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  1. There is no entry in the language file to translate the following captions. Please see attachments: Also, in IS360 'Overview', it now says Avira is outdated, which it is not. edit: Security Center is disabled, that's why
  2. IObit Security 360 Betriebssystem:Windows Vista Version: Definitionsversion:1109 Zeit:8/8/2009 5:06:30 PM |Name|Typ|Beschreibung|ID| Trojan.Drop, File, D:\_Disk A\_Misc\DeadLink v3.3.exe, 12-1573 Trojan.Drop, File, D:\_Disk A\Media\Audio-Tools\Audio Record Wizard v5.0.5.exe, 12-1573 -- DeadLink v3.3.exe is a WinRAR SFX archive i created - the extracted files itself are not being detected VirusTotal 0/41 For comparison, the original setup executable is not being detected: VirusTotal 0/41 Audio Record Wizard v5.0.5.exe - regular setup executable VirusTotal 0/39
  3. I am not using FireFox at all and have that problem... Opera 10_beta2 and IE8 is on my machine.
  4. That could be because Windows Security Center is disabled. At least it's the cause for mine to show it's "off". Also, it shows I am using Windows Firewall when it is disabled (only using hardware firewall).
  5. Win32.exe is definately not a Windows system file. Check it with http://www.virustotal.com and see what result it comes up with.
  6. Umm, the Security Center on my machine (Vista SP2) is disabled and it still detects the AV correctly. I solely use a hardware firewall, but yet it shows the Windows Firewall (which is disabled also) as my firewall of choice. Also, 360 does not detect these two disabled services as a security problem in its scan (not sure if it's supposed to, anyways).
  7. Hijack Scan bug? Not sure if it was the case in a previous version, but I cannot remove an entry in the "Downloaded Files" section of Hijack Scan of beta 2.2. http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h275/danburrito/IObit/HijackScan_DL-File.png
  8. That right there might be your problem. Using two antivirus programs at the same time usually creates problems as they counteract each other. Try uninstalling one.
  9. If it's services.exe, located in %systemroot%\system32, the file is legit. If it is service.exe it's possibly a virus.
  10. F'up: Now it is showing a date and time like it should, but doesn't reflect the latest update from today (07-22-09). Hrmm...
  11. Last Update shown in main screen The pop up information of the tray icon shows the last update was on 7-21-09, however in the main screen of 360 it shows the last update was 2 days ago. Correct is: 07-21-09. The last scan was done 2 days ago, so maybe it's just a matter of getting the right value... screenshot attached...
  12. Seems to be fixed with definitions version 1074. Thanks, guys.
  13. HijackThis FP IObit Security 360 OS:Windows Vista Version: Define Version:1073 Time:7/20/2009 5:40:32 PM |Name|Type|Description|ID| Adware.Cax, File, D:\_Disk A\Virus, Spyware & Security\HijackThis v2.0.2.exe, 9-57678
  14. Dog From the program itself: DOG (Digital Original Gene) is a novel heuristic malware detection algorithm, by evaluating key attributes relating to software making, distribution and advertising. Various factors are considered before determining that a program is malicious, such as if the program is published by a notorious vendor. The main use of DOG is to enhance detection of zero day threats.
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