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  1. Faith Those of us that test your guys software have every cofidense in your ability to produce excellent software. I am looking foward to the next release that you need tested.
  2. Wow Epic Failure I ran the driver booster as usual as I have done many times before. I was surprised whenafter it finished my keyboard and mouse locked up. I mean nothing worked. I immediately rolled back my computer and it worked fine. So me being the dumbass I ran it again and like before it found 6 drivers out of date and just like before it locked up my whole computer. I have spent three days starting over with a full recovery of my main computer. I have everything backed up but still I have a ton of software that has to be uploaded. I very scared ran it again once I got thru about half my software and it worked this time, but I am a little worried that if this happens again I might not be so lucky as for it to happen right after a backup. The part that sucks is that I cannot produce the failure to be checked by you guys. P.S. it has taken 14 cups of coffee to fix and I am not done.
  3. how often? I do it once a week unless I notice a slowing computer
  4. I agree updates take small amount of space Yea windows has a huge cost per computer. lol
  5. Would you like a report for perfect working systems too? I still am watching and waiting for updates to make this software better and more thorough. I still wish it could catch more drivers.
  6. It seems to me that is playing with fire. Windows is a piece of crap enough and I have learned that even messing with old drivers or anything old may still have a tiny fraction of use, that is just how lazy microsoft is. I just hope that if this feature is added that it will not come on automatically I learned my lesson last year. I do not like win 8 and I am slowly changing my entire company to Linux.
  7. thanks I get behind sometimes I geuss I work to much. :mrgreen:
  8. Ooops! Thanks for reminding me. Everything is working perfect now.
  9. is ASC7 Pro I have 2 years of paid for ASC7 but I ask is it now not a pro version or does it just not say Pro http://s6.postimg.org/jd0ng6ewh/SS16.png
  10. Asc7 Pro I think I* have pro, I have paid for it and I had ASC6 Pro but the ASC7 does not say pro. The only way to tell if you paid for it at the home screen is instead of a upgrade yellow button there is a manage license link. Is there a way to add a PRO to the paid for version?
  11. I have 64bit too Are there any other known issues? because I run 64bit also but I try to only run google, IE10, Lunarscape. I have not had any issues
  12. cant Iorbit uninstaller do the job Is there a way to make the uninstaller do the work because it has that feature of looking for all files related and removes them. you have an excellent program to use and it definitely does the job.
  13. Sure no problem. I was just letting you know of what I found.
  14. Company Software I really don't mind zipping it up because I cannot put my software out on an open blog. I just wish there was an exception button in the skip files section of ASC7. This is what I wish had a way to enter file names for ASC7 to skip.:mrgreen: http://s6.postimg.org/cjnc6cstt/SS14.png
  15. I love this program I use this program every time I build a computer cause it just a perfect job of identifying all hard parts and easily printable list. http://www.zhangduo.com/ HunterSoft Comprehensive driver backup and fast reinstall software for system devices with driver search and update and even troubleshooting features. http://s6.postimg.org/ra4bz1ss1/SS8.png http://s6.postimg.org/aazyxj6y9/SS9.png
  16. AMD is usually great about drivers I went to AMD and used the automatic driver checker and it said I needed an update also. I have experienced in the past when I upgraded a Laptop to a newer Op system that some of the drivers would not work.
  17. I just updated the entire office with 4.0.//// same issue I don't nearly get all the time I need or want to work on keeping up with our computers. I came into work today at 2am to get this all done, thank God the phones aren't ringing yet! :-D
  18. Thanks for the input, I checked with AMD before I said anything and to be precise, I am on a HP p-1257c desktop. I had just reset windows 7 due to my accidentaly erasing what I thought was an outdated sound driver and to make a long story short.........Took 14 hours to bring it back from HP Hell. I now triple check everything that I can before making that jump, my people starting knocking on my door asking if I was still alive 2 days, with my regular work it cost me.
  19. to answer I can but it will say that several programs I have and use are malware and deletes them. I have to stop and zip whatever I don't want to use. I have several security protocols that I need that were written for my company and running it from start-up is great but........ I need to be able to add exceptions unless you want to help me rewrite my security software, afterall you are the best!!!!! I will update........ I have it on start-up on my other computers which works great with one minor exception of Driver Booster, posted properly.
  20. 22 Wrong I spent the better part of 2 1/2 hours on this problem. I do not want to buy this other software but I am wondering how it got thru beta without this huge issue even noticed. I love IOrbit so I will wait to see if this problem is fixed. I will help in any way I can. It will only let me update 2 drivers a day 2 down 20 to go!!! :|
  21. All Drivers NOT Perfect I don't like to complain but, I really think you guys should see this. I have verified thru independent sources that Driver Booster does not find the most recent drivers. I am unsure of which one to follow because I TRUST you guys and this is very unsettling to me. PLEASE tell me what I can do about this. :oops: This is the main picture showing the difference
  22. I think that ASC7 3.0 is a little slower but I think it is due to that the program catches twice as much error's and bad things we do not want on our system. I still am waiting on a solution to adding exceptions to ASC7 so I can use program without 30 minutes of prep time before I use it. I would like to run it on automatic but sadly cannot. Please help! :roll: I love adding new clients to my Company 7 more computers that will be running ASC7 & Avast Antivirus.
  23. Too Kool I like the prices on the extra software for using the Beta version. I bought them both and I like the extra's for buying the pro version of IOrbit Malware Fighter Pro and Smart DeFrag Pro. I am disappointed in the Driver Booster, but I will wine about that in the appropriate Forum. Other than the part I have not received an answer for or I missed it I love ASC7 Beta 3.0. Good work so far and I will keep looking.
  24. I have found 7 finds more I just got done running ASC 6 and it froze during Defragment and when I restarted I reran with ASC& and found 17 more malware issues and it got thru the Defragment perfectly. I will post the responses soon of all my computer repairs and sales soon as I require it for warrenty. I still feel really stupid because I cannot figure out how to enter http://imageshack.com/a/img707/3427/0xkf.jpg ASC6 stuck here. http://imageshack.com/a/img51/7168/9vvb.jpg I like the interface and these results are after running ASC6. http://imageshack.com/a/img42/2451/6g02.jpg
  25. Wheres Waldo Where is the or how do you add programs to the ignore list. My second laptop on ASC 7 and I can't use it. I hope I am just a moronic blind fellow. I am including a picture of my building and my desk its for a good laugh. Uploaded with ImageShack.com[/img] %5B/imgUploaded with ImageShack.com[/img]
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