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  1. IF possible... can there be an option where each tool(the ones that follow windows' theme) in the Toolbox can use Advanced SystemCare Ultimate's current theme or windows' current theme?
  2. Wonder if the future version will someday stop myself from being paranoid when it comes to security...suspicious, unauthorized or any unwanted activities anywhere that exist within a PC...memory, disk, processes, network, devices.etc :shock:
  3. Can SmartRam automatically clean only unused memory during it's monitoring?
  4. Suggestion Custom File Priortize with a slider that measures the distance of the performance within the disk? So I can move my backups to the slowest part to make an easier room for more new high frequently used files just in case.
  5. Translated to english: Hi, I am very satisfied with your programs execution speed is very good, thank you, thank Ahtramast Best Kind Regards
  6. Maybe boot files should be prioritized, consider them(including MFT free space) the most priority than any other files on the disk to increase boot up more, instead of only defragmenting them during a scheduled boot time defragmentation.
  7. My Pro: I like the green skin... reminds me how I was before I became orange :mrgreen: My Con: What ever happened to offline help support(manual)? EDIT:Expect the Manual with the final version.
  8. Its annoying when any activities in anywhere in your PC(such as the registry) are happening and always gotta clean up after such actions are done without the user permission especially when its uneccessary, dangerous or unknown. Already suggested an idea(relating to this) earlier to prevent such a problem, hope it would actually help in the next version >.>
  9. Most tasks(old games) on my over ten years old netbook could be different from what you do sorry :wink:
  10. To be honest, Netbook users(like me :mrgreen:) or those with old system specs can't multitask most of the time, had to do most tasks(even running one of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate's features!:evil:) one by one, and wouldn't wanna waste a bit of available resources unused just for one task(full system scan). The choice is of course optional and can be safe by having it auto-adjusting every time the amount of available resources changes.
  11. Then the IObit team should add a slider during a full scan to adjust priority. (Higher priority will increase scan speed but consume more resources, lower priority would be slower but uses less resources).
  12. Maybe a all-in-one-Security(Privacy, Firewall, Anti-Virus.etc) protection that prevent ANY non-legitimate, unauthorized or unknown activity anywhere in the PC...such as having a privacy control capability where Advanced SystemCare Ultimate would block an unauthorized remote command to turn on your webcam or something, then a window would pop up(with complete detail of the activity or file) asking to allow; remember always or once, block; remember always or once, or upload to IObit to evaluate it for the database... (no more using THAT troublesome browser add-on...)
  13. Hoping the future smart defrag 3 can be optimizing the process of files being written to disc...
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