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  1. Jon Duke


    Active Optimise looks at your usage profile. It then decides which Processes you do not normally use and disables them. As to whether it improves your computer efficiency....only you can decide that. ASC gives you the facilities, how you use them determines whether it improves efficiency or not.

  2. cchilderhose


    Good to hear the issue is resolved. No, there is no bug in Deep Clean. It is more agressive and should only be used by those with strong understanding of the workings of the registry. When Deep Clean is used, the user must examine the list of registry items found in the scan, and repair those which are not required for the correct functioning of the system.

    We have recommended many times to Iobit that Deep Clean should not be a default setting, and that a better warning as to its use is required.

    Hopefully, when they see these posts they might implement the suggestions.

  3. I think I* have pro, I have paid for it and I had ASC6 Pro but the ASC7 does not say pro. The only way to tell if you paid for it at the home screen is instead of a upgrade yellow button there is a manage license link.


    Is there a way to add a PRO to the paid for version?




    That is a good suggestion. I have noticed other software which does the same thing and it is hard to tell whether you have the Pro version or notwhich is frustrating. It should state clearly that you have the Pro version.

  4. mahaffy


    Registry defrag and registry clean are completely different functions. Registry defrag isthe same as disk defrag except it makes the registry contiguous.

    Registry clean removes unnecessary and damaged registry entries.


    Boot defrag is performed when it is necessary to defrag items that cannot be moved when the system is running, such as system files, MFT, and registry structure.

  5. ASC, for example, doesn't scan for PUPs! It's normal that Malwarebytes have found infections! Even if you have antivirus product, Malwarebytes can find PUPs / like toolbars / and etc.! :)



    Also ASC's malware module is very basic so it's not made for strong protection.




    Yes, it is basic. It is not supposed to be a full malware protection. That is why Iobit released Malware Fighter, so that users could get full protection. ASC malware function was never intended to replace or equal a dedicated Malware Protection program.

  6. Hi Enoskype


    I am very confused as to how a licence is required for a Beta version. This question has been raised numerous times on the forum regarding ASC 7 Beta, and I have not seen an explanation/answer from Iobit on the issue.

    I cannot comprehend how there could be a cost to a user who is willing to risk a beta version in order to assist the developers in correcting bugs/issues.

  7. Hypnotic


    If you read the previous posts, you will find that this issue is explained. It is normal for the program to appear in the Taskbar, and it will only only appear their if you manually activate the program. Most pc users want this to happen as it makes program switching easier.

    So if you do not want it there, do not manually activate the program. ASC can still be set to load on system startup, and the ASC icon will appear in the system tray. The program can be launched from there.

  8. Cicely/Hypnotic


    It is normal for a program to apprear in the Taskbar when activated. It is designed to make it easier for users to switch between programs. ASC only appears in the taskbar when the main GUI is activated. Otherwise ASC icon appears in the system try. If Hypnotics issue is that there is no room in his Taskbar, then he should exit some programs as suggested.

    I do not believe that the vast majority of users would consider this particular item to be an issue which needs to be resolved.

  9. I have been following all the great feedback for ASC 7 Beta, and all the excellent suggestions from users. However, I am a bit concerned that there is a danger that the program is in danger of becoming bloated and following the unfortunate route of programs like Windows, Firefox etc...

    While it might seem great to have a single program that does everything, this cannot be achieved without a cost in speed and performance. Adding things like a Data Counter, while sounding nice, would in my opinion just be unnecessary bloat. If Iobit do decide to go down the route of adding gimmicks, then I hope they make them optional items, so that users who wish to keep ASC as a streamlined, fast and efficient program, will have the opton to do so. There are many small free programs available for Data Counting and Net Monitoring, and it really is not necessary fo ASC to carry all these little gimmicks which will bloat the program unnecessarily.

  10. The 'Pro' stickers are still there (in the Tool Box) even after purchasing ASC 7 Beta 3...minor point,but they should be removed after purchasing. ;-)






    Please forgive me if I am missing something....but I cannot understand why it would be necessary to pay for any Beta program. If this is the case with |ASC 7 Beta xx.....then there is something seriously wrong. Beta is where developers get free feedback in order to improve their program....and as such should never even contemplate making users pay for the privilege of corrrecting their (the programmers) mistakes.

    I sincerely hope that Iobit will address this issue.

  11. BIG BUG!


    The default setting for the Registry Scanner is "Deep Clean"....

    Does IObit intend to melt a lot of computers? :mrgreen:

    Please,do NOT have this as the default setting! Make sure the 'Deep Clean' option is unticked!


    ....come on now,please leave the 'deep scan results' to the people who know what they are doing! ;-)





    I agree with you completely. The Deep Clean should NOT be the default. It is too agressive for the majority of users. This has been raised many times on the forum, and I hope that Iobit will now act on it.

  12. Leeman


    I do not use driver boosters. I only update drivers if requested to do so or if I have an issue that requires a driver update to resolve it. Otherwise, I let my machine purr merrily along and am not tempted to change things simply because it is now possibile to do so.

    Drivers are a minefield, and my opinion is the less interference the better.

    As for a risk indicator... I imagine that would be a big ask, as driver updates are user choice, and the risk levels would be different for different systems and OS's. However, Cicely, who is the Iobit liaison for the forum, will see these post and will pass the sugestions on to the programmers.

  13. Ken Fougère


    There appears to be quite a few issue in relationship to Audio Drivers. You should try the driver rollback which should reinstall the previous driver. If that does not work you could try a system restore to a time before you updated the driver.


    I think that Iobit will have to do some more work regarding the audio drivers, as I believe that with audsio drivers it is not enough to simply update based on there being a newer driver available. With audio drivers, the hardware has to be considered because a newer version of the audio driver may not be compatible with the existing hardware...particularly with Invidia and also Realtek.


    I hope that Iobit will note these possibilities. If you are not successful, you can contact Iobit directly by email at support@iobit.com

    Explain your issue and reference this thread/post in your email.

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