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  1. @Cicely ........ just wondering if Android support could be introduced at some point for transfer similar to IOTransfer. I would, and I am sure others would agree, that we would love the ability to root our devices in order to not only transfer our apps but also our app data. I know that there are multitudes of ways of doing thiis and I can do it myself without an app, but I am sure that there are many users out there that would absolutely love an Iobit app to be able to do just this. Especially considering the market with the new 5G market of devices and South Korea having committed to having something for 6G technology by 2026. It's obviously not going to be able to be included in ASC 14, but I thought maybe something for a standalone app and inclusion in ASC15 possibly?
  2. There was no post anywhere on the Iobit forums stating that anyone would get a year license for Advance System Care if you submit a review. The thread you're referring to was from years ago and states that you can get a license to one of Iobit's products if you submit a review for one of their products. If you have done that previously and received a license in the past since as you say, you've been using their products for years, I wouldn't expect a second free license for the new version of Advance System Care Ultimate or Pro version 14. There is no scam being pulled. It sounds to me more as if you simply did not read the forum thread properly. Iobit stands by their statements. The new version of Iobit Advance System Care hasn't even been released yet so,I wouldn't complain that you haven't received a license code for a product that hasn't even been released to the public yet. You do realize that your join date is listed under your name right? You just joined 4 days ago so how did you sign up when ASC went to beta?
  3. No issues with Win 10 version 19041_421. LOVE the new interface with the selection options of All or Manual Modes makes it easier for users to have all options selected rather than having to check all boxes even though that does only take a few seconds. I ran through both at various times just to see if there were any issues on any of my machines and there were none. It even picked up outdated android drivers an old Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7 I chose to connect to 2 machines. Keep up the great work!
  4. Beneath the Activate Now you will see a link for Enter Code.
  5. LOVE the new UI in ASC13. Sleek UI. Integrating the Software Updater is another plus. Quick Settings definitely comes in handy and Toolbox isn't missing but rather has been renamed to Action Center. I like that there is email protection built in as that's always a plus as well. No issues on any of my 4 test machines. Keep up the good work!!
  6. You are aware that there is no chance in the world that ANY application will ever have every driver for every piece of hardware right?
  7. I'm not sure what drivers you're missing, but I've installed DB7 on 4 test machines with various Win10 installations with Win 10 Home, Enterprise and 2 Insider Preview Builds as well and DB7 has found missing drivers for each and every one of the installations as I have deliberately removed drivers on each of the machines from within Device Manager. Obviously, DB7 will not have every driver in existence as there are literally trillions of drivers on existence. I can say that I am happy with the results shown as usual as I have has no issues thus far. I also happen to love the ease and faster response times of the "Clean Unplugged Device Data". Keep up the good work Iobit!
  8. As with all previous versions, no issues with Uninstaller 9 with Windows Insider Preview and with Iobit Malware Fighter with BitDefender turned on. Always happy with Iobit products. Tested multiple products with and without BitDefender powered on. No traces found in Windows Registry after Powerful scan. Keep up the good work!
  9. Very good point. IMF support for compression utilities such as 7Zip, etc would be greatly appreciated. While rar and zip are the most common, 7Zip is widely used. Also .cab, .tar, ..tar.gz, .arj, .tgz, sea, .bz formats. There are a multitude of compression formats that should be considered and scanned for.
  10. Still no issues through beta with the latest Insider Preview build of Win 10 v1903. Smooth sailing as always with IMF after attempting to trick it with the Anti-Tracking, Anti-Phishing and Anti-Ransomware settings, but IMF stands tall still. I've been using IMF for years and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work!
  11. Does IMF currently have any feature for integration with mail clients to identify false message header information? I know this is not it's intended use; however identifying spoofed or alias in the headers would be a welcome addition for businesses. For example, if a business smtp should read iobit.com but the message is coming from xyz.com, IMF could flag the message as suspicious if there were real time scanning depending on the integration. This may obviously require more of a deep dive than Iobit wishes to go into for IMF but it may not. It's a thought. Another thought would be different skins. IMF portable version to be used as a rescue disk?
  12. IMF runs smooth with the latest Insider Build of Windows 10 Build 17758.4. No errors and updates regularly. Keep up the good work!
  13. As always, ASC 12 is still running smoothly even with the latest Insider Preview build of Windows 10 just released yesterday (Preview Build 17728). So far no issues. The Performance Monitor, turbo boost, startup boost, registry tools, etc. I love the toolbox that's always available within ASC for those of us that dont always just leave it up to the program to do the work for us. The new UI is slick too. Keep up the good work!
  14. @Yuri B.M are you referring to a blacklist/block list? If so, you have this functionality already. Please go to the Parental Control section under Surfing Protection and Ads Removal. You can block any website you wish. If you're seeking a more advanced filter to filter websites for keywords, you're seeking a much deeper dive that will require metatag filtering.
  15. I personally love the new Safe Box and the MBR guard features. Some users may experience some growing pains but that's why we're here in beta. This is why I jump on every Iobit beta I can!!
  16. I haven't had an issue with formatting a USB drive while having MF installed on my Win10 machine with all latest updates installed. Love the tool and have had no issues.
