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  1. This problem is probably related to ASC 7.0. Whenever I scan something with it and fix the found issues, windows explorer WILL crash. It won't crash right after the repair but in the near future. The most common reason for it to crash is opening a folder. I am 90% sure ASC 7.0 is doing this, because 1 month ago it never crashed (interesting since I never tried to repair anything with ASC in that month). Now all of the sudden after I repaired something it crashed.
  2. Vers... What versions! I don't care about ManageMyMobile to be totally honest with you. It randomly decides to install itself. And if it helps, whatever, I'm using ASC
  3. Is ASC7 really auto installing ManageMyMobile? It was installed 3 times already.
  4. I have another request. When you're doing configuring your turbo boost, add an OK button. I'm looking for something that will go back to the primary turbo boost screen, but not apply it. If I wanna do this I gotta go back through all the steps.
  5. Implanting a feature that releases images from memory wouldn't be hard, as long as you have the database for all images used. If you deleted the images from memory while stopping a scan, why don't you delete the images upon clicking a different button (only those that were in use in the previous "tab" would get released). If you don't like this, I hope that you'll atleat release the images when boosting a game. As I said, ASC7 is good but has some bugs and doesn't optimize itself. I know this is hard fix from a developers point of view, and pretty easy for me to say: FIX IT, since I don't know the code you used.
  6. The memory issue is seen in V6 too. So please do not say that it's only with my version that i've downloaded. It's obvious ASC isn't optimized, but can optimize other programs. Not a good role model :P I guess beta versions are just for testing and something like this was expected. As for the memory cleaner in the toolbox, please do something about it as it can clean too much causing more bad than good. When this happened with ASC6 my instincts said that the memory cleaner deleted some vital windows files. So with every button I clicked, it had to reload them into memory. That's just my theory. It's probably more visible on my pc because loading those stuff back into mem will take longer than on a modern pc. I am not saying ASC7 is all bugs, but those that exist should be exterminated as soon as possible. I will get the full release when it's done.
  7. You clearly don't understand. ASC7 uses loads of images which are loaded when clicking specific buttons. On some buttons those images are deleted from memory, so asc.exe (process name of asc?) uses less memory. I suggest the developers enable this on every button, because on turbo boost, I get an extra 100MB of memory, but ASC will already use 50MB. How can it start with 3MB and stack to 50? Because It doesn't delete the items it doesn't use at that moment. I did not mention the bug with ASC7 because it happened a few minutes after I installed it. I believe it was caused by the memory cleaner. It cleans too much sometimes and renders my pc unstable, slowing it down by as much, as if I was running Battlefield 3 in the back (my pc is really slow: Intel Celeron 2.79Ghz, 2.5GB ram, 64MB VRAM with Nvidia Geforce 7100GS). Please consider the facts I said in my previous post on installing the antivirus scanner and the surfing protection. It should be available as optional upon installing the main package (ASC). I hope that clears some things on what needs updating. I think the memory stacking will still be unclear to some developers/viewers, so I will explain it from a gaming point of view. Imagine playing BF3. Textures load, memory goes to 2GB. You exit and start a different map. Do you think the previous textures are still loaded inside memory? So you would have 2GB plus the current textures? I don't think so. This would be extremely bad for any game.
  8. I know how to take a screenshot -.- I'm talking about memory optimization. Delete the images that aren't used because the memory usage keeps stacking until a certain command in ASC is issued. And: When I installed ASC7.0 beta, i'm sure you're aware it installs 2 more programs. Some sort of an antivirus/scanner and a surfing defense. I uninstalled ASC7.0 because it crashed my pc, so I cannot give you exact names. Also, when I downloaded the driver booster I could not select where it will be installed. So that is another minus from my point of view. I'm looking for something that is effective in speeding up the pc, but doesn't slow the pc with its own process. Please fix the "bugs" if that's the right expression.
  9. It would be nice if ASC would delete the images in use for tabs that aren't opened. It seems the RAM usage keeps stacking up until a certain action is done. I start with 3MB and and up with 30MB. Not very effective if you're gonna use turbo boost. Sure it gives you an extra 100, but uses 30 for itself in the process.
  10. You should add a default skin like IMF has, i like that skin now :P
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