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  1. I have Smart Defrag 5.5.1 Pro on Windows 7. I loaded a SSD with Final Fantasy XIV via USB cable to see whether I wanted to install the game on my hard drive which I did and the SSD's gone. However when I attempted to direct SD 5.5.1 to optimize the game on the HD it balks with a "This game is on SSD. Please do not optimize it." I can't get SD to accept any of the FFXIV boot or program files on the HD. Somehow it's stuck into believing the game's running off a SSD. How do I cure this? Thanks! Jim in NYC
  2. When I attempted to log in a PC trial version of Final Fantasy XIV, instead of a boot splash screen my system said it coiuldn't find the FF upgrader patch. I tried again and the Final Fantasy launcher screen popped up (I'm ASSUMING that screen's the real deal!) and after signing in up pops a porn BongaCams screen. My _NO SCRIPT_ app --- NOT MALWARE FIGHTER PRO -- popped up a alert screen of whether to continue the script which I didn't of course. Since then https://ius.bongacams.com/js-min/149398/hg.js has been making unwelcome reappearances detouring the loading of FF. I'm alerting Square Enix which handles PC Playstation accounts but my question to IObit is not just how BongaCams slip by MF but how do I get rid of it pronto?
  3. Greetings! I have Ultimate 10 Pro and Malware Fighter 5 Pro installed. I stumbled into downloading site that without warning began shoving programs like System Healer, Spouty, PubHotspot and SpeedDownloader into my system, flashing all kinds of screens like "Beware your PC is infected" and "Don't Log Out" before I hit the off-button to cut off the down stream. I rebooted, used IObit Uninstall Pro to dump the new bogus apps then started Ultimate 10 then Malware fighter to flush out any residuals. My man fear was randsomeware but I seem in the clear for that, however in MalWare Fighter's item name screen a "Ad by Netutils" (from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/services/NetUtils2016) keeps reappearing even after multiple runs of MF, and in Ultimate 10's Performance Monitor CPU listing a program named "FakrouN" keeps reappearing, often multiple times in the same high CPU usage listing eating as much as 40% or more CPU. (Also I get much smaller CPU readings from persistent programs named "proxycheck" and "Anonymizer Gadget") I don't know whether these are harmless apps or not, but "FakrouN" eating that many CPU cycles can't be good! I'll be more careful about downing sites now, but do you have any suggestions what I should do? Thanks and keep up the great work! Jim in NYC
  4. Thanks for reply! There's no screen capture shot to be had because Smart Defrag simply won't see or add NCSOFT folders to the Game Defrag listing like other games of other companies do. There is no exe. file to be found. I highly recommend IOBIT to run AION or Blade & Soul themselves to diagnosis the problem and alert gamers who assume their NCSOFT games are being defragged of this issue. Keep up great work, Jim in NYC
  5. Greetings! Topic line says it all. Smart Defreg misses "Blood & Soul" and AION and Lineage 2 on my Windows 7 system. When I try to target it to the NCSOFT folder it won't accept that but does take the Client files inside which are only listed as a 25 megs, not gigabyte large folder of the main game program. SD does list and defrag Guild Wars 2 at 27.9 gigs and Neverwinter at 9.1 gigs, but just doesn't pick up the NCSOFT games at all. Could it be because they all share common launchers? Any suggestion apprecaited! Thanks!
  6. Greetings! I have Ultimate 10 running in Windows 7 32bit on three Thinkpads, and whenever I do a full scan on one its Remote Desktop function is turned off afterwards which makes it difficult because I then have to run out over several blocks to another location to reconfigure Remote Desktop back on again. Is there anyway to prevent this? Thanks for any tips. Jim in NYC.
  7. Happy New Year! I just received an auto-renewal for Driver Booster, and since the DB FAQs state that "The service time starts from the date the license code is purchased" I promptly renewed my copy of Driver Booster even though there was still time on it, assuming it'd just be added to the current period length, but in managing my license there seems a discrepancy of the period of renewal. Before I renewed it the expiration date was 11/29/2017 321 days left, but after I renewed the expiration date is 1/14/2018 367 days left. It should go well into 2019, shouldn't it? Thanks for any assistance. Jim in NYC
  8. Good work ASC Team! Forget what ad-hungry PC Magazine says! How can I get on the ASC Ultimate 10 beta test list? Thanks and keep the flame! Jim in NYC
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