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  1. Cicely My apology. MBR was an error. It should have read MFT. I have corrected it in the post.
  2. Cicely I already posted this issue in the SD3 forum. See here. I cannot give screenshots as it did not happen on my machine. However, I did also remove SD3 from my XP machine as it did not show immovable files in the analysis map. I find SD2.9 to be more reliable and stable and will continue to use it for now.
  3. Cicely Smart Defrag 3 and Driver Booster need a lot of work in their present form. They are unreliable and buggy. Driver booster at present is the biggest cause of difficulties/issues on users machines. Smart defrag 3 does not show MFT and Hidden files when analysing W8 machine. I have had to tell some users to revert back to SD 2.9 which worked very well.
  4. Octavian Your question indicates that it is Eset which may cause system instability, as it is Eset which is identifying another security program on your system and wants it removed. There are many discussions on this and other forums relating to having more than one Antivirus program running on a pc, and the over-riding opinion is that you should only have one antivirus running on a machine in order to avoid conflict. In fact, you can only have one program running realtime protection as two programs running realtime protection can conflict with each other. ASC has compatibility mode which will prevent it running realtime protection if it detects another program running realtime protection. So, you should choose which program you want to be your main antivirus program and run that on automatic. You can use the other manually once in a while to double check for viruses which may not have been detected.
  5. The only way to decrease the power required to defrag, is to make the program more efficient, whch Iobit are continuously doing. You cannot have a user option to limit battery power when running a program. Also, having Defrag stop or suspend processes is not a good idea. Stopping processes is a dangerous thing to do and should only be done by user action...never by a program like defrag etc...
  6. It already has it. It is called Startup Manager and it is in the Toolbox.
  7. Once again, I have to state that I wish Iobit had never gone down the driver booster route. It is a very dubious area, and it would be safer for all to let users source their own driver updates. In the meantime, Driver Booster should not be loaded automatically and Iobit should implement a procedure whereby a user has to deliberately run Driverbooster, and many warnings should be issued during this process as to the danger of updating drivers. I recommend once again to all users, not to update drivers unless you have a driver related issue, and then go to the software manufacturers site and the pc manufacturers site to be sure that you are getting the corect driver, and be aware that even this may not guarantee success, as different hardware manufacturers ( such as graphics cards etc...) may have their own seperate driver updates. Finally, my condolences to CKCustom, for being let down by this product.
  8. Iobit is a third party software. There are hundreds of programs avalable to test your internet speed. If Iobit do everything that everybody thinks they should, then ther would be no need for any other programs....and then users would have no choice... Iobit are working with the programs that they consider most important,,,and they are trying to be the best at it...so be content with what they do and stop wanting everything that you imagine you want.
  9. Octavian Having read your lengthy suggestion regarding Economy Mode, I have come to the conclusion that if all these things were done that the pc would be useful only as a paper weight or maybe with a nice picture on the screen it could become an expensive decoration. I have no idea what you expect Iobit to actually do, other than send a technician to every users home, to adjust the settings every few minutes depending on the users mood. It is a pc...it is supposed to be enjoyed and to assist you in your everyday life...it is not supposed to take over your life.
  10. How about you write complete sentenses, and not expect us to decipher the point you are trying to make. It really is not that difficult to express your problem in a fashion that we can all underststand.
  11. Octavian It has Auto-renew option, which is much better than being tied to a long contract.
  12. CyberAlex1986 Thank you for your post. I am sure it will be appreciated by the forum members. I am sorry to hear of your misfortune, and appreciate you sharing it with us, as it is a strong reminder to users of what can happen if we are not vigilant.
  13. Hi CyberAlex1986 Welcome to the forum. We are glad to hear that you are so happy with your Iobit products. Do you know that you can now get ASC for Mac also. It is called MacBooster. Check it out in News & Offers. We look forward to hearing from you in the forum.
  14. Octavian I suggest that you make a list of all your suggestions and put them in one post. It would be easier for Iobit to follow them and for users to comment, rather than having a new post for every suggestion. I am sure it would be greatly appreciated by all.
  15. It has Win Fix and SysExplorer and Vulnerability Fix and Malware Protection and Antivirus and Surfing Protection...... I am at a loss as to what you are asking for, that is not there already???
  16. Orange The simple answer is No. No system will ever stop you from being paranoid. Only you can do that. Being paranoid regarding security may not be a bad thing, as it will encourage you to stay on top of your security needs. Just be careful not to let it become an obsession, which can affect your quality of life.
  17. In SmartRam settings you can select: "Automatically free ram while system is idle".
  18. Octavian What happens if you have a problem with the new driver and you need to do a rollback to the old driver. If you have cleaned all references for the old driver, you will not be able to rollback. I think this could be a bad idea.
  19. I hope that Iobit uses its time and talent to continue to improve the functionality of the program, and then when it is perfect, time can be spent on a new UI, which really should be bottom of the list of things to do.
  20. dev3 My apology. It seems you and Cicely had the same suggestion at the same time.
  21. dev3 That is exactly what Cicely said. It does not help to simply repeat what is said in a previous post.
  22. Thank you for the FREE download of Driver Booster. I'll try this software, and I would not that I pressured to complete the purchase with the screen suggests the purchase. Let me make my decision with peace of mind. It is very annoying that every so often the screen suggesting the purchase appears. This not so approve, despite the fact that the program can be very good. Also, please not I like that the display of the software that suggests the purchase of Advanced System Care Ultimate is appearing with daily and very often. This is very annoying, despite the fact that the software is extraordinary, if this persists so I no it tenaciously over your product among my friends, my clients, and my network of contacts in all social networks. Now I made the purchase of Advanced System Care PRO, in addition to SMART Defrag software a few days ago. Take consideration my opinion and suggestion to modify that annoying screen suggesting the purchase. There are other ways to sell more effective. Thanks for the attention to the present. Herlancef Welcome to the forum and thank you for your feedback. However, in future please post in English language as this is a requirement of the Forum. You can use Bing Translator. http://www.bing.com/translator Herlancef Bienvenido al foro y gracias por tus comentarios. Sin embargo, en el futuro, por favor publicar en lengua inglesa como este es un requisito del foro. Puede usar Bing Translator. http://www.bing.com/translator
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