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  1. Hello....I found solution to simplify and all in one integrate your products into one program.... I called this program ------- IObit 360-----it replaces all your products for Windows...and it is including same features as all your products....but they are in one program together I did a lot of work to think and write how to simplify IObit Solutions for Windows..... And here is my result....don´t worry .....link is totally safe ...I garantee...there is no other way to send it....Please VERY CAREFULLY READ AND LOOK THIS CONCEPT https://drive.google.com/open?id=18TYzzjM10P3uTcwhcxlHDVUWRiJWUbfR What do you think of it.....Is it possible to start work on this project??
  2. Here are some suggestions for ASC 11: 1. Add option to Pause current ASC Clean and Optimize scanning, not only Skip and Stop..... 2. Integrate All Settings, that merge Quick Settings and Settings into one and match same user interface as ASC UI. 3. ASC Clean and Optimize should have similar scan method as Advanced Mobile Care has.....in Advanced System Care Clean and Optimize should be ADDITIONAL SCAN, that can save disk space by searching duplicated files, empty folders, similar photos (that selects the best picture of some..., ), and searching Big Files (that shows the biggest files on the disk from the highest to lowest with option to delete). and also option to delete ALL downloaded .exe files on disk, that don´t belong to system... 4. Create VIDEO, PHOTO and MUSIC Organizer tool for toolbox, that can sort and categorize all video, photo and music files into three folders: VIDEO, PHOTO, MUSIC 5. For ASC Clean and Optimize add cleaning support for all user profiles in computer, not only for current logged in..... 6. And I would appreciated in the future, if Advanced System Care and Advanced System Care Ultimate were developed and released together in one day... Can I get report from product team, do they like it?
  3. Hi, Cicely...This is for product team,,, I found out, that IOLO Company released ULTIMATE version that merges all features of their standalone products into one. Look on link, below: http://www.iolo.com/landing/system-m...utm_campaign=3 Do you see, what really means ultimate? IOLO did interesting way and I hope, you will follow them, too. Because IOLO did it, in future benchmarks and reviews of pc optimization programs and system utilities, they will have always better tune up score than ASC and ASCU, because of comprehensive and easy of their product. The only way to compete with IOLO - is do same way as IOLO did. So I recommend create brand new ASC Ultimate that includes features of: ASC FREE AND PRO features ASC ADDITIONAL ULTIMATE features Driver Booster features Smart Defrag features IObit Malware Fighter features IObit Uninstaller features IObit Unlocker features IObit Undelete features Random Password Generator features Protected Folder features All their features could be as interface components of ASCU.....I don´t know, but I can´t stop thinking about this suggestion....I think, that´s only thing, what I would see...
  4. Yes, you have right....It is clear, that all IObit products cannot be into one....but I tought as same as you said, just the merge important ones that make sense as a single program (for me it is Driver Booster, Smart Defrag, IObit Uninstaller and IObit Malware Fighter)....In previous post I only showed, how it is difficult for me to do a lot of clicks and operations to tune up PC with all IObit solutions and I would appreciate change...
  5. Ok, but why? I think, it can be more optimized and easier, if it will be all in one....I think it can more improve system benchmark score, simplify care process and reduce system usage... For customers it is complicated and difficult to get most of system performance, because they have to install Driver Booster, Smart Defrag, IObit Malware Fighter, IObit Uninstaller, ASC or ASCU programs and buy their licenses to tune up system on maximum........ second: user wants to tune up their system as fast as possible....not for playing in programs and search, how can they more tune up system by installing more programs....I think it is really complicated now, because users have to click a lot of times for they could tune up their system on maximum Another suggestion.....if your experts and user´s feedback suggest some improvements and features, users could vote for it.....as same as Windows Feedback Hub......so your experts could know, what customers need to improve.....this feature would be good on your website...... third suggestion....on your website should be also performance improvement benchmarks by your ASC as same as on Iolo System Mechanic website - http://www.iolo.com/
  6. About second suggestion of Alice, Cicely understood wrong.......I think Alice tought, she would have these programs as feature component of ASC program, not as standalone programs...She wants to have all features of all IObit programs in one program to launch, so she didn´t have to review three IObit programs or more.....Because all in one program in fact means, that all ways to tune up system (including uninstalling, driver updating...etc....) should be in only one program to launch........I think she has right, because lot of programs (including installed Driver Booster, IObit Uninstaller, IObit Malware Fighter, Smart Defrag, ASC, ASCUltimate and other IObit Freeware) hard slow down the system... I suggested her suggestion already lot of times before, but nothing happens..When will you make it? Only one program, that provides all IObit solutions together in one...
  7. Hello! I very like Driver Booster 5 beta left panel.............it is beautiful...........It would be good, if this panel was also in ASC 11 beta 2.....
  8. Hi, njazrael 71 - you have right....IObit did a lot of great work...they do it well...it is not easy to develop so great program... Any feedback from product team for my previous suggestions?
