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  1. A basic black theme was always apart of the product for years, but all of a sudden you guys stopped doing that and i think i've been asking you guys to bring it back for over 3 years now, especially for ASCU which is a premium program. You honestly don't care about how your customers feel about this, it may seem like a silly feature, but it is actually very important to me and many others, i am nocturnal most of the time, programs with white or blue themes are very bright and hurt my eyes (blue light can cause many issues with the eyes), my entire PC has a dark theme along with websites i visit like facebook, youtube etc., if you guys can't at least bring back the dark theme, you will lose me as a customer along with the people i've recommended, i manage their computers and if i move to a new antivirus they will move along with me and i've been loyal to you guys for a very long time 6+ years.

  2. So really like the new interface, except for lack of themes. This was my main issue with ASCU10 we were stuck with only the blue theme and there were no tools to make your own. Please at least add a black and white theme at the very minimum or a tool so we can make our own. I know aesthetics is not the main focus, but we didn't get anything for ASCU10 and it's already obsolete.


    Don't know if this is a bug or what, but when i try to unzip files or try to access certain files remotely ASCU11 pops-up saying do you want 7zip to access this file or do you want Plex to access this "movie" and completely stops access until you say yes. I have UAC turned all the way down so whatever this is; it's completely unacceptable!? I will post a screenshot next time it pops-up.

  3. Driver Booster is definitely okay for a stand-alone program, but as far as Malware Fighter Pro and Smart Defrag all the features of those programs should be in Advanced System Care Ultimate. You should not have to download those two programs, because ASCU should include all features of said programs, because if it doesn't than how is it really "Ultimate"? Were not asking for all the programs to be one, just the important ones that make sense as a single program. Like continue to have all the individual programs, but when it comes to ASCU it should be merged with Smart Defrag and Malware Fighter at the very least.


    well I didnt tell you what you should focus, since you are just a user of asc I meant for the iobit team, nobody cares about design if you do install a "user-friendly" app, we want funcionality and optimization features added, well im not gonna discuss with a kid who barely understands about programs, nobody aint gonna hear this useless request, they didn’t add bc its irrelevant.

    I'm not saying functionality and optimization isn't important, but Iobit should look at all aspects, you may not like it but aesthetics are important to users as well. But your rude and hostile and that honestly is gonna get you no where! I know plenty about programs and programming, but assume whatever you want it just makes you ignorant!


    please first focus on functionality and optimization and bug fixes then when its done start developing a better design, nobody cares about design that much as long as it doesnt bother any1, we users care about funcionality, optimization, improvement and better performance tools, theme its not what asc is designed for theme to make it look "beautiful"

    Don't tell me what to focus on!!! I will focus on what I think is important and you can do the same, but don't assume what everybody wants!!! I've been asking for this since the last two versions. Also i like the performance monitor's features, i don't want to disable it, i just want it to look better. Maybe next time you can share your opinion without being a total a**hat.

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  6. I really like the new UI except for the performance monitor! What happened it's like you guys went backwards the performance monitor is big and bulky and just looks terrible in my opinion the old one looks better and is slim and minimal and apparently you guys ignored my previous concerns with it. It's a desktop element and many people have themes and a certain look they like there desktop to be and the performance monitor is very blue and out of place. I feel the performance monitor should change with the available themes and that's another thing, the theme choices used to be really good, but the last version and this version seem to lack the awesome black theme and were stuck with blue or white. Aesthetics to me are just important as everything else!


    Another thing, it seems all the coolest features that used to be free have been separated and become there own programs such Iobit Uninstaller and Driver Booster. This is sad because one of the reasons why i liked ASC so much is because it was an all-in-one program especially ASC Ultimate you guys are starting to really lack in what you have to offer, i wouldn't mind paying a premium for an all-in-one program, but all these separate programs are becoming a nuisance especially now that your charging quite a bit for them. Each year i want to renew one program not 3! Maybe make an affordable bundle of all three programs that would make things a lot easier.


    Sorry if this doesn't directly relate to ASC, but there is one problem with Driver Booster i have. When updating Nvidia drivers it seems to get rid of the Nvidia control panel when you right click and it also doesn't give you any options that normally come with installing an Nividia driver like Geforce Experience.


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  7. When will there be a tool to make skins for ASCU 10? The other tool works for the free/pro versions, but not the ultimate version. Also I love having the performance monitor but it doesn't go with my theme and i have to look at it every time i use my computer. I think the way the performance monitor looks should change with each theme; especially with a dark theme which use to be a default theme with previous versions... Right now it's pretty lacking with only a white or blue theme. These are things I've been asking for a long time now and i would really like to see an update soon with at least a dark theme.


    P.S. Both Iobit Uninstaller and Driver Booster have dark themes!


    On an unrelated note, I've been using ASCU for years and i don't plan on switching to something else like ever. Something like a lifetime subscription would be amazing or at least a subscription lasting longer than a year.


    Thanks for taking the time to read this. I really love Iobit and plan to be a customer indefinitely!

  8. Have you installed the latest version of Iobit malware fighter?


    1. Run IMF, update virus database to latest and then turn off network connection temporarily, then close the IMF

    2. Right click on vds.exe and check it with IMF

    3. If IMF marks vds.exe as threat, do steps on screen for healing file...if IMF does not mark vds.exe as threat, it is false positive by ASCU

    4. Turn on network connection


    I hope, that it should help you

    Unfortunately Malware Fighter couldn't get the job done, when i get a pretty bad virus i usually use the free version malwarebytes and it worked like a charm and got rid of the virus.

  9. Hi, Alice

    What is type of threat?


    Yes, this file is Virtual Disk Service by Microsoft....but if ASC Ultimate marked this file as virus,,,is possible that some writers of malware programs could replace your ORIGINAL vds.exe file with harmful file


    Find your vds.exe file in C/Windows/System32 , check file size,,,,if the file size is 382,976 bytes or 453,632 bytes it is false positive by ASCU,,,,,,if the file size is 101,888 bytes it is really malware virus

    Shoot it's 634kb, what should i do if it's a virus.

  10. Hi Alice,


    Sorry again. After further checking the skin tool, our engineers find the skin tool of ASC cannot be used for ASC Ultimate currently. They will improve the tool to make it good for ASC Ultimate in ASC Ultimate 10.


    ASC Ultimate 10 is under development now and will be available in December.


    Please stay tuned on ASC Ultimate 10.:-)


    Yay i can't wait, my birthday is also in December :D. Will my license for ASC Ultimate 9 transfer over to Ultimate 10?

  11. Hi Alice,


    Sorry. I forgot ASC Ultimate is still version 9, not version 10. So you need the skin tool of ASC 9, not ASC 10. Below it the tool for v9.



    Have a lovely day!

    Same error pops up but instead saying i don't have ASC 9 installed. So i guess there is no working skin tool for the ultimate version.....

  12. Hi Alice,


    ASC 10 skin tool is also good for ASC Ultimate. You can use it to create your own skins.



    When i try to run the skin edit program it says i don't have ASC 10 installed and then closes.


    Also, sorry if this is a bit off topic, but i think that the performance monitor should be themed along with the main default themes. So if i selected the black theme the performance monitor would also change. It may not seem like a big deal, but i really like the performance monitor and the blue doesn't really go with my desktop.

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