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  1. Boogers For several months, I've been aware that updating the sound driver on my Acer disables the Dolby, since that platform doesn't recognize the new driver. i believe I mentioned this before. I also mentioned that, for that reason, I considered an automatic update could well be a disadvantage, and that I'd prefer to be in control of any updating operation. Imagine my surprise to find that -- although I carefully avoided updating the sound driver, my Dolbe is not functioning.I can only suspect that your program has updated my sound driver without even asking permission; I'm not real pleased with the prospect of restoring back through I don't know how many restoration points until I get my Dolbe back. Then I'll need to go through trying to figure what more recent changes were lost by returning to that point. Quite a can of worms, guys. Thanks a whole lot.
  2. LOW BLOW, IObit! SUDDENLY IT'S A ONE-SHOT DEAL! I am not happy. I knew that changing the sound driver would disable the sound on my Aspire, so I chose to update one driver at a time. SURPRISE! No I get the "Your PC has 53 devices requiring . . ." you to purchase our program, fool. Gotcha! This underhanded way of selling your wares is certainly NOT the IObit I've been accustomed to for these many years! And just between you and me, you can keep your very nice but totally useless "FREE" driver program. And, having used the separate Booster, the Driver Booster in v.7 tools is also inoperative. Guess what you can do with it. Very sincerely, john mahaffy
  3. Just An Amateur's Question Ran ASC7 scan w/ auto shutdown last night. This morning, had registry defrag repair at boot-up. "Hmm," I said, "never had registry problems before, and I ran ASC7 again, and again had registry defrag on reboot. So I scanned only registry w/ ASC7, and got a clean bill of health. "Hmm." I said again, and ran registry defrag only with ASC6 (Ultimate) and by golly caught another registry error. Ran again, and it also says I'm good to go, now. So don't try to explain the differences and why that's so, just tell me that, yes, it's simply that different algorithms were used and don't worry my pretty little head about it, everything's fine. Right?
  4. Amateur Hour Not being a pro, I never think of saving screenshots until it's too late. I'll try to replicate the problem . . . but don't hold your breath. And, yeah, Win7. (Tried 8 on my other laptop, and without a touchscreen [and maybe with] it's a pain in the arse. Why do they keep dumbing down their OS?)
  5. Ah -- happened again without help, apparently, from ASC7. Both IObit Malware Fighter and Windows Defender were again turned off after booting my PC. Is it perhaps that the two programs CAN NOT run at the same time? Noticed that Windows Defender would not turn on when Malware Fighter was running. When it had finished, I was able to turn on Windows Defender . . . but noticed that the notification window showed Defender as ON. but Malware Fighter continued to show as OFF. Is that perhaps because I'm using the free version, which it seems must be run manually; would the paid (upgrade) version allow it to be in a constant ON state? At any rate, would you see about cross interference between the two programs maybe causing Win Defender to be turned off?
  6. Two Things I was not pleased to find Driver Booster start up on its own; I much prefer to schedule this sort of touchy process on my own time when I can afford to pay close attention to what's happening. I trust ASC7 a lot, but not THAT much. Take off the auto start and let the client decide when to upgrade his drives. The other thing I mentioned in one of my first comments: I believe ASC7 is turning OFF both the IObit malware fighter and the Windows program -- probably during IObit initiated downloads. Then I have to turn them back on, and restart my PC, which is a bother for me and will probably be bewildering to a whole lot of people who don't know what's going on. Fix it by reenabling the programs, or don't turn them off, if that's possible.
  7. Well. where's Beta 3? The notice at the bottom of Beta 2 says Beta 3 is now available, but there seems at present no way to get it. Ques pasa?
  8. Used the new Uninstaller to take Tweetdeck off my computer. Took a very long time to get around to it, and IObit Malware Fighter, Windows Defender, and Windows Updater all had been turned off . . . by IObit Uninstaller, I would almost be willing to bet. You might check it out.
  9. v6 vs v7 Have scanned a few comments but haven't noticed any asking about the discrepancies in errors found between v6 and v7. v6 finds a LOT of errors that are passed over by v7, and I'm just not sure I like the idea of such compromises -- even though the fewer errors discovered may not, probably DO not, effect the PC's performance. Part of IObit's image, in my opinion, has always been the extent to which perfection is pursued; to start compromising now kind of strikes a sour note, don't you think? Also, I have had to turn on Windows Automatic Update three times since installing v7 -- is there a relation, there? (I'm running Win7.)
  10. To the whole IObit gang It's good to see you using the facebook platform; hope other users are "liking" and sharing your posts. My guess is the "social media" bit is going to pay off for you -- keep on truckin', guys; you're tops in my book.
  11. I think maybe the IObit guys are going to implement something like Win8's method of adding apps to "Start" in order to put 'em into WinMetro's opening display. Right now there's a kind of random sampling, or maybe apps are added in the sequence in which they were installed -- i.e., by date of installation. But at any rate, the browser used seems to be one of IObit's own making -- it's not related to anything I have seen, and will undoubtedly get better with the next implementation of WinMetro. Personally, I'd wait to see what they come up with; this is a very clever and innovative bunch we're dealing with, here.
  12. This is your browser, right? Hmm. You know its limits, I'm sure -- but aside from not being able to move back and forth via a "back" button at least, it's working well for bing and facebook. It does link to a pdf reader when asked, but apparently the reader isn't able to function when it's linked to -- I use foxit. Also hitting full-screen on a video link stops the video and leaves the sound going. But you guys know all that, right? But darn, you're crankin' out the code, and I'm happy. Thanks again for all you're doing.
  13. By golly, the elves at IObit have been busy! Lovely, lovely job! It's going to take me a little while to acclimatize myself to this and see all the stuff you've plugged in, but boy, you guys (and gals, of course -- "guys" has become an all-inclusive term) have done a TERRIFIC JOB! So nice. Thanks. And Merry Christmas to you, too, and have a wonderful New Year!
  14. I've got to say the "Start" button you guys came up with for Win 8 is SUPER! Thanks so much for bringing back something we've come to depend upon. Great! And Merry Christmas to all the IObit gang. Love you.
  15. Don't be sorry -- you're doing fine. Played with my Win8 laptop a bit, and I think what I'm hoping for with WinMetro is more user control than is available in Win8. (8 is slick, but they don't leave much in the user's control . . . which has been the history of Windows from the beginning -- more and more distance between the user and the OS. Back in the day, I loved DR DOS, because it gave me more control than straight DOS.)
  16. So. . . how are we doing up in Iobit land? I keep coming back here to see what's what, hoping for updates, tokens of hope. (Does Microsoft know what you guys are doing, and do they approve? I for one will never tell!)
  17. Auto Update? Do we have an auto update option with WinMetro? Think we should.
  18. Not simply to look like the Metro in Win8, actually; it serves two additional purposes: WinMetro (when completed) will allow folks to try out the Win8 OS without losing many of the apps they're accustomed to on previous Windows versions -- apps which, it seems, no amount of tweeking for earlier versions (Honest, it used to work in Windows 7 I promise!) will get them past the very particular censorship of Win8. And it allows users to stay with a tried and true version of Windows they trust -- a version that (as far as any Windows version goes) allows just a little more user control than Windows 8.
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