  9. After testing...User Interface of ASC 11 beta is very very beautiful.......here is what remains to improve: 1. -Merge Quick Settings and Settings into one Settings and adapt new ASC UI for Settings....let Settings UI looks like ASC UI.... 2. -Let make IObit Uninstaller, Driver Booster, IObit Malware Fighter and Smart Defrag as part (feature component) of ASC program ...not as standalone programs....then ASC will be really ALL IN ONE program 3. -Action Center could include set up for AutoCare, AutoClean, AutoRAM and AutoUpdate instead of recommended programs......It would be good if AutoCare, AutoClean, AutoRAM and AutoUpdate were merged into one service (one item) called AutoServices....that includes set up for all this 4 services on one screen 4. - I recommend to develop only Advanced SystemCare....no Advanced SystemCare Ultimate......look on this----Iolo System Mechanic has FREE and PRO version..nothing more.....and what is impressive...PRO users can install SystemShield (Antivirus) as additional component for System Mechanic PRO....it´s not part of other version of program, that will come few months after releasing final version of PRO...You could do it too.........Here is what I imagine: (For FREE and PRO users) I would merge Speed Up tab with Protect tab into one tab called Tune Up.........there could be 4 items: Turbo Boost, Hardware Accelerate, Deep Optimization and Surfing Protection/Ads Removal - Item like App/Toolbar Cleaner should be included in Internet improvements area in ASC scan---it will remove malicious apps, toolbars and extensions for improving Internet speed.... - Browser Anti-tracking should be included in Action Center as part of AutoServices, - Real-time Protector, FaceID, Homepage Advisor and DNS Protect should be included in Antivirus components 5. -Antivirus tab should be called ,Security´ 6. - for recapitulating ---in ASC FREE and PRO versions could be 5 tabs------Clean and Optimize, Tune Up, Security, Toolbox, Action Center........... 7. - on Security tab screen, there should be option to install Antivirus and security features as additional component for Advanced SystemCare PRO - It means, that if user has FREE version of Advanced SystemCare....on Security tab will be written: ,Antivirus and security features require activating PRO license of program to install...please buy license or enter license code of PRO to enable option to install Antivirus and security features - If user has PRO version...on Security tab will be written: ,You can install Antivirus and security features...Tap on ,Install´ below... Can I get report of product team for every suggestion, please? Every suggestion is related with others...... Have a nice day! ...RK
  10. First question: How many beta releases you plan to release? Second question: What features you are planning to beta 2?
  11. Hello..... In attached file is my concept for developing new program...It had a lot of work to make it.. What do you think? I created one program, that provides all solutions for PC except security solutions......new ASC interface, easy of use, etc.....It has 16 pages.... https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7yuJTgKC2bfMk9tZXEwcERKZC1UWlpWbEpqYVRQQVR0X0o4 Can I get a report from product team about this concept...? Have a nice day...
  12. I would suggest for IObit to partnership with ESET...they are the best antivirus solution, their antivirus has the lowest pc usage between all antivirus programs and very powerful detecting of threats in real-time according latest antivirus tests and my reviewing....I would like to see ESET detection and antivirus engine in ASCU11 instead Bitdefender
  13. I would suggest for IObit to partnership with ESET...they are the best antivirus solution, their antivirus has the lowest pc usage between all antivirus programs and very powerful detecting of threats in real-time according latest antivirus tests....I would like to see ESET detection and antivirus engine in ASCU11
  14. please, update Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 10.....for including latest changes from ASC 10.2
  15. Hi,,, I very appreciate explanation from product team. I learned a lot... here is link on toptenreviews http://www.toptenreviews.com/software/utilities/best-registry-cleaners-software/ It is last updated by 7 December 2016....and there is tested ASC10 Maybe it is mistake? Older version of ASC has another results in Word and Data Processing http://www.toptenreviews.com/software/utilities/best-pc-system-utilities-software/ About suggestions for Junk Files Clean...I thought these areas Add option to scan Windows Old Files Add option to scan Previous Windows installation files Add option to scan System Compression area ( it is new-added area for Windows 10 ) Add option to scan RetailDemo Office Content Add option to scan Windows ESD installation files Add option to scan Delievery Optimization FIles Add option to scan Windows System Point files OK, and about this: USERS SHOULD GET ONE PROGRAM, THAT PROVIDES ALL SOLUTIONS FOR PC AND OPTIMIZING, UPDATING, CLEANING, REPAIRING, BOOSTING AND DEFRAGGING PC WITH SINGLE ONE CLICK......then it will be easiest to use I THINK MAYBE IMPROVING EXISTING PRODUCTS IS NOT POSSIBLE, BUT WHAT ABOUT MAKING NEW PROGRAM, THAT PROVIDES ALL THIS PC SOLUTIONS, includes all features of all your programs, while they have not conflicts between them? ......MAYBE IT CAN CALL .........IObit SystemCare...........And about Antivirus and security features, in new program USER should have option to enable and disable completely them if he does not want them but antivirus and security features can be still there in program and will still improve...Then you do not have to have and improve two programs ASC and ASCU...........Think about it... Then product team can focus on one program...The features can be same licensed as you currently have Have a nice day!
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