and refresh browser....please note that I have isolated the issue down to a cookies issue. Today I started my browser, and after a while opened Iobit forum. I discovered that the Topic/POst/Editing functions were ONCE AGAIN not working. I cleared cookies only for the last hour then refreshed only the Iobit forum tab and lo and behold everything was now working fine. Surely vBulletin can solve this annoying bug, or is it just a waste of time giving them all this feedback.
  12. Now that some considerable time has passed since the introduction of the new forum layout, I find it disheartening that the Forum still remains in appearance a vBulletin Forum. If you go to the vBulletin Forum Homepage, it's appearance is almost identical to the new Iobit Forum. In otherwise the Iobit Forum has lost it's unique identity, and is in fact now an advertisement for vBulletin. I have attached a screenshot suggesting how the New Forum Layout should look. I for one am not happy opening the Iobit Forum and seeing only vBulletin as a header. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n192241[/ATTACH] http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/
  13. Cicely The real pity here is vBulletins overall attitude. Everybody else is working hard to resolve these issues by providing feedback/suggestions etc...but getting feedback and or assistance from vBulletin is like trying to draw teeth. When are they going to address the issue of having to clear cache/cookies regularly in order to be able to use the Topic/Post/Edit functions. Surely if they have any pride in their product they would put all effort into fixing this serious defect. Basically they have released a product which will only work if the users apply a workaround every time they use it. Regarding this particular issue....I have been doing some testing and I have determined that it is not a Cache issue, it is a cookie issue. I did this by clearing first the cache for the last hour, did not solve problem....I then cleared cookies for last hour, did not solve problem....then I repeated this procedure for the last two hours, the last four hours and so on....the problem was not fixed until I got to where I cleared the cookies for Today....then the problem was fixed. This should assist them in solving the issue hopefully....that is if they even care. Another point regarding vBulletin advising users to be sure to use the remember me option....surely the realise that when you clear cache/cookies....that it deselects the remember me option and you have to Login again. NOTE TO USERS: Once you clear the cache/cookies it is not necessary to restart your browser to get the functions to work. You only need to refresh the Forum/Iobit tab.
  14. Update: The two preceding posts clearly show that the issues wit uploading Attachments and Thumbnails is also related to Clearing cache/cookies.....as it did not work before I cleared them.
  15. Just tried to do an Edit on a post but received a message...."You have a pending edit unsaved. Please save or cancel it before proceeding."..... I clicked Cancel and it made no difference. No other option is available. So now I cannot edit because of a pending Edit I know nothing about and no way of finding out. A lot of bugs.... Update: Just tried clearing cache and cookies and then refreshed page (did not need to close the browser-which is a small consolation-). Now I can Edit again....surely this bug can be identified and fixed as it is obviously linked to cache/cookies. Users cannot be expected to constantly have to clear the cache and cookies in order to workaround issues that should be fixed properly. A lot of users will want their cache/cookies to remain intact.
  16. There is a Problem attaching items to posts. It puts the word "attachment" into the post as a link, but if you open the link there is nothing there. Note: I am concerned as to whether vBulletin/Iobit are taking note of the feedback in this Topic, as there is a glaring lack of response.
  17. Cicely In the Todays post topic list there are yellow triangles next to some threads. They are indicating unpublished posts. What does this mean and what can we do about them.
  18. In the old layout I could see immediately all new posts and the posts which I have viewed...now the Todays Posts does not show me the new posts which I have not already viewed....This certainly is not an improvement..
  19. Why am I getting an email for every post...I have gone through all the settings and unticked everything that would send me emails.....still I receive an email for every post....I sincerely hope someone can tell me how to stop this from happening......I miss the old forum layout so much...
  20. As can be seen, I edited the previous post by Cicely. However the post did not appear as updated in Today' s Posts. Cicely posted at 07:10 and I edited the post at 08:24. If I now view Today's Posts it still shows Cicely post of 07:10 as the latest post. Surely if a post is edited the edited post should show up as the latest. Otherwise users may not notice the edit.
  21. 1. Cannot post in Private Forum. Have tried it in Private Browsing mode but this does not work either. 1. SOLVED. 2: It is necessary to wait 120 seconds between postings 3. It is necessary to clear cache and cookies in order to make the topic and post management tools available. Users cannot be expected to continuously clear cache and cookies 4. When you delete a post and include a reason for deletion...the message states that ..."This topic by xxxxxxx has been deleted by xxxxxx"......Note: It says Topic but should say Post 4: SOLVED 5. I replied to a post by user Max Martin in the "Send your feedback for Advanced SystemCare 8" Topic. I used the Quote function for my reply. Max Martins post was number #119 and was on page 8. My reply post including the quote was sent and appeared on the last page -page 10 - and is post number #148. However there is now a post number missing between post # 119 and #121. Page 8 ends with post #119 and page 9 begins with post #121.
  22. Please post only regarding functions that do not work or that work incorrectly. Do not post opinions or suggestions. This Topic/Thread is to enable Iobit/vBulletin to see at a glance the bugs in the new layout, and hopefully enable them to resolve the issues. You can post opinions and suggestions in Masterblaster's Topic The new IObit Forum layout
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