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  1. Cicely, I got my SSD deposit about 3:30AM and did my bills then paid for my yearly renewal and the bill was correct this time at $14.99. Thank you. I only less then $10 left but all my bills are paid and I have food. So the $10 is for prescriptions I have to have filled this month. I should be OK. Kind of close but not the first time to be this close. I appreciate getting the renewal to $14.99, it really helped. I would never have been able to do it otherwise. Take care and I'll talk to you next year If I'm still living then. Take care and have good day!
  2. Cicely, I did as you suggested and emailed tickets@iobit.com . In fact i have emailed them twice now. In about 9 hours my subscription will expire. In about 12 hours i will get my monthly check (direct deposit actually) from SSD. I do and pay all my monthly bills at that time like I do every month. If they contact me allowing me to renew at the $14.99 offer I will be able to do it at that time. I am aware of my privacy rights as i am a retired network engineer so anything I post here I am comfortable with being here. If I was not, i would not post it. I have reached out to you for help before and this is the first time you have told me to email someone else. I have now gotten 2 emails wanting $29.99 to renew now. I cannot afford that. I hope to hear from you (or this other dept) soon. Thank you.
  3. Hi Cicely, Its that time of year again. I just got the email to renew at 3 PC's for $14.99. But they want it before the 3rd of the month. Problem is my renewal date use be months from now. It has creeped farther and farther back. I can't renew before the 3rd because that is the day I get paid by Social Security Disablity. I can pay then but now before. I have 6 cents in my bank account right now. Not joking. So if there is a problem when I try to use the email on the 3rd of Next month (October) I will drop another post here. I am trying to stay ahead of a problem rather than wait till the last minute. Thanks Cicely. Danny Grimes
  4. Thank you Scannan. I've always done my best to be honest.
  5. I want to officially report what has happened. I do not want anybody to think I am trying to rip anyone off. I did everything they said to do exactly like they said. I paid for my renewal today. They sent me a link to activate it. I called and they activated on my machine by taking control and they activated it. I then went to IOBIT site and requested to transfer the renewal from my oldest computer of the 4. I got the link they sent and used it. I then uninstalled Advanced SystemCare Pro from my oldest computer. I activated it on the other 2 machines I did want to use full version on. I then went to the IOBIT website and download Advanced SystemCare 10 free, not PRO. I installed it on the 4th oldest machine. When it got done installing i checked the license on that machine because the header on the program said it was PRO, not free. And sure enough it said it was activated for another year. I now have all 4 machines activated, and I only paid for renewal of 3. I did nothing wrong. I did everything they said to do. I let their guy activate the mahcine. I uninstalled on the 4th machine using the IOBIT Uninstaller even. And i still ended up with all 4 activated. I just want them and people here to know I did not make this happen. I hope they understand. If they want me to change something I will.
  6. Well I have to renew just the 3 I guess. The one will have to stay on free. I haven't heard anything back from Cicely. :(
  7. I think from looking at post, she may have already left when I posted yesterday and I think she might be off today. Maybe even Monday. Not sure. I hope not I am suppose to renew Tuesday. Sigh, I really hope she can help me or send me to the right person who can. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. I posted this in the forums. I posted on Cicely's message page and sent her a private PM already. No response yet. Still waiting. Maybe she's just been busy. Thanks for the reply though. :)
  9. Hi Cicely, Sorry to bother you but don't really know who else to talk to and you've always helped me in the past. My yearly renewal comes up the 3rd of October. The same day I get my Disablity check. My renewal is $14.95 for 3 machines. I have 4 now. 2 are old machines that a friend give me. I live month to month on disabiltiy. I am in stage 4 COPD now and the A/C in my car went out this summer. One week later my heater core went out. I started to save money to fix the heater core. No money for the A/C ever. Then the next month the car died and I had to have the motor repaired. Back to scratch again for heater core. And cold weather is coming soon to Indiana. I am still going to take money from what I would save to renew because my computers and tv are all I can do now my health is so bad. Is there anything you can do to help get a deal for all 4. I think its important. If you can, how much? Thank you for your help. I know this is not your job but I just don't know who else to turn to. Thank you so much Cicely, I appreciate anything you can do. Take care. Nov8tr/ Danny Grimes
  10. Just wanted to clairify that while THIS TIME it was showing the Defrag Updater crash. But it is normally the Program Updater, sometime is the Uninstaller Updater, or others. Didn't want you to think it is only the Defrag Updater that crashes. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. Nov8tr
  11. Cicely, OK I just got up. It gave me the crash notice and I made a print screen of it. And i ran the test yesterday . I am attaching both for you. Thanks and take care. Here is the download link for the info helper tool. http://wikisend.com/download/600094/IObit_Debug_Info.zip Here is a link for a picture of the crash screen shot I hosted for you. Could not get you forum pic uploader to work and I tried for some time. So I just hosted it. Thanks. http://imgur.com/2BkImEO Nov8tr
  12. Thanks for the reply Cicely. Happy 2017 and nice to see you again. No I'm sorry, my fault for not explaining better. It does not crash the computer. No BSOD. When I first start the computer for the first time after waking up, I get a small notice box in the middle of the screen tell me the program updater or one of the other 3 updaters has crashed and will be closed. The programs themselves continue to operate as well as the OS. But as the crash is saying the updater for those IObit programs is then not functioning. I am ASSUMING it is therefore not getting any new updates that IObit may be putting out. I went ahead and downloaded the tool and tried to run it. It comes back saying there are no dump files to collect. Sorry if I created confusion. thanks for the help and take care!
  13. Advanced systemcare 10 program updater crashes every time I start Windows up when I get up. Sometimes Uninstaller updater will crash, sometimes Driver Booster updater will crash, and sometimes the Smart Defrag updater will crash. Not all the time like the program updater but sometimes. I've checked the system event logs and they are indeed crashing. It just started doing this a few weeks ago. Not sure but I think it was around Microsoft last big update for Windows 10. I've tried uninstalling the programs. Doing a powerful scan to remove all parts, then reinstalling them. Still doing it. Has anyone else reported this? Thanks.
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