  17. The email copied above mentions nothing to do with Iobit or Advance System Care. Notice the difference in the name of the application. ALWAYS pay attention to the wording of emails and hyperlinks contained within. This is how scammers get people. They use known application titles and modify them slightly in order to see how many people they can trick. Advanced Computer System Repair is very different than Advance System Care. Do you use the same username anywhere other than Iobit's forums and products? If this were connected to a data breach at Iobit, I'm sure that many more of Iobit's users would have received the same phishing attempt email. Why people want to automatically blame or assume Iobit has anything to do with it is pretty presumptuous. I'm not trying to sound condescending, but pay attention to the wording of emails you receive. Check the headers to determine if emails actually came from where you think they did. There are ALWAYS telltale signs of fake emails if you look for them. It's much better to look than to falsely accuse someone else.
  18. As if Advance SystemCare wasn’t good through version 10, Iobit have gone and added even more features that make it THE ultimate tool. DNS Protect to ensure malware can’t change settings. Undelete to recover accidentally deleted files or files you’ve deleted but then realize you still need You can even customize the application itself by selecting your own custom background by giving the application a background of any image you have on your system! The ability to choose to install Face ID for additional security or not and also Surfing Protection and Ads removal make the application just that much lighter and allows the user to control their choices as they see fit. ASC 11 is the ultimate tool for any computer user whether novice or an expert. This is the product every computer user needs. Optimization, protection and security all in one while being lightweight on resources. Absolutely a MUST HAVE! No issues so far with running any apps/programs on a HP Win 10 Pro w/ Insider Preview Build 15242.rs_prerelease.170708-1800 w/ 16GB Memory (RAM). ?Also installed on Lenovo Yoga 2 w/ Win 10 Insider Preview Build 1703 w/ 4GB memory also with zero issues. ?Both systems absolutely fly. No issues with any driver conflicts, loss of touch controls, biometrics, etc as with other so-called maintenance suites/programs.
  19. Did you purchase or only have the beta for 10 Ultimate? If you only had the beta or preview, then the license would be expired. If you've purchased the product, you can request to have your license code resent to you to allow you to re-activate/reinistall. It gets sent to the email address used to register within minutes. Mine takes literally seconds to arrive without fail every time. If you've lost your email with the license code, it's easy to retrieve as the iobit main page has a link to recover it. Here's a link for you. http://www.iobit.com/en/lostcode.php
  20. If you don't mind me asking, what other applications do you have running? What site are you attempting to download from? What make/model PC or laptop are you running? These may not seem like important pieces of information but a this is download protection, if what you are attempting to download could be deemed as potentially hazardous, it could be what is causing the system to hang or if you're operating a Toshiba Satellite laptop, those don't always meet the minimum requirements. Also, who is your ISP? What is your network speed? Are you on wireless or Ethernet? ?Have you attempted your download with the download protection with the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10? ?I know I'm asking a lot of questions but I'm just trying to help. I've been working in I.T. for the last 30 yrs so it's a force of habit.
  21. I would uninstall Malwarebytes if its throwing ASC as malicious as its definitely false positives.
  22. @SKIBA ?What brand laptop or PC do you have? What processor and how much memory (RAM)? How many processes do you have running when you have the freezing issues? If you're running Windows 10 64-bit, why would you run IE instead of the Edge browser? Edge is cleaner with far less junk loading in the pages unless you prefer to have the ads, etc of course. ?I suppose it also depends on what you're attempting to download. If you're attempting to download something that registers as something the application is protecting against, IE would freeze as the application would block the site or process you're attempting to perform. ?
  23. @Xcom46 Those registry keys are actually for the tools within ASC that are used for the web and browser protection and for the scan scheduler. They are not malicious. Absolutely false positives on the part of MalwareBytes. While I've only joined the forum a few years ago and haven't made many posts, I've used Iobit products for years and have participated in multiple beta tests for ASC and other products including the betas for both ASC 9 & 10 so I can tell you firsthand that there is no malicious content within ASC 9 or 10 in any version as I've used every version from beginning to end from beta to RC to the free version, Pro to Ultimate to Ultimate Pro in both 9 & 10.
  24. I've been running IMF5 Beta along with ASC Pro 10 since the IMF 5 Beta release and have to say that I love the new IMF. The new features are far beyond any competitors with camera guard, etc. Looking forward to further beta tests for any other products as I've done a number of betas for Iobit.
  25. Wow......no offense Sphinx, but I have to ask, what happened to the professional demeanor? Rather than asking Is there an update regarding the possibility of firewall monitoring in IMF, you simply post "well? ! would be nice to know" Don't get me wrong......I understand your frustration with not receiving a response, but there are better ways of going about it. It's not about what you ask, but HOW you ask it. Do you honestly believe Iobit is going to realistically be more willing to spend potentially tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars simply for someone who is getting nasty with them who wants firewall monitoring? Take it from someone who has 30+ yrs experience in the field. IF you have a secure network, a firewall is already in place. If you have ASC and IMF, you're pretty much golden. Purchase ASC 10 Ultimate upon release and you have BitDefender Built In.
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