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    HP Pavillion ze4560us
    mobile AMD Athlon XP2500+ @ 1.86GHz
    Radeon IGP 320M (ATI Mobility U1)
    1GB RAM
    40GB HDD
    Windows XP 2002 Home Edition / Service Pack 3
    IObit ASC Pro v6.3.0.269
    IObit Malware Fighter Free v2.0
    IObit Uninstaller v2.4.7.347
    IObit Driver Booster Beta v3.0


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  1. Just finished using AMC Security & no problems I can detect. I also ran Gadget Guardian app by Lookout Security afterwards and as the screenshot shows, all my apps are OK.
  2. I also received a warning from google play protect on Sunday morning. I tried to call their customer care number but was put on hold for over an hour. Funny though, I personally have no experience of the AMC app interfering with any of my other apps, not even my Lookout Security app. Is it possible that maybe this warning is in reference to a beta version put out for testing?[ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"large","data-attachmentid":229178}[/ATTACH]
  3. Just installed the beta 3 of ASC 9 within the past 2 hours. This is what I've noticed so far: 1. ASC 8 was uninstalled; ASC 9 beta 2 was uninstalled; Iobit Uninstaller 4.2 wasn't uninstalled ( I had Uninstaller 5.0.3 automatically installed when I had the 1st beta of ASC 9 installed so I've currently got Uninstaller 4.2 & 5 both on my computer). 2. In previous installations of ASC, a desktop icon was usually automatically created during installation but not this time. 3. When doing a basic Clean & Optimize while connected to the internet, my ancient processor (AMD Athlon XP2500+) was able to complete the 1st 10 scans before overheating & shutting down on me, but was able to complete all scans & repair errors found when internet connection was inactive. 4. The Disk Scan worked better this time in that it didn't take 30+ minutes to scan or stall at 50%, 99%, or 100% for 4 minutes+ before completing scan.
  4. HP Pavilion ze4500 AMD Athlon XP2500+ processor @ 1.86GHz 1 GB RAM Windows XP I finally had an occasion to use ASC 9 beta 2. Since ASC 8.3 is also still installed on my laptop, I had to run the Clean & Optimize features in 3 parts rather than all in 1 go in order to avoid overheating my processor & causing a shutdown -- even with my internet connection inactive & a desk fan blowing relatively cold air (it's been raining so it is a little cooler now) along the air intake & heat exhaust vents: 1st part: run Spyware Removal feature. 2nd part: run Registry Clean, Privacy Sweep, Junk Files Clean, Internet Boost, Shortcuts Fix, Registry Defrag, System Optimization, & Security Defense features. 3rd part: run Disk Scan, Vulnerability Fix, & Disk Optimization features. Except for Disk Scan, all of the features took under a minute to run but all of the features took under a minute to repair once the scans were done irrespective of the number of issues the various scans found to fix. With regard to how long it took the Disk Scan feature to run & scan for issues: In about 3 minutes: 0-50% complete. About 2 minutes later: 50-95% complete. About 30 minutes later: 95-100% complete. Keep in mind, my laptop was considered top-of-the-line around 2002 or 2003 & no driver updates have been made for any of it's components since around 2008, so I'm sure that factors in somehow. I hope this breakdown of what happened is of use to you.
  5. I installed the ASC9.2 beta this morning after running a basic clean & optimize with the 9.1 beta. It'll take me about 2 days worth of computer usage before ASC notifies me it's time to do another clean & optimize which is when I'll get to try 9.2. The "Startup Accelerate" & "Deep Optimization" speedup features looks promising, but I'll admit I'm a bit leery of messing with settings I'm not to sure of, so while I looked at what settings those features suggests I change, I decided to leave things as they are for now.
  6. I've finally found time to send my email to dbfeedback@iobit.com -- after 20 days! I take too long responding to things.
  7. The computer I'm using is an HP Pavilion ze4500 with an AMD Athlon running at 1.86Ghz, with 1GB of RAM and running Windows XP service pack 3. This version of Driver Booster (v2.0.3.69) works much better than the previous one had on my computer. I can run it with my internet connection active and my processor doesn't get overworked, overheated and crash. However, since my computer is 11+ years old and no driver updates for any of my laptop's components have been made since 2008, the only things that get updated by this program are things like Java, Quicktime, or Flash. And there is a driver package I need in order to be able to use my laptop's PC Card slot again, but this program can't find it. A driver package I was able to find online using info from this program & from my device manager list was uninstallable because a crucial (and unidentified) INF file was not present in the package. According to my computer's Install Software wizard, the needed file might only be found in Windows OS files predating Windows 95.
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