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  1. Thank you to Adrian above but I need what's in my startup group. Clearing the startup will make almost any PC faster at starting and if some of those programs remain open after starting it will tend to make the PC faster because you have removed them. However my PC is running fine, it's just Malware Fighter that seems to stop working from time to time. Cicely, I think what I'll do is wait for version 8 of Malware Fighter to come out of Beta before trying that. Hopefully, that might solve the problem, but if not then I will re-visit the issue as instructed. Thank you.
  2. When MF v7.6 auto starts a scan the window takes some time to open properly. In the meantime, if I try to point at the minimise icon that opens on the task bar, I see that the pop open window is just grey as if the program has not started correctly or is temporarily stalled. Worse still I've found MF to be increasingly unstable. The program quite frequently reports that MF has closed during the final part of a scan. This not only halts the scan but leaves the PC unprotected unless I manually restart MF as the icon in the system tray has closed? If this is happening more widely then some users may be unaware that they are unprotected.
  3. I've long been a faithful user of Iobit software, but in recent months I've found Malware Fighter in particular to be a little less stable. I tend to scan regularly, but every now and then I get a message saying Malware Fighter has stopped working and I have to manually restart the program or forgo it's protection. This certainly doesn't happen every time although it does happen perhaps once or twice a week. Is anybody else also experiencing this? (It started before v7 was released.)
  4. Iobit appears to have fixed the Performance Monitor in ASCU v12. The Performance Monitor now stays maximised or minimised depending on how the user sets and leaves it, even if the PC is switched off and back on again later. In v11 the Performance Monitor kept defaulting to minimise which is rather annoying given it is there for the user to monitor the PC. Well done!
  5. Tried Wikisend as suggested and it gave two links, not sure what the difference is? Download link: http://wikisend.com/download/387462/IObit_Debug_Info.zip Forum link: IObit_Debug_Info.zip
  6. I tried to attach the requested report file but the file is 4.30Mb and this message board won't let me attach a file over 4Mb.
  7. The new ASCU v12 leaves loads of privacy tracks uncleaned! I ran the ASCU's Clean and Optimise then immediately straight after ran Glary Utilities Pro to double check if anything had been missed by ASCU. I was shocked to find the following - see attachment.
  8. Yes - I was referring to the CPU/GPU/Mainboard temperatures in the Performance Monitor. I fully appreciate that some users may not wish to see this specific info but that of course can be said of any of the info, in any application. Even if that were a valid reason to hide that info, it's no reason to hide the reveal switch itself, is it?
  9. I like the Performance Monitor in ASC Ultimate 10 particularly as when it is fully expanded it shows things like the PC hardware temperatures. However I do wonder whether some users even realise they can expand the Performance Monitor's user interface? There is a tiny symbol (looks like a double down arrowhead symbol) on the monitor's interface window which when clicked on switches from the expanded view to the fully expanded view of the Performance Monitor. You are then able to see the hardware temperatures. Bizarrely though, the interface has been designed so that the aforementioned arrowhead symbol is in fact invisible! The only way to see it, is to place your mouse cursor over it, but nobody seems to have thought how or why would any user hunt around on screen for something they don't know is there to begin with??? Rather odd user interface design!
  10. I had a fully licensed copy of ASC Ultimate 9 up until today 30/12/16. I clicked check for updates and it said no update available you have the latest version already installed (or words to that effect). However I noticed Malware Fighter was advertising ASC Ultimate 10 is available and not just in beta version, so I followed that link and sure enough version 10 is available. I thought it was rather poor that Iobit had released the upgraded version to new customers before respecting existing customers, let alone the fact that existing customers were actually being told wrong information.
  11. What worries me is if I have occasion to uninstall IMF3, what happens to the quarantined files it's previously found? Are they released back into your system or does IMF3 specifically give the user the option to delete the quarantined items as part of the uninstall process?
  12. IMF3 seems to be an excellent program but having already bought ASCU8, I do feel IMF3 should be the anti malware program in ASCU8. At present, one buys ASCU because it's called 'Ultimate' but clearly iobit knows ASCU8 currently has an inferior anti malware module.
  13. ASC Ultimate Does anyone know if ASC Ultimate is being tested against Windows 8? Also in creating such a great suite of tools in one package, is Iobit missing out in not porting this to cover Android too??? Users could then use the same brand of solution on their tablet PCs/phones too.
  14. Do we need a separate Malware Fighter??? I appreciate the response, although it does rather confirm the concern people have raised. The user expects any malware or anti-virus tool for that matter, to be fully up to date i.e. for it to do what it does. Users don't expect to have to require to delve into a comparison of the carefully worded 'content and scope' of separate versions. At the end of the day the users trust Iobit and buy their product because they want to avoid hassle with malware and viruses. To be fair, this is the exact goodwill that Iobit trades on. If it were not so then Iobit would happily state across the front of their utilities, this utility may be days out of date and it's scope won't stop A, B or C in any case - but we will sell you a separate license to cover those. :shock: I think where all this is going, is that users want a single well integrated utility for which they buy one license and it does the job. This is what all of the big name anti-virus firms have done. If a user specifically does NOT need all the features (i.e. tuning, anti-virus, anti-malware etc.) included then they should be able to switch those 'off' or better still not install them in the first place. That way the product can be really comprehensive, without the need for it to become unduly bloated. The user can install and leave it to do the job they bought it for.
  15. Is Malware Fighter engine included??? Iobit could do with being clearer. At present they have Advanced SystemCare (which apparently cleans malware itself) yet they still try to sell you Malware Fighter as a separate license. Now they are adding ASC with Anti-Virus and still no clarity as to why we need a separate Malware Fighter. This is all getting rather bitty, may be that why they're called iobit? Which bits and in and which bits are out or are you supposed to guess??? :oops::oops::oops:
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