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  1. Sorry 2nd post but important I have found 3 issues where ASC 7 could not complete the task at hand. I usually am the one that goes I find nothing wrong with whatever software, so imagine my surprise when I found something that was MAYBE an issue or I am just working to much Below are pictures of ASC 7 telling me I have an issue with 3drivers now my sneeky little tateltale program scanned my drivers and found twice as many drivers and that they are perfectly fine but ASC 7 is telling me I have a problem. I hope I am explaining this better Cicely. Uploaded with ImageShack.com[/img] http://imageshack.com/a/img843/6454/7osn.jpg' alt='7osn.jpg'>Uploaded with ImageShack.com[/img] I hope I did it correctly
  2. really I thamk you but is there an easier way? I send emails to my friends but I can't find where to download ASC7 for them and I am currently using 3 computers and I only have it on my Mothership lol my "laptops"/2 and does the polarriod pad get something or just leave avast only?
  3. I Try I will go thru it again today but I need to attend to my business. Thank you for your advice. I never received an error report because it just kept trying and it would run for 15 minutes each time back to the beginning "no error code". A little frustrating due to the commonality of the issue, but not worth giving up on this beautiful Software. I can gaurentee this is that every computer I work on client or offices or store I always use AVAST and ASC 6 and if they uninstall the programs there warrentee is instantly closed. I have used this software for many years but i never new you had forums or I would have been chatt you all up. I hope to one day be a distribute r its my dream
  4. I will answer the best i can OK yes from the toolbox and only from toolbox does it fail. I have never sucessfullly downloaded from the tools windows, I have a picture in ASC7 that is doing the same thing. Do you want me to delete SDF2 and try to reinstalll it to get the pictures? http://imageshack.com/a/img196/2155/f5qn.jpg http://http//imageshack.com/a/img13/4681/3ebj.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img543/9004/y279.jpg http://http//imageshack.com/a/img35/6002/vf8o.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img694/6513/c57b.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img547/75/z0qd.jpg Why am I still finding problems after running ASC7 beta twice and running ASC6 once and all found problems Why?
  5. 5 min later These are same sit but 10 min later http://imageshack.com/a/img826/562/5zcp.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img822/1522/djza.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img194/8660/2tb6.jpg
  6. Weird I tell ya my ASC7 has gone right in the middle of a scan and gone fishing, it had to ask to reinstall using different paramiters. I will try to do the pictures correct this time. The middle picture shows the reinstalled window but I do not what I did wrong http://http//imageshack.com/i/my5zcpj http://imageshack.com/i/5mq7qqj http://imageshack.com/i/5e2tb6j Now its fine and didnot reinstall as it had asked or in the background
  7. This really bugs me Why oh why does ASC6 Pro always fail to download Smart Defrg 2. This is very annoying because then I get mad and go directly to the Smart Defrag 2 site or cnet to get it. I have many computers and these delays cost me and my IT Dept. days to fix 7 laptops 14 desktops 21 Samsung Pads. and 1000's of customers asking me why so they bring there computer in and we fix them for free, you can imangine how much this cost me. I love this software but this bug is really getting expensive P.S. This has only come about lately free or Pro doesn't matter
  8. The pics of what i see I am not sure what to do next. I geuss I have to manually find them on my own. http://http//www.imageshack.com/scaled/large/6/q7pl.jpg http://http//www.imageshack.com/scaled/grid240/202/q7qq.jpg I have found that my screens are causing the shadows that make it hard to see Uploaded with ImageShack.com[/img]
  9. I agree said the color blind fella lol I do like the letters better because I use multi computers at once
  10. I am new here so please if I say something stupid please poke fun! I like this ASC7 very much the letter grade is better thatn that stupid face that I could not tell thew difference colors. I am color blind. I have not had any issues yet. I have all the glass in my office is behind me so the very bright colors create more of a mirror effect it causes evrything on my desk and right behind me to reflect which makes it a little hard to read. maybe tone down that surface a little
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