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  1. Drivers Update now a separate option? Thanks Solbjerg: I went to download.com to see what the story is with the new download of ASC 3.2 PRO. Among other options, it takes you to a screen if you want the PRO for free where you jump through a lot of hoops to get PRO for free and then it has the driver update utility now as a separate download for free trial pay. Is there anyway the older version is still available to go back, since I could care less about having a games option? The drivers update was alot more helpful and more up to date than alot of other driver versions that are out there. Like you said, if I find the driver.ini file and insert into the newer version file it still won't show up, so they must have done something to make it non functional in the newer version. Thanks, Susan Rose :???:
  2. Lost my driver update software It appears as if my software for the drivers update is no longer attached to my ASC module. It was there on 3/23 then when I went back to use it again the next day, it was no longer an option for me to choose. I remember it being there the night before and doing a scan and defrag and then then it was gone the next day. Can you help me with this? Thanks, Susan Rose
  3. Newest version of HiJackThis :neutral:When I submitted my log to the HijackThis forum, it told me that there is a newer version, 2.02 I downloaded this and use that also. Can you update the HJT program to the newest version? For the most part, I think this is a great product. Thanks.
  4. Clearer picture :sad:Sojberg: I do not have a sight impairment. Are you being sarcatsic? No, there are no other programs running either. I do the scan a second time and it shows 3 of the 4, or 4 of the 5 as still having problems. Let me explain more clearly: I run the scan, it shows problems in sometimes all of the areas scanned, sometimes problems in only say 4 of the 5 or 3 of the 4. I click repair, and it says "problem fixed" in all of the areas that previously showed that there were problems. Why would it say "Problems Fixed" if when I run a scan a second time, there are the same problems plus some more that it failed to show the first time (and yes, I checked the logs)?Why would closing the program change this problem? I looked at the logs, the things it says were problems the first time around and then said "problem fixed", are still there when I do a manual search! Some of these things won't allow me to delete them, in that case I would expect the program to say "Problems unable to be fixed, see comment" or something to that effect. Why should it pick those things needing to be cleaned if they aren't necessary. I think this is a problem with the program. Did I make/state my problem clearer this time so that you can understand? I think if it says "Problems Fixed" and then I run a scan immediately after that, those problems should not show up nor any new ones. I have the registered version, also! :?: Thanks for your reponse in advance.
  5. Advanced System Care Pro 3 - not doing it's job! This is my problem with this system. After you do any of the suggested scans, Maintain System, Diagnose Utilities, or any of the system tools, it will run a scan and give you the problems. At this point, it is up to you to click on the things that you want to update, delete, change, etc, and then select repair. It runs down each one and says "Problem Fixed". Now, when I immediately run the scan again, the same problems present. It didn't actually fix anything! Can you explain this to me? You would think if it runs down the list of things that was found in error and you comply with their expectations of checking off the things you want fixed or changed, that it would do it for you automatically. Not so! Although this is a very useful tool in that it has a lot of helpful information to give you and where to find it, I still find that it is up to me to make sure that I go in and manually fix those problems that it found. Not only that, but I had just downloaded AVG8 free trial which is the full program for 30 days. It actually asked me to delete those registry keys and I found that I had to re-download it all over again. Does anyone have this problem or has anyone discovered this problem with their program? Try it and see what I am talking about. The very things it finds as problems and you check "repair" and it runs down the list and says "Problem Fixed", then run the scan again and see what happens.
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