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  1. Another thought... SD4 should have the ability to defrag ANY file/block via right click menu.Very simple but absolutely useful in some situations. The best Free Defragger right now is Defragler by Periform according to some reviews I have read and it DOES have the ability to scan/defrag individual files....:idea: -Cowboy
  2. @Cicely Cicely, It is MUCH better to "opt in" to extra's upon install of any software rather than opt out! I see quite a few excellent companies doing that,and it is MUCH appreciated! ;) -Cowboy
  3. Just hadda post this beauty!! Now for the Million Ruble query! How did you do it??....from the beginning onward? For us newbies here like me! :mrgreen: Where did you get the original software? Thanks in Advance! -Cowboy
  4. Go for it! It will work just fine,with no performance decrease.I assume by 'Internet Security Solution' you mean an anti-virus software?Check my profile to see what I did. :grin: -Cowboy
  5. Well.... Seems like IObit has taken some backward steps....I haven't the foggiest idea why. :-? -Cowboy
  6. Yes.. eviscerator,I have the same concern.ASCU7 is NOT self contained and since I have a wireless connection,items in the toolbox CANNOT make a connection.Could IObit PLEASE make ASCU7 self contained?? :cry: -Cowboy
  7. Hey there! Welcome to the Forum tomgeskens! :-) ....You might try IObit's Game Booster.But to help you more,please fill out your profile so all members here can help you better.Also,please give the units of whatever number and explain just a little more! :wink: Looking forward to your participation! :grin: -Cowboy
  8. @Hi CyberAlex1986! Like Scannan,I too am sorry for your misfortunes (I specialize in Security,look at my Profile). ....Really glad to have you back as a very loyal IObit fan.Doesn't IObit simply have the most marvelous software??!! :lol: -Cowboy
  9. @Cicely! Cicely luv, Can you give us an update on the status of Smart Defrag 3? I am pretty excited about it all coming together! :-) Kind regards Cowboy
  10. Maybe... Hi Mike! Welcome to the Forum.I made a SEPARATE folder under Program files/x86/IObit called 'Beta' where I run some Betas....maybe this would help you! :-) It works wonderfully well for me! Cheers and kind regards, Cowboy
  11. Screenshots... I have three shots right after a First Boot Defrag I do.The first is the initial look,the second is 'Defragged' (though not completely) and the third is the end result report.The fragmentation level is real low but it does show that the Defrag is not 100%...which IObit needs to be in the top tier of Defraggers.Please think about leaving a few of the first data blocks for temporary files...like browsing,cache and downloads.I hope you can magnify them.I did 75% of full size. Kind regards, Cowboy
  12. It Finishes... Cicely, The Defrag FINISHES incompletely,it does NOT close! -Cowboy
  13. Here it is.... Sent the 'SD' file I hope... -Cowboy
  14. Another... I would like to see the first 7-10 data blocks 'free' for temporary stuff like fast browsing and downloads....kind of like Auslogics Defrag.... Maybe? -Cowboy
  15. Sometimes... Cicely, When you ask Beta 2 to defrag,somestimes it gets CLOSE but leaves maybe 0.2 or 0.3% left fragments?? ...wonder what that is about? Kind regards and Happy New Year! :grin: -Cowboy
  16. ummmm...let me explain! I left out some stuff.... I set up a new Profile on my comp with only 83 gigs of data three days ago. ....Pehaps I caused Defrag 3 Beta to do some backflips! :mrgreen: (Aulogics handled it excellently) Happy Holidays one and all!! :lol: -Cowboy
  17. @dev You can set the fragmentation rate and type of defrag you want to stay under in the settings mate.When you are away from the comp for say 5 min (another setting) all will be cherry. :grin: -Cowboy
  18. @Cicely! I did another test,Auslogics Free and Defrag Beta one fully optimized.... Auslogics finished with 0.0% fragmentation and Defrag Beta finished with 4.8% fragmentation. Defrag Beta took only 45 seconds,left gaps in the drive everywhere... ....did not leave 7-10 'empty' data blocks at the beginning of the drive for casual browsing and downloading etc. ...could not arrange data blocks continuously at the front of the drive. ...(sigh) I'm putting Defrag 2 Pro back on until a good version of Defrag 3 Final is out.I tried my best,I really did. :cry: -Cowboy
  19. Same Old? GUI looks nice.It does NOT do as good as a job as my Defrag 2 Pro. ...it does NOT leave space at the beggining of the Disk for Temp files (browsing etc.) ...it leaves data files on the Disk separate from the beggining of the disk. ...there are NO 'immovable files'. ...the developers REALLY need to download Auslogic's Pro Disk Defrag and look at the good before REALLY focusing on the IObit Defragger! :wink: Kind regards and happy holidays to all! :grin: -Cowboy ###After Defragging and fully optimizing,it does perform well except for leaving 'open' data blocks at the beggining of the Disk. ...my profound apologies for my initial rash judgement. IObit Defragger IS headed in the right direction!! :lol:
  20. Ah So! Thanks a bunch eno...For me I will 'untick' Check Disk during general scans (daily) and run Disk Doctor when I will be away from the comp awhile. :grin: -Cowboy
  21. dev, check disk is done fast in during boot and goes right in to Windows very fast. -Cowboy :-)
  22. Idea Y'know, the more I think about it the more I am convinced that the 'Check Disk' for Errors should be removed from the general scan and put in the Toolbox as a 'Check Disk' ie.Run ckdsk.exe. It would shorten the time of the General scan considerably. Cowboy
  23. Ram I run Windows 7 64bit Belos,some of my stuff is is my profile if you look.I still need to update some stuff though. Oh,and I multi-task a lot.Don't you worry about my Ram,it is well used,you can't have enough! :grin: -Cowboy
  24. @dev3! Maybe so dev,but I have 12Gigs of Ram plus Readyboost running on a thumb drive (16Gigs) that windows uses all but 100 Megs (per Windows request). You are still probably right about running programs, but I need to think about some things...I roam the Mideast,especially Iran and Syria (a lot since Assad gasses his own people). I appreciate your advice,maybe I will look at disabling some services as well. :idea: -Cowboy
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