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  1. Thats OK, i know the links are good, but it takes a bit for the DL to start and many think the DL links on the next page is what to use. so they fix it by (i do it ever weekend for them) and the SSD issue is only every system that I (work on) the fix for me is Reinstall ASC then manually move to partition on SSD and manual trim then - then ASC sees it is SSD then works properly, some time on external USB2 & 3 std hdds it sees as SSD and trims then i have to manal defrag via command prompt. then ASC works it properly. again sorry if members and mods find me hard to understand.... some time ol hillbillys talk that way.
  2. Smart defrag 4 or any update, normally the link gotes to CNN (JUNK) clcik to upgrade and then about everything comes up except the actual DL, 4 have actually DLd the BUY now (its not FREE) iswhat they tell me, others seem to find some site that 'BAM YOUR INFECTED - CALL THIS NUMBER OR YOUR SYSTEM = ETC ETC, I tell them click the upgrade an wait, then suddenly it will popup with run or save... they can then do either one... so of the 10 locals that I know that really like the FREE but are scared that they will DL the SPAM site, or link to the buy to use... Pro. it is very mis leading. to them.... SSD issue, instead of linking me to the forum to FIX. (which i know how to do myself) it should be fixed for the person who does not know what to do. and assume that you program works as intended. Boy! Snuffy is really hard to understand = sorry bout that. but yes to many I have hard to understand. so it is either fix the program or let it not work properly.
  3. I am 73 yrs old and it seems that far to many younger people do not speak the same language as older... so sorry if I seem BLUNT to your *you do not understand*
  4. I have several older not computer savey that love ASC and or parts of, yet every time it says updates - they are scared to click ok - the site if VERY UNCLEAR as to what to click to DL and upgrade,. why because once the update is clicked you get a page with several click to download things, and if they click the WRONG thing (it is not what they thought they were getting) some crap about your infected, and they can not click out, or they get BUY now, and or Activate now, then it is NOT FREE. I understand this is most common today, word things that are not 100% clear to older folks, CNet is the worse - and not all of them, want to continue to use FREE that really is NOT FREE... SO almost all of them have simply called and "Take this SH*T out, confusing, and so far locally only one has continued - She does call me and have me upgrade all of her stuff and her kids stuff on Saturday... One bought a new Laptop with SSD and was suprised when it started to DEFRAG - she did call me an "Ask-you said DO NOT DEFRAG your SSD only use TRIM. ) sure as hell the Defrag did not see her SSD as a SSD but as a HDD. - so I totally removed SmartDefrag and when to the DFGUI by MS - set it up for a weekly TRIM.
  5. At this time I am using dfigui by MS to trim the SSDs. some times i check and smartdefrag seems the correct and other times it does not... i have no idea what changes or why. This set is all by Crucial (Micron) if that helps...
  6. not sure the report will help, i have changed lots of things around... and MS is adding crap like made, so i guess attached report . do hope it helps. changed from HDD to SSD lots faster, and now i do not defrag, anymore, and TRIM when i use it next morning I alwasy have a degrade in boot time..this i do not understand so will use MS Trim and see if that messes up boot time...
  7. My fix for this error is (1.) uninstall smartdefrag (2.) logo + X -> cmd prompt as admin -> fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify 0 (3.) if you get 1 then SSD Support is not available. then - (4.) reinstal smartdefrag and it will show TRIM available...
  8. OK strange thing this morning, SmartDefrag sudden wants to DEFRAG on start my SSDs. Crucial M500 960gb. and on Windows 8.1 x64 Enterprise, full MS updates. and boy i was supprised when start and suddenly a popup than my SSD was defraged so i open and check and YEP it does not see as SSD. so next is remove Smart Defrag and see if reinstall will see the SSD is SSD
  9. All you have to do is open Defrag 4.2 move to lower left and best alternate Torrent. click takes you to Free Torrent Download, they popup move spam - close that spam then click download still today same old crap "<Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access Denied</Message><RequestId>BDC729FD6981C059</RequestId><HostId>x1pC1c+XI1WmcDf3tcCw0U6IjoRNur7YhE7voYbU/m9VDu6WKazFlu2WZzUnJgSHsUqX5Ybha7U=</HostId></Error>" FREE should be FREE not filled with SPAM to get more SPAM, many people love your products bet are scared because they manytime click the wrong DOwnload, then suddenly its PAY to PLAY, (I do lots of freework for olders) so i weekly or every 2 weeks go to ea and update the FREE and bypass all the PAY TO PLAY. i understand advertisement helps but such as that take away from IOBit - testing still on Windows 10 x64 Enterprise.
  10. Defrag 4.2 point to some FREE DL oof a Torrent, top link is a .XML not a link, 2n link is contact add email if you want - i do not want and they will not honor the DL unless, looks more like a SPAM instead of a FREE test program, DVDSoftware, also thanks for moving away from CNET DL, softpedia is much better .
  11. Defrag 4.2 seems faster, and has great options for user to chose. Windows 10 Enterprise x64
  12. Very sorry, that I upset so many of you. SLow yes, I test very very slowly, learn all i can about ea program. and so far for me... SmartDefrag is my most common DEFRAG program, i also recommend to all my clients the use of... it is quite good, fast and does a great job... I do not recommend Boot Defrag, but for all to use manually.... clean ea nite, remove junk (anothe program), defrag ea nite, and run ASC to shutdown. then when you start in the AM -
  13. Sorry but malware fighter just does not do the trick for me.... does some but to much gets thru.... so have removed and went back to my OLD No Malware allowed. :)
  14. many features included in ASC 8.x give the ability for user to configure as he or she needs, I thing is wonderful. there are many features that i use constantly, and enjoy , others i do not use, for (other reasons) some i do not need, others conflict with (Tweaked Settings) I think currently it is (GOING IN THE PROPER DIRECTION). FREE is very good (IMO) and PRO is extra good, many many added features. and the ability to use (individually) or more than one at a time.. as for a ALL in ONE Fixer, I use AIO Windows FIXER, and hope that IOBits does not try to turn ASC into the same... Thank you IOBits for the Ability for FREE to have so many Terrific features. My older (elderly) Clients have grown to love the SMILEY FACE and depend on it... it does make my FREE Works much easier. :-):-)8:)Thumbs up
  15. currently testing in Win 10 v10147 does a nice job, in all aspects
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