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  1. Hi, I´m trying AMC (free trial 10 days) and I would like to know why I can´t see the antivirus database detail such as it appears in the user manual (https://www.iobit.com/product-manuals/amc-help/#Antivirus). Here at the end, we have the item "Check for database updates" but im my case with the last AMC version 5.12.1 that option doesn´t appear; it appears only "Fast Scan" and "Deep Scan". So, how does AMC manage the last virus definitions (via syncronizing every time I run the antiviurs?) and how can I check if when I run a antivirus scanner the virus database is the last? My other question is how can I check if the "Install Protection" function works fine because I installed an application from Google Play but I couldn´t see any pop window or something like that from AMC that indicates the application is safe or not. Thanks!
  2. Hello Cicely, thank you for your comment. I followed your steps in point 1 but the issue persists. Whit respect to point 2, I have the Browser Antitracker disable. Anyway, I checked the respective items and I didn´t install the Edge extensión: Without changes in the cookie Ignore list panel.
  3. Clarification/Update: In Settings / Ignore list / Browser Cookies / 'Cookies to Delete' there are very few cookies aparently because ASC isn´t detecting cookies from Microsoft Edge which is the only browser that I have (I compared it with CCleaner and this does detects a very large cookie list). I tried this ASC 13 in another computer with the Chrome browser and efectively the cookie list in the ´Cookies to Delete´ is very extensive. So, maybe ASC 13 isn´t working properly to detect and delete cookies from Microsoft Edge.
  4. Hi, Another thing that I found as an inconvenient is that the user can´t add or delete cookies in Settings / Ignore list / Browser Cookies / 'Cookies to Delete' or 'Cookies to Keep'. And I saw that the field 'Cookies to Delete' isn´t showing all the real cookies that are in all the browsers of the computer (of all user accounts); it seems to be they are some predefined cookies but not all the current cookies in the computer. I consider that the cookie edition in this cookie Ignore List is a key point to control the keep or deleting of cookies in the computer during the cleaning work of ASC.
  5. Hello, I found this ASC beta 13 containing a new improvement: supports cleaning data for all user accounts. I´m very interested in this kind of feature in softwares for cleaning so I downloaded it and I´m trying it. I´d like to say that it is a very very interesting cleaner and it has numerous advanced settings. However, I found some things that I´d like to share and I guess they could be improved: Disk Cleaner (Toolbox): In "Configure Settings" only Directories of the current user appear to be excluded. It should be present the directories of the rest of user accounts (I thought that the feature of support for cleaning data for all user acounts was for all tools and features of ASC). Shortcut Fixer (Toolbox): Here we can´t exclude found items from the list after the scanning.It should there a way to exclude and ignore items. Shortcut Fix (main UI) does permit to ignore an item. And it would be useful to know why both tools find very different number of ítems; Shortcut Fix (main UI) finds much less items. Regards
  6. Hi, It would be great a SD4 with more development in the VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) algorithms for preventing the deleting of restore points, as Auslogics Disk Defrag, Diskeeper and Perfectdisk do it. SD3 eliminates the restore points, for example using Prioritize mode. Thanks.
  7. I tried the stable version and the issue persist, this is when using "Defrag and Prioritize Files" mode, all restore point dissappear. I observed it in the second Defrag and Prioritize defragmentation after installed the program, too. Therefore it seem to be that it does not have a VSS compatible algoritm to prevent that. It would be good if next versions can contain that feature. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  8. Hi I will wait the release of the stable version to try it. But until now the program seem to be not designed to work in full compatibility with restore points. It should be good a VSS compatible mode option in Setting then the user can select it or not.
  9. VSS compatibility Hi, What about a VSS compatibility option to avoid the loss of restoration points in Win 7? For example Auslogic Disk Defrag, Diskeeper and PerfectDisk have an algoritm to defragment in VSS compatible mode. With Smart Degfrag 3, using Prioritize option, all my restoration point dissappeared. thanks for commenting
  10. Icon in the task bar Hi, It would be great to solve the problem of the icon in the task bar. Its presence depends on the type of energy feeding the laptop. The behaviour is the following: The icon disappears when disconnect the current only after power on the laptop when the SD icon is present in the task bar. After that, If I open SD from the desktop icon and after unplug the current, the icon remains in the task bar. This was checked in more than one system and the results were identical. Note that there are two situations: one of them does not affect the icon. This issue is posted in http://forums.iobit.com/showthread.php?t=14001 without resolution and without support response. For people that works with your laptops plugging and unpluggin it of current, the issue is an inconvenient. I hope to hear comments. Tank you very much.
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