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  1. MSE was not running any scans, I was doing my just before bed clean-up, I never initiate shutting down (bedtime) while scans are in progress. I couldn't click the bug report button, the program was completely locked up, so I guess that would be impossible. I had to use task manager to kill ASC completely then restart it, nothing was clickable. I probably do have FF remnants, which is why I removed it, I hate bloatware, and it seems FF is almost as bad as AVG these days for loading your system down with pointless bloat and hidden scat. Ha! I turned off windows Search (resource hog that it is), so I can't do that. Ah, probably, that is what happened, I have it set to auto-update, so it must have just done that "for me". Which is fine, I suppose. I will do a clean install if any further issues arise.
  2. I waited about... hummm... 45 seconds to possibly 2 minutes, I actually went to pee, and came back in the room to see the screen with that on it. So, not long. Running other applications, yes, but none that have not run beside it all along. Microsoft Security Essentials, Pidgin, Alienware Controls, Winamp agent, DisplayFusion. I don't run the non-beta version, I did run ASC5 before this, but I uninstalled it when I purchased this product. The beta version has been installed for months, I can't keep track, honestly, long enough that it feels cozy and comfortable. I did have firefox on this machine, I uninstalled it, about 2 months ago. Where does it save the bug reports, perhaps I can salvage it out of logs? Looks closer.. hey, this doesn't say BETA anymore. Weird, did it automatically update itself out of BETA mode? I swear, I did not leave BETA intentionally. I have absolutely *NO IDEA* when this occurred, nor do I have any clue how many times I have run it out of BETA, since I thought I was still ON BETA.
  3. HA! My life is great here, my doctors, therapists, and other tedious real life obligations are now something I coordinate using the time on my phone, which tells me the surrounding regional human's ideas of the point in the day, instead of my computer's time, which isn't so apt to suggestion! ;P This is what happens when you take someone like myself who has no sense of time, or even belief in time/space, nor gives any credit to the concepts of measurement. I can set my computer's time to anything, and it makes no difference to me. I'm not even going to bother trying to learn time zone math stuffs and their exceptions and relations, silly humans needing to label and measure things! ;D Sorry it took me so long to respond, I have been sick. Time travel sickness, maybe? :mrgreen:
  4. Error today Bizarre error with program lock-up today. Seems stuck on Analyzing Firefox Cookie Problems, which is specifically weirder since I don't even have firefox installed on this machine. Screen shot attached. Could not continue, restart, or close. Had to open task manager, and kill it in the processes. Simply restarted ASC, and then ran the tool, and it worked fine the second time. This is the first error ASC has ever given me.
  5. I'm fairly sure she meant Advanced Systemcare with Antivirus 2013 (which does exist), not Advanced Systemcare 13 (which does not exist, yet). It is a bit confusing.
  6. It was my system, not this program. My logs (which this utility pulled its info from) are on UTC, my taskbar was on Eastern. Now I'm living in UTC system-wide, and except for real life, everything is working out beautifully. I now can see relatively, when I messed something up. Much more useful to know if it was that thing I did 20 minutes ago that messed up my computer, than to know what time my culture thinks I should eat lunch at.
  7. logs time problem Using the IObit SysExplorer (as part of the ASC Ultimate BETA), I am having a problem with the times listed for error logs, I just did a scan using the tool, at the top of the tool it shows Date: 2012/10/31 13:40:09. (This is correct) At the bottom, it shows errors, with the most recent one being: 1201 - Time : 10/31/2012 5:03:27 PM 1202 - Source : Application Error 1203 - Description : Faulting application name: Explorer.EXE, version: 6.1.7601.17567, time stamp: 0x4d6727a7 Faulting module name: msxml3.dll, version: 8.110.7601.17857, time stamp: 0x4fcee2f0 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00040348 Faulting process id: 0x92c Faulting application start time: 0x01cdb7448e3b5cf4 Well, seeing as how it's only 1:45PM now... this is a problem. is there a way to set the time zone so that this is accurate?
  8. leftovers of ASC5 in Program Files BETA FEEDBACK: The install of ASC Ultimate BETA did NOT delete the ASC5 folder in Program Files. You should fix that so the install of the newer program removes all of older versions of the program. :) I am also running Microsoft Security Essentials, no conflict what-so-ever, even with ASC Ultimate BETA turned up to highest setting (protect level HIGH). I have scanned with both antivirus programs, neither caught the other falsely, and they seem to really enjoy one-another's company! ;D I'm feeling pretty good about this purchase. It even let me enter my ASC5 Pro license to get the new BETA Ultimate for half price, super-cool! I'm LOVING the user interface, the black and blue... FANTASTIC! Thank you ASC for finally understanding that MOST of us geeks stare at our monitors for 20 hours straight and white burns our retinas! I have no complaints.... other than: The banner advertisement. It should not exist on PAID versions. I paid for my license fair and square, and that should exclude me from marketing schemes. Please reconsider spamming your PAYING CUSTOMERS. :(
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