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  1. Thanks to scrd01. I set Firefox Privacy according to your suggestion except I allow cookies. Then I ran ASC in Expert Mode with only Security Defense selected and got the 213 Browser issues. I clicked on Repair and the 213 entries were accepted (by Firefox). I exited and brought up Firefox, then shut it down. I ran ASC again and the Browser issues were 0. The fix held. I accept cookies because some sites require it. I use CCleaner to save the cookies I want and delete the rest. That still seems to work with the new Firefox Privacy settings. Thanks again to scrd01 for the timely help.
  2. Browser Issues (Security Defense Test) I'm sorry I took offense that I was writing "in code", that XP is old and outdated, and that I did not properly state that Browser issues are found in the Security Defense test. I certainly don't want to offend any one who might have an interest in exploring my problem. So I really do apologize. I attempted to more fully describe the issue in later post hoping to restore at least some of my credibility after initially getting off on the wrong foot by poorly describing the problem and my unwise intemperate initial response. So I hope there is still someone in the forum for whom this problem is of interest. I have been using ASC since it first came out as AWC and it truly has helped keep this old machine running well. I want ASC to continue to be the leader in its field and look forward to each update. So that's one reason I am interested in finding out about this "Security Defense/Browser issue" problem. And I am willing to work with any one to try to isolate the cause. Again, I apologize and thank you for having a responsive forum. After my initial misstep, I hope to become a positive contributor in the future. Thanks again!
  3. Re: ASC Expert Mode Browser issues problem. Browser issues are found when Security Defense issues are checked. When Firefox is not running, and ASC Expert mode is run it finds 213 browser issues (0/213 Protected) and all 213 entries are Unblocked. After the repair is made and ASC is run again without running Firefox, the fix holds and Browser issues are 0 (213/213 Protected) and all entries are Blocked. When ASC is run again after running Firefox and then shutting it down, the 213 errors are again detected. Firefox must be doing something to remove the ASC fix. I am just curious to know what's going on. The Security Defense test must have been designed to make a computer safer but it seems as if Firefox is not cooperating with my current settings in this version of Firefox (18.0.1). It would seem to be best if a ASC repair would result in problems being fixed and staying fixed. I know Firefox is changing far faster then ASC and that makes it hard to keep up Firefox but it would still be good to know whats going on here. I'd be glad to try any suggestion to help get to the bottom of this issue. Thanks.
  4. XP is still a viable operating system. My XP is fully up-to-date. Firefox is 18.0.2 (the latest) IE is 8.0.6001.18702 (the latest) If you don't know that there is a "Browser issue" test in ASC then let someone else deal with this issue. Here are some details which may help: In Expert Mode there are several test which can be checked, such as: Malware threats Registry errors Privacy Issues Browser issues After the scan finishes the test you have selected, the number or errors is shown for each. If there are errors you want to examine the topic can be clicked and details about that topic are shown. For Browser issues the following details are shown Item Status Websites (a/b Protected) Comment: hopefully a = b eg 4321/4321 BHOs (c/d Protected) Comment: hopefully c=d eg 5432/5432 IE Cookies (e/f) Comment: hopefully e=f eg 213/213 Firefix Cookies(g/h) Comment: hopefully g=h eg 0/213 !!!!!! doubleclick.net Blocked newasp.net Blocked : : : : xxxcounter.com Blocked In XP and all version of windows that I have seen (Vista,Windows 7,8) there is a file called Host which allows web sites to be blocked by assigning their IP address to Some malware programs like Sybot Search & Destroy populate the hosts file assigning to numerous known malicious sites such as xxxcounter.com. I was wondering if the Browser issue test was trying to modify the Hosts file. It would seem unlikely since the Hosts file is common to all browsers. So my questions are: 1) How is ASC detecting and fixing to make e=f and g=h? 2) Why does Firefox show fixed (213/213) and then revert back to (0/213) Hopefully, someone who understands ASC Expert Mode can shed some light on this issue. It would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I keep getting 213 unprotected browser issues for Firefox (0/213). IE returns (213/213). These appear to be host file entries like doubleclick but my host file is never changed. What is the Browser Issue fix supposed to do?
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