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  1. My feedback: SD is slowly starting to become an all in one cleaner. Not sure if cleaning some things X2 is wise or not (Ccleaner is basically doing what ur disk cleanup does) The defrag is much quicker! and the UI is much slicker My one issue is the game booster-- Does a general drive scan include fragmented game files anyways? Either you have it displayed in a 2nd window for more information/confirm game files are being reached and cleaned or its a window for adding game installs/shortcuts. Suppose what im saying is the game defrag is all over the place at the moment. I also do NOT like that the report opens another browser window-- why not have it built to display inside the app? also whatever algorithm ur using to scan for games under game defrag is a little whack- it found maybe 10/70 games-- which is weird because i saw it scan inside the steamapps folder so you'd think it would find all the others but, just letting you guys know So to sum up my thoughts SDv4 is looking great! the game defrag needs more centralized information (in app scan report), more game detection, maybe more options for the user? (open game data location/uninstall/) More so id recommend either integrating more of the game defrag into the main defrag screen or enhance the game defrag page to be worth checking out (more information). Right now disk defrag does exactly what the game defrag does except its not focused on games so..keep that in mind--- swing one way or the other with it IMO
  2. Couple questions Just saw the post on IObits FB page about IObit Malware Fighter v2 Ive used version 1 before and liked it. absolutely love the new look and feel, very 2013 and seems tablet/touchscreen friendly a question i have and a few suggestions-- License--I don't like yearly costs. correct me if im wrong will MF remain free to use with the OPTION of buying for more support/features? Id much rather pay a 1 time fee but as long as it remains as is--free to use for the most part im content :D Heres the big question, and im sure this type comes up alot not so much a comparison but id LOVE to replace MSE (microsoft security essentials) From looking at what MF V2 monitors it would seem it does the same if not MORE than what MSE is monitoring--I dont need 2 real time protections 1. does Win7 recognize it as a security solution? I have my action center disabled but in the event i turned it on would MF be looked at as a recognizable replacement as security? The program itself MF v2 is awesome (suggestion time) 1. Window transiting seems like it could be more fluid (for example when i click the "protect" tab/button it literally comes off as a popup id suggest a sliding animation or something more fluid. 2. The log file has lots of potential. allow more control (exporting, deleting, disable logging) 3.The "cloud" tab/button--when viewing this allow the threats slice of pie to be a clickable link? either inside the program or take the user to a website thats lists exactly what the threats are that have been submitted and detected---considering everyone plays it safe im very curious at what is actually detected 4. I think it would be pretty neat/handy to add more info under each button--example here--((EDIT:removed URL check my attachment)) Scan and update tell you a bit of info i think the other buttons/tabs have this potential to!! Maybe for the protect button add "Real-time protection ACTIVE" (have the active in green. For the cloud theres not much to say--That and i dont know the inner workings of it but maybe a label to add a bit more info to it "cloud online" to let users know the server that receives the file is online and ready to use//online. Even "Ready to use" (in green) would be a nice add This is all i can think of for now....4AM and i work in 2 hours xD but i look forward to using this program alot more and keep giving feedback, Cant wait to hear back!
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