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  1. slojanko Please check your settings for registry fix. If the Deep Clean is selected then unselect it, as it can cause this issue. Deep Clean is not necessary for normal cleaning.
  2. Octavian Please send a screenshot highlighting your issue.
  3. Ovtavian Please clarify what you mean, as I have no idea what point you are making.
  4. SpirituS Glad to hear it. I will highlight the issue with Iobit, to ensure they are aware of the problem. Check with the forum regularly to see when the issue has been fixed it beta3, then you can try it again if you wish.
  5. SpirituS I suggest that you uninstall sd V3 beta and install the latest version of SD V2. Again right click the drives and define them as HDD and SSD. Then try running it again. If it now works it will indicate a possible bug in beta 3, which iobit can then work on. I look forward to your feedback.
  6. SpirituS After defining the drives as HDD, I suggest you reboot your pc and then analyze again.
  7. Hi SpirituS Welcome to the forum. Did you try right clicking on each drive in Smart Defrag. This will allow you to define each drive as a HDD or a SSD. This should solve your issue. Please read this thread for more info.
  8. j_maybury Please see Post #12 in this thread, which will help you regarding attachments.
  9. RJK75 It is a worry to hear that Smart Defrag removed a restore point. This should not happen. Defragging should never remove a file. I think you should take this issue up with Iobit directly. You can do this by sending an email to support@iobit.com. You should make the email for the attention of Cicely, and you should reference this thread in your email. Octavian Just to clarify for you, that defragging does not remove data and or files. Defragging simply takes files that have been laid onto the disc in seperate pieces due to sector availability. Te defrag reallocates the space on the disc and joins fragmented files so that each file is contiguous (in one piece) on the disc.
  10. JKT Thank you for the feedback. Glad we were able to help.
  11. Cicely Thank you for solving the issue so quickly. However I am afraid that the change you have implemented is not corrrect. Users of Iobit products purchase a Licence, which allows them to use the features of the product. They do not make a subscription. A subscription is a different thing. It means the action of making or agreeing to make an advance payment in order to receive or participate in something or as a donation. This is normally applied to a fee paid by a member of a club/group...etc.. So I would suggest for both correctness and legality...that you should say... " Please enter your license code and click "Register Now" to activate your Licence."
  12. Cicely May I suggest the attached change as an easy way to solve the issue.
  13. Hi hinklej Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you allowed Internet booster in ASC7 to optimise your internet settings. This is not always a good thing unless you understand the setting up of the internet. My advice to you is to click on the Internet booster in the Toolbox and run the Restore feature which will allow you to undo any changes which have been made and should reinstall your original settings.
  14. Octavian Smart defrag already has these features.They are called... Defrag only Defrag and fast optimize Defrag and fully optimize. It also has Boot Defrag feature for normally unmovable files. There really is nothing more that can be done with defraging. No ordinary user should be defragging their disk on a daily basis, as it will reduce disk life unnecessarily and will achieve virtually no performance gain. Only users who are doing massive amounts of file creation requiring a huge amount of read/write cycles on a daily basis would need to consider daily defragging. ASC has all the disc error checking tools a user needs.
  15. Octavian Yes, there is a way of caring for your ssd. It is exactly the same way as you care for your hdd. Do not overclean it. Do not allow junk to build up. Do not allow the registry to become cluttered, but do not over clean it. With a ssd, dependent on your rate of usage, a registry clean once or twice a month is probably more than adequate. There is no need to continuously defrag a hdd, and little gain from doing so. You really only need to defrag when your fragment rate exceeds 5%. A ssd does not need defragging or optimising as it does not operate the same way as a hdd.
  16. Octavian What exactly do you suggest regarding special optimisation. Is there some secret method of doing this without defragging the ssd but still make the files contiguous, and is this special optimisation possible without an unnecessary increase in the amount of read/write cycles.
  17. Great care must be taken regarding ssd defragging and or optimisation. An ssd is not like a normal HD, in that an ssd has a finite number of read/write cycles, and the more you read/write the shorter the lifespan of the ssd. So defragging/optimisation would have a serious impact on the ssd lifespan.
  18. I fully agree with you....I cannot understand this licence requirement for Beta testing....there is something very wrong there.
  19. I do not have ASCU so I cannot answer regarding anti-rootkit. Hopefully some ASCU user will clarify this for you.
  20. The whole principle that Iobit programs employ is that they run in the background and only use available resources thereby not slowing down your system. If the user has a choice to to give ASC priority for resource availability, then that would defeat the object as ASC would them use resources which would not be available for other programs, thereby slowing down other programs. I can see that causing issues with users. Why exactly do you need the scan to be faster. You can start the scan and continue working on your computer and the scan will complete in its own time. It does not interfere with your work on the computer. You can always make a coffee or read a book.
  21. I am so glad to hear that the Iobit team had the good sense not to implement the PM suggestion. Absolutely no need for these gimmicks. As was previously stated.....it is safer to allow the main UI to open in order to ensure the user wishes to continue, and also as has been previously stated the individual can be pinned as a shortcut on the desktop and run instantly from there.
  22. Marthogel Welcome to the forum. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.
  23. Jon Duke Active Optimise looks at your usage profile. It then decides which Processes you do not normally use and disables them. As to whether it improves your computer efficiency....only you can decide that. ASC gives you the facilities, how you use them determines whether it improves efficiency or not.
  24. Dev3 This is the Driver Booster thread. The hardware acceleration features are in the ASC threads.
  25. cchilderhose Good to hear the issue is resolved. No, there is no bug in Deep Clean. It is more agressive and should only be used by those with strong understanding of the workings of the registry. When Deep Clean is used, the user must examine the list of registry items found in the scan, and repair those which are not required for the correct functioning of the system. We have recommended many times to Iobit that Deep Clean should not be a default setting, and that a better warning as to its use is required. Hopefully, when they see these posts they might implement the suggestions.